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Times 28,043: Sei Nett, Spule Zurück

I found this relatively gentle overall, finishing in under 7 minutes, though I was definitely helped by having come across 10ac before and that therefore being my FOI, rather than a source of puzzlement. There were some really nice moments in this grid though, 12ac, 16ac and 14dn particularly tickling my fancy. All in all a good Friday, and I anticipate agreement. Thanks setter!

Definitions underlined, (ABC)* indicating anagram of ABC, {} deletions and [] other indicators.

1 Diverts variety acts with half of recording? (5,5)
TURNS ASIDE - TURNS [variety acts] with A-SIDE
6 Twelve back-to-back refusals (4)
NOON - NO + reversed NO
9 Innovative artists in revolutionary city flourish (3,4)
NEW WAVE - reverse WEN [as in The Great Wen that is London] + WAVE [flourish]
10 One grazing animals gets air exercising (7)
AGISTER - (GETS AIR*). This has come up in Times puzzles before, thank goodness
12 Vagrant blacked out a lot (10)
13 Wrath in country deprived of land (3)
IRE - IRE{land}
15 Forest close to airport burning (6)
ARDENT - ARDEN [as in the forest in As You Like It] + {airpor}T
16 Faithful friend concealing Conservative party's latest fraudulence (8)
QUACKERY - QUAKER [as in, member of the religious Society of Friends] "concealing" C, plus {part}Y
18 Butt from corner disposed of outside area (8)
HOGSHEAD - HOG [corner] + SHED "outside" A
20 Ships seized by war-mad admiral? (6)
ARMADA - hidden in {w}AR-MAD A{dmiral}
23 Last of seamen to swig drink (3)
NOG - {seame}N {t}O {swi}G
24 Nonconformists waste nothing they say (10)
REFUSENIKS - REFUSE [waste] + homophone of NIX
26 Missile turned over HQ, crossing river (7)
TORPEDO - reversed O DEPOT, "crossing" R
27 Not always where top columnists work? (2,5)
AT TIMES - somewhat ingratiating double def
28 Celebrated dynasty (4)
SUNG - double def. This is the Wade-Giles romanization, bad luck if you put SONG (which doesn't mean celebrated) or SANG (which isn't a dynasty). If you somehow put SENG though I have no sympathy
29 Provocative church featured in local chronicle (10)
1 Leader leaves men in dry shelter (4)
TENT - {m}EN in TT [teetotal = dry]
2 Turned back, being hurt again? (7)
REWOUND - or RE-WOUND, as in "wound for a second time"
3 Mr Ed supporting son who's standing provokingly? (8-5)
STALKING-HORSE - S supported by Mr Ed the TALKING HORSE. A political candidate put forward to divide the opposition, e.g.
4 Nosily picks up small coins (6)
SCENTS - S CENTS. "Nosily picks up" as in, "picks up with one's nose"
5 Face villain failing to initiate exchange (8)
7 Strikers on team? Not likely! (7)
OUTSIDE - if you are on strike, you are OUT, and a team is a SIDE. As in "an outside chance"
8 Breeder runs many dodgy houses I hesitate to say (10)
NURSERYMAN - (RUNS MANY*) "houses" ER...
11 Forcibly conditioned with art, not love? (13)
14 Pals inspiring another's schemes (10)
17 Rugby player hits low note, roughly a fortnightly occurrence (4-4)
HALF-MOON - HALF [rugby player] + MOO [low, like a cow] + N
19 Pioneering Russian paper set up in advance (7)
GAGARIN - reversed RAG in GAIN
21 A barrister recalled eponymous heroine before 6 once (3-4)
ACK-EMMA - A + reversed KC [king's counsel] + EMMA [Austenian heroine], for a.m. or pre-noon as spelled out in the good old days. I feel like I never heard of pip or toc or ack emma for decades and then suddenly they're all over the place in crosswords...
22 I'm off to appraise housing development (6)
25 My investment company's base (1,3)
I SAY - ISA [investment, as in Individual Savings Account] + {compan}Y

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