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Times 25111 - for leather!

Solving time : 10:51, so on the easier side, though I groaned at the cryptic definitions and shook my head at a few others. Bit of a mixed bag this one, which may mean there's something for everyone, right? I was surprised to see the device L used for a Roman numeral in two places (leading to three L's indicated as numbers) in the grid.

There's even a triple-dose of cricket hiding in here.

Away we go!

1I'm going to get the across omission out of the way early
5BOSOMY: SO(thus),M(maiden, cricket reference #1) in BOY. Reuben always reminds me of the sketch from "Not Only, But Also"
8ROC: first letters of Republic Of China
10TREASURY: TRY around (A,RUSE)*
11BONBON: NB(nota bene - be attentive) in BOON
12GUYS: I think this is a reference to Guy Fawkes and Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital?
17MARVELLOUS: O between Andrew MARVELL and US
20PILL: P(ounding) then ILL
25MAIDEN,HOOD: the MAIDEN is a good over and our cricket reference #2
26ADD: The thousand could be 500+500, so D,D Edit: I messed this up in writing the first version and had LL instead of DD
27ADONIS: take the first letters away from sAD,sON,hIS
28SNOWFALL: NOW in S,FALL(baseball playoffs are also known as the "fall classic")
2ARCHERY: Cricket #3 - the new ball in cricket is called A CHERRY, so move one of the R's to the top
3HERE'S,Y: Y being the end of conformitY
4LIVERPOOL: R in a game of LIVE POOL
6SKINNY-DIP: cryptic definition
15TOUCH(just a little),DOWN(depressed)
16let's leave this out of the downs
18A,L,ARMED: another Roman numeral making an appearance in L
21INDIANA: DIANA is the female hunter succeeding IN
22WINDOW: N in WIDOW(partner, after loss)


Mar. 15th, 2012 10:25 pm (UTC)
The other shoe drops
6:12, but one error. It's strange how my mistakes often seem to come in pairs. I was trying to post a half-decent time for once, but failed to check that SNOWBALL really fitted the clue to 28ac before clicking on my stopwatch. Of course when I came to check through afterwards, SNOWFALL seemed annoyingly obvious!
Apr. 17th, 2012 04:44 am (UTC)
Re: The other shoe drops
Snowball does fit? I justified it that baseball players played through "Ball Season," which stretches from Spring until Autumn, I believe? Then stopped thinking any further.

Ugly, but arguable?
Apr. 17th, 2012 09:50 pm (UTC)
Re: The other shoe drops
Nice try, but I think if the clue came up in a Championship puzzle, SNOWBALL would be ruled incorrect because "Ball Season" doesn't (I imagine) appear in any of the (English, as opposed to American) English dictionaries, particularly the COD, that would be needed to justify it. Also the appearance of "baseball" in the clue should raise a warning flag!