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Times Quick Cryptic 1877 by Oink

Crack(l)ing puzzle, as we've come to expect from this - my favourite - setter. Only the SW corner proved a little reluctant, as well as the long 4dn (cryptic definitions are *still* my Achilles' heel). Luckily the only thing I needed to know about the opera, is that it is an opera.

With representations from both sides of the aisle in the US, an oddly named parliament, and maybe even a nod to the UK government (3dn), perhaps Oink has his mind set on world domination?

Definition underlined.

8 Lamb too frisky for lottery at fete (7)
TOMBOLA - anagram of (frisky) LAMB TOO.
9 Letter finds most of them joining Territorial Army (5)
THETA - most of the letters from (most of) THEm, then TA (Territorial Army).
10 Heard cries in the country (5)
WALES - sounds like (heard) "wails" (cries).
11 Protesting Republican not doing too well (7)
RAILING - R (Republican) and AILING (not doing too well).
12 Fall of scoundrel involved in case (7)
CASCADE - CAD (scoundrel) contained by (involved in) CASE.
14 Opening gin lethal to an extent (5)
INLET - hidden in (to an extent) gIN LEThal.
15 Reportedly a sum lent independently (5)
ALONE - sounds like (reportedly) "a loan" (a sum lent).
17 Grapes I chewed, making a mess (4,3)
PIGS EAR - anagram of (chewed) GRAPES I. He's bound to run out soon...
19 Dish gin out — it’s a party! (7)
SHINDIG - anagram of (out) DISH GIN.
20 Romantic occasion meeting duke in old hat (5)
DATED - DATE (romantic occasion) next to (meeting) D (duke).
22 How to sum up foreign nobleman (5)
COUNT - double definition.
23 Perform Cosi Fan Tutte, perhaps at half-term (7)
OPERATE - OPERA (Cosi Fan Tutte, perhaps) next to (at) the first half of TErm (half-term).

1 Having turned up, adds water to casserole (4)
STEW - reversal of (having turned up) WETS (adds water to).
2 Son has a long way to go, but looks happy (6)
SMILES - S (son) and MILES (a long way to go).
3 Rings after husband leaves? Oh dear! (4)
OOPS - 'h' (husband) removed from (leaves) hOOPS (rings).
4 Messenger taking the aerial route? (7,6)
CARRIER PIGEON - cryptic definition.
5 Downing tools? That’s impressive (8)
STRIKING - double definition.
6 Rejection of deal about Northern Ireland (6)
DENIAL - DEAL containing (about) NI (Northern Ireland).
7 Giggling butcher chopping head off (8)
LAUGHTER - sLAUGHTER (butcher) minus the first letter (chopping head off).
12 Prestigious races that you might study? (8)
CLASSICS - double definition.
13 Story a Ted once made up (8)
ANECDOTE - anagram of (made up) A TED ONCE.
16 Horrible old Democrat promises to pay (6)
ODIOUS - O (old), D (Democrat), and IOUS (a promisory note, "I owe you", promises to pay).
18 Capture talent Raphael possesses (6)
ENTRAP - hidden in (...possesses) talENT RAPhael.
20 It’s an achievement whichever way you look at it (4)
DEED - palindromic (whichever way you look at it) DEED (an achievement).
21 What one is allowed to eat in foreign parliament? (4)
DIET - double definition. Japan, for example, is administered by a parliamentary Diet.

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