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Times 28036 - my home in a crossword

Time taken: 11:21.  Just on my average time, though looking at the first set of solvers I might have had a leg up, particularly with one clue.

A lot of hyphenated clues, and I wonder if the setter was going for some sort of theme, with three of the four long edge answers being 5,5 or 5-5.

I will check back in the morning for a postscript, but as I am on the East coast of the USA, I will not be able to answer questions, so check the comments first.

Postscript: glad the commenters were with me on liking 1 across, and sorry about my flub in the blog where the intention was PARENT HES, and some careless underlining of definitions.

Away we go...

1 Liverpool’s two sides are so evenly matched? (5-5)
FIFTY-FIFTY - I liked this clue! The first and last letters of Liverpool are both L's, meaning FIFTY in Roman numerals
6 Ditch, the largest, is jumped initially the wrong way (4)
JILT - the first letters in The Largest Is Jumped all reversed
10 Dish from the French, outwardly more Italian (5)
PILAU - LA(the in French) inside PIU(more, Italian musical term)
11 Criticise book that’s eclipsed the writer’s play (9)
PANTOMIME - PAN(criticise), TOME(book) containing I'M(the writer's)
12 Clubs do like the odd person to bring fruit (4,10)
CAPE GOOSEBERRY - C(clubs), APE(do like), GOOSEBERRY(the odd person in a threesome)
14 Distinctive sound coming from pub, I note (7)
PHONEME - PH(Public House, pub), ONE(I), ME(musical note)
15 Something that dissolves, once mixed with tea (7)
ACETONE - anagram of ONCE and TEA - that Chemistry degree coming in useful here
17 Clement largely in December, after vacation turning unsettled (7)
RATTLED - Clement ATTLEE missing the last letter inside the outer letters of DecembeR reversed
19 Type article out of disgust? (7)
VERSION - remove A(article) from AVERSION(disgust)
20 Bracketing together of dads perhaps by one: both evil and good (14)
PARENTHESISING - I think I have this parsed... the dads are PARENTS and HE PARENT HES (see comments) , then I(one), SIN(evil) and G(good)
23 Month in travelling circus ok for loud entertainment? (4,5)
ROCK MUSIC - M(month) inside an anagram of CIRCUS,OK
24 Got to fly: inspector’s outside at the front! (5)
IRKED - KED(fly) after the exterior letters in InspectoR
25 Totalled a large amount (4)
SLEW - double definition, totalled meaning killed here
26 Revealing article about state of Raleigh’s carelessness (10)
NEGLIGENCE - NEGLIGEE(revealing article) surrounding NC(North Carolina, the US state which has Raleigh as the capital).  I have lived in NC for 22 years, so this was a simpler one for me.
1 Large leaks from tanks affected people (4)
FOPS - remove L(large) from FLOPS(tanks)
2 Laugh loudly — quite a fit! (4,5)
FALL ABOUT - F(loudly) then ALL(quite), A, BOUT(fit)
3 The solver’s counting on the setter, indeed! (5,7,2)
YOURE TELLING ME -  YOU'RE(the solver), TELLING(counting votes), ME(the setter). A little grammatical liberty perhaps...
4 Press learning of mischief? (7)
IMPLORE -  the learning of mischief could be IMP LORE
5 State of muesli ingredients maybe served up without starters (7)
TUNISIA - the muesli ingredients are RAISIN and NUT.  Remove the first letter of each and reverse
7 Circuiteer in places that are even more distant (5)
ICIER - alternating letters in cIrCuItEeR
8 Very little to go on, ultimately, in adolescent years (5-5)
TEENY-WEENY - WEE(to go to the toilet), and the last letter of oN inside TEEN(adolescent) and two Y's(years)
9 Taking for a ride that leaves one back at same ferry port? (6-8)
DOUBLE-CROSSING - if you double crossed you would end up where you started
13 Fancy paper’s used with skill on small items for repair (5,5)
SPARE PARTS - anagram of PAPER'S then ART(skill), S(small)
16 What an expert knows related in special paper (5,4)
ONION SKIN - an expert knows their ONIONS then KIN(related)
18 Burst of French welcome — that is, when meeting English (7)
DEHISCE - DE(of in French), HI(welcome), SC(scilicet, that is) and E(English). Another time the Chemistry degree came in handy, as it is often used to describe cell destruction
19 Bladder’s thus situated in calf (7)
VESICAL -  SIC(thus) inside VEAL(calf)
21 Scout in park descending on church (5)
RECCE - REC(park) and CE(church)
22 From trailer’s picked up dresser of wood (4)
ADZE - sounds like AD'S(trailer's)

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