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Times 25,450 From Kansas To Coldstream

Solving time 15 minutes

An pleasant if rather easy puzzle that shouldn't cause too many problems

5BANYAN - BAN(Y)AN(a); Y from (cherr)Y; national tree of India;
8RUT - two meanings; I'm told that the annual rut also involves the does;
9BRAINSTORM - BRA-IN-STORM; the appearance of BRA=supporter has become tedious;
11ONIONS - a reference to the phrase "know one's onions" to mean clued-up or familiar with Chicago;
12LASS - hidden (vio)LAS-S(peech);
17SHROVETIDE - (he drives to)*; Christian ritual involving pancakes;
20CRAM - C(R)AM;
23SAWYER - sounds like "saw you";
24RECEIVER - RE(CE)IVER; CE from C(ops)E; reivers made the English-Scottish border a dangerous place 13th to 17th centuries;
25SPILLIKINS - SPILL-I(KIN)S; mind-numbing children's game also known as "pick-up-sticks";
26OVA - sounds like "over"; see 8A;
27ASLEEP - A(t)-S(even)-(PEEL reversed); reference Robert Peel 1788-1850 best known as Home Secretary who created the police force;
28AYRSHIRE - A-YRS-HIRE; breed of cattle originally from - you guessed it - Ayrshire;
1ACROPOLIS - A-CROP-(soil)*; landmark in Athens;
2FATUOUS - FAT(U-O-U)S; reference Fats Waller 1904-1943 who wrote letters to himself;
3INBORN - IN-BO(R)N(n); resistance=R (physics);
4HEAD,COUNT - nobleman=COUNT;
5BESPOKE - BE(er)-SPOKE; from Savile Row no doubt;
6NEOLITHIC - NEO(n)-LIT-HIC (hec, hoc etc); the New Stoneage 10,000 to 2,000 BC approx;
7AMMONIA - (o man aim)*; what ladies hair dye no longer contains (because they are worth it);
15DODGE,CITY - DODG(EC-IT)Y; financial area=EC; appeal=IT; named after Fort Dodge, where Earp and Masterson ran the show;
18HEARSES - stiff cryptic definition;
19EARFLAP - EAR-F-(PAL reversed); useful part of a Deerstalker;
21RAVIOLI - (olivia)* supports R=Rex=King;
22CENSUS - C-ENS-US; the four players at bridge are N,E,S and W;


Apr. 16th, 2013 10:33 pm (UTC)
Five tonies for me (or three keriothes), and in my terms that's very good. Didn't understand ONIONS until coming here (but that's just being dim-witted) and have never heard of reivers, but RECEIVER was still clear. LOI was AYRSHIRE and that's also my COD.