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Times Quick Cryptic No 1928 by Orpheus

Some quite tricky things going on in an inventive puzzle from Orpheus: I was a 9:30 DNF, with a couple of optimistic guesses at 20ac before giving up and clicking on the answer. I was held up elsewhere in the SW, with 12d needing a bit of thought, and both elements of 13ac being closer to a guess than peripheral knowledge. I vaguely remember struggling with long answers like 2d and 3d when I first started these things, and I certainly needed them today for the tricky 1ac. Nice one - many thanks to Orpheus!

1 Ethnic group eccentric’s source of information on course (8)
RACECARD - RACE (ethnic group) CARD (eccentric, rake, etc.)
5 Brandy and stuff going west (4)
MARC - CRAM (stuff) "going west"
8 Group of languages used in urban tutorials (5)
BANTU - "used in" urBAN TUtorials
9 Mail worker’s position at head of staff (7)
POSTMAN - POST (position) at head of/in front of MAN (staff, as a verb). The " 's " is possessive in the surface reading and a contraction of "is" for "equals" in the cryptic (also in 1ac).
11 Bury loose cash where motorways cross (11)
INTERCHANGE -INTER (bury) CHANGE (loose cash)
13 Goodman, for example, consuming large fish (6)
BLENNY - BENNY (Goodman, for example) consuming L(arge). 
14 Folk regularly request small vessels for wine, say (6)
FLASKS - FL (FoLk "regularly") ASK (request) S(mall)
16 Bar Eritrean eccentric, one holding up 1 down? (11)
TRAINBEARER - anagram (eccentric) of BAR ERITREAN. Train as in a trailing dress.
18 A requirement one’s retained for cake flavouring, perhaps (7)
ANISEED - A NEED (a requirement) with I'S (one's) retained. I'm not sure I'd thank you for an aniseed flavoured cake. (Well I would, but I'm not sure I'd mean it.)
19 Books ambassador left outside lodging-place (5)
HOTEL - OT (Old Testament = books) has HE (His Excellency = ambassador) and L(eft) outside. Tricksy construction.
20 Sound made by piano technician? Something fishy here (4)
TUNA -"sound made by [saying]" TUNER (piano technician). Tricky enough, with options aplenty and an oblique definition. I was thinking things like ting and tank.
21 Moderated rage displayed by top journalist (8)
TEMPERED - TEMPER (rage) by ED[itor] (top journalist)

1 Formal garment initially receiving award (4)
ROBE - R ("initially" Receiving) OBE (award)
2 Concern for othersthat’s something to think about (13)
CONSIDERATION - double defintition
3 Put up with features (11)
COUNTENANCE - double definition
4 Provide information about sound of gunshot (6)
REPORT - double definition
6 Silly idiot ran trams — in this capacity? (13)
ADMINISTRATOR - anagram (silly) of IDIOT RAN TRAMS. "This" refers back to the running/managing of trams.
7 Study poetry? The opposite (8)
CONVERSE - CON (study) VERSE (poetry). To con for to study crops up frequently enough.
10 Award given to student for exceptional erudition? (11)
SCHOLARSHIP - somewhere between an &lit and a double definition.
12 Remove painting by Kandinsky, possibly (8)
ABSTRACT - double definition. To abstract as in to extract.
15 Stick one’s nose in, hearing gong (6)
MEDDLE - "hearing" MEDAL (gong) gets you the answer.
17 Good young fellow, and contented (4)
GLAD - G(ood) LAD (young fellow)

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