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Times Quick Cryptic No 1923 by Hurley

A nice concise crossword from Hurley, with plenty of good long answers (which I find help me when solving).  There are a couple of harder bits of parsing, but no obtuse GK.  I was somewhat surprised to see my full allowance of nearly 15 minutes had elapsed after I entered the LOI (17d).  2d had been FOI, my WOD goes to 16a.

Thanks to Hurley, please let me know how you got on.


1  On return, deduces pounds must go inside, hidden (9)
SECLUDED – Reverse ‘deduces’ to give SECUDED, and insert L (pounds / Libra) to give SECLUDED.
Maybe criminal group fights here (4)
RING – Double definition.
8 Dog, company ultimately for soldier (5)
CORGI – CO (company) followed by {fo}R (ultimately) and GI (soldier).
Opportunist in part of church changing direction (7)
CHANCER – CHANCE{l} (part of church) with the final letter changed from L{eft} to R{ight} (changing direction) to give CHANCER.
11  At home, hence girl included in behest (11)
INHERITANCE – IN (at home) followed by HENCE (hence) with RITA (girl) inserted.
13  At start have every relevant enactment before you as a result (6)
HEREBY – Initial letters (at start) of H{ave} E{very} R{elevant} E{nactment} B{efore} Y{ou}.
14  Part of play I have shortened, being busy (6)
ACTIVE – ACT (part of play) and I’VE (I have - shortened).
16  Sparkle in castle lit for a change (11)
SCINTILLATE – Anagram (for a change) of [IN CASTLE LIT].
18  Delayed because of wet, we hear (7)
OVERDUE – OVER (because of) and DUE (sounds like (we hear) dew (wet)).
19  Cry about river squabble (5)
BRAWL – BAWL (cry) around R{iver}.  I initially wanted this to be BLURB, but couldn’t see how that equalled squabble.
20  Within planet, unearthly melody (4)
TUNE – Hidden ‘within’ {plane}T, UNE{arthly}.
21 Postpone sentence of agent brought to Rhode Island day before (8)
REPRIEVE – REP (agent) with RI (Rhode Island) and EVE (day before).


Hit something inside your shoe? (4)
SOCK – Double definition.
Flier from prior age, nicer somehow (7,6)
CARRIER PIGEON – Anagram (somehow) of [PRIOR AGE, NICER].
3  French article, popular monk’s garment, editor finds lifeless (11)
UNINHABITED – UN (French article) plus IN (popular) HABIT (monk’s garment) and ED{itor}.
4  English name, actor, regularly referring to repeat performance (6)
ENCORE – E{nglish} N{ame} {a}C{t}O{r} (regularly) and RE (referring to), to give ENCORE.
6  Cross about North Carolina following rules?  That’s unthinking (13)
INCONSIDERATE – IRATE (cross) containing (about) NC (North Carolina) and ONSIDE (following rules).
7 Worker evoking Arden era to some extent (8)
GARDENER – Hidden in (to some extent) [evoking}G ARDEN ER{a}.
10  Been at march, lively?  Wait here perhaps (11)
ANTECHAMBER – Anagram (lively) of [BEEN AT MARCH].
12  Gradually stop using taphouse after review (5,3)
PHASE OUT – Anagram (after review) of [TAPHOUSE].
15  Claim everything, say, and concede in the end (6)
ALLEGE – ALL (everything) with EG (say) and {conced}E (in the end).
17  Delight of good sheltered place (4)
GLEE – G{ood} and LEE (sheltered place).

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