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Times 28108 - mood

Time taken: 8:42. There's a few faster times than mine, but it seems of the early crew, most found it a little more difficult than usual.

I was mostly held up by two incorrect stabs at the currency hiding at 25 across which did not ring a bell to me. It appeared in a Mephisto 10 years ago and may be making its debut in the daily puzzle.

Postscript: looks like the Albanian currency unit was the biggest headache, but (as with all the clues in this puzzle), the wordplay is crystal clear, which is exactly what is needed for an unfamiliat term. Top marks, setter!

Away we go...

1 Raved after traveller returned bearing bouquet (8)
PERFUMED - FUMED(raved) after REP(traveller) reversed
9 First course almost 60 per cent of lunch — dig in! (8)
ENTRENCH - The first course is the ENTREE - remove the last letter and add three of the five letters of luNCH
10 As some might say: despicable local fiddle (6)
VIOLIN - sounds like VILE(despicable) and INN(local)
11 With rampaging lion about, maiden's in perilous position (3,2,1,4)
OUT ON A LIMB - anagram of LION,ABOUT and M(maiden)
12 Affliction I found aboard vessel (4)
PAIN -  I inside PAN(vessel)
13 How demand changes by end of season for used kit (4-2-4)
HAND-ME-DOWN - anagram of HOW,DEMAND, then the last letter in seasoN
16 Failed to meet old love after street party (5,2)
STOOD UP - O(old) and O(love) after ST(street), then DUP (Democatic Unionist Party)
17 Pleas person expresses on catching fish (7)
PRAYERS - PERSON minus ON containing RAY(fish)
20 Society leaders refuse to penetrate heart of legation (10)
GLITTERATI - LITTER(refuse) inside the middle letters of leGATIon
22 Fine avoided by prosperous drunkard (4)
LUSH - remove F(fine) from FLUSH(prosperous)
23 Retiring commie director, heading off to get pasta (10)
TORTELLINI - reversal of TROT(commie) then the director Federico FELLINI missing the first letter
25 Foreign bread from Quebec popular with sailor (6)
QINTAR - Q(Quebec), IN(popular) and TAR(sailor).  I had a few incorrect stabs at this such as QUINAB and QUINOS
26 Informer picked up illegal bit of tack (8)
NOSEBAND - NOSE(infomer) and sounds like BANNED(illegal)
27 Eccentric president managed to divide Right (8)
ABERRANT - the president is ABE Lincoln, then RAN inside RT(right)
2 Arab ruler retaining good worker, one about to leave? (8)
EMIGRANT - EMIR(arab ruler) containing G(good), then a worker ANT
3 Line up, like soldiers with foot problem quarrelling (7,3)
FALLING OUT - FALL IN(line up like soldiers) then GOUT(foot problem)
4 Dictator's way to put up country seat (5,5)
MANOR HOUSE - sounds like MANNER(way) then HOUSE(put up)
5 Journalist raised small (very small) fortune (7)
DESTINY - ED(journalist) reversed, then S(small), and TINY(very small)
6 Bludgeon zealots in revolution (4)
STUN - NUTS(zealots) reversed
7 Dye-producing plant doing badly, I admitted (6)
INDIGO - anagram of DOING containing I
8 Rising complaint from new leader of distinction in ancient city (3,5)
THE BENDS - N(new) and the first letter of Distinction inside THEBES(ancient city)
14 Island in France that's south of Bird Island (10)
MARTINIQUE - QUE(that, in French) underneath MARTIN(bird) and I(island)
15 Teetotal Tyneside dons exonerate high street trader (3,7)
DRY CLEANER - DRY(teetotal) then NE(Tyneside) inside CLEAR(exonerate)
16 Discerning head of trade should stop moaning (8)
SIGHTING - first letter of Trade inside SIGHING(moaning)
18 Limit relaxation, taking shower? (8)
RESTRAIN - REST(relaxation) and RAIN(shower)
19 Lady, still unclothed, grabbed by first male turning up (7)
MATILDA - the middle letters in sTILl inside ADAM(first male) reversed
21 Flood ruins exotic hotel (6)
INRUSH - anagram of RUINS, then H(hotel)
24 Lie back on odd occasions, finding unexpected release (4)
LEAK - alternating letters in LiE bAcK

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