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Times Quick Cryptic 1897 by Joker

A bit of slang I didn't know (5dn), but this didn't really hold me up. Otherwise, staple fare finished comfortably within target. After a second look, I thought there might have been something fishy going on (if only Pequod had turned up in the checkers), but nothing has emerged to me as a clear Nina. It will be interesting to see if the hive mind can find one...

Definitions underlined.

1 Small bird box dispute (7)
SPARROW - SPAR (box) and ROW (dispute).
5 Backed local voting area appeal (4)
DRAW - reversal of (backed) WARD (local voting area).
7 Ocean of southeast Asia, primarily (3)
SEA - SE (southeast) and the first letter of (primarily) Asia.
8 Cute rare flying animal (8)
CREATURE - anagram of (flying) CUTE RARE.
10 Employ specialist to remove piano (5)
EXERT - EXpERT (specialist) after removing (to remove) 'p' (piano). I had to exert all of my brain cells in finding a way to make this pass the word substitution test.
11 Rich soup — food to get embarrassed about (7)
CHOWDER - CHOW (food) then RED (embarrassed) reversed (about).
13 Cola is served up in informal gathering (6)
SOCIAL - anagram of (served up) COLA IS.
15 Calm observed around queen, note (6)
SERENE - SEEN (observed) containing (around) R (Regina, queen), then E (musical note).
17 What keeps out water from paintings by family members (7)
OILSKIN - OILS (paintings) and KIN (family members).
18 British state is rather dull and uninteresting (5)
BLAND - B (British) and LAND (state).
20 Saint in charge with a large church (8)
BASILICA - BASIL (saint), IC (in charge), and A.
22 Coldness at the heart of policemen (3)
ICE - central letters from (at the heart of) polICEman.
23 Live without daughter and without difficulty (4)
WELL - dWELL (live) removing (without) 'd' (daughter).
24 Draw a veil over old America, very unpleasant (7)
HIDEOUS - HIDE (draw a veil over), O (old), and US (America).

1 Removal of older person’s allowance after suspicion (10)
SUSPENSION - PENSION (older person's allowance) after SUS (suspicion).
2 Area yielded plant of the aloe family (5)
AGAVE - A (area) and GAVE (yielded).
3 Frightful racket car produces here? (9)
RACETRACK - anagram of (frightful) RACKET CAR.
4 Unfortunate person to throw up after whiskey (6)
WRETCH - RETCH (to throw up) after W (whiskey)
5 Party time hit (3)
DOT - DO (party) and T (time). I did not know the slang 'to dot' meant 'to hit', but the clue is very forgiving of such ignorance.
6 Shorten a game (7)
ABRIDGE - A and BRIDGE (game).
9 Lonely end to the working week, going on for ever (10)
FRIENDLESS - FRI (Friday, end to the working week), and ENDLESS (going on forever).
12 Where chess players meet, heading for drink? (9)
OVERBOARD - cryptic hint. Chess players would meet over a (chess)board, and 'drink' is slang for 'sea'.
14 Company with unfortunate legal picture (7)
COLLAGE - CO (company) and an anagram of (unfortunate) LEGAL.
16 Make wealthy leaders of English nobility remain in city homes (6)
ENRICH - first letters from (leaders of) English Nobility Remain In City Homes.
19 Friend with a note to pass (5)
AMIGO - A, MI (note), and GO (pass).
21 Unwell young mare loses coat (3)
ILL - fILLy (young mare) without the first and last letters (loses coat).

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