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QC 1875 by Mara

There were quite a few of the sorts of clues that are often regarded as 'easier' in this gentle Monday morning stroll. I counted five double definitions and six clues that were either full anagrams or which used an anagram as a partial device. There were also two hidden words (one reversed). So many thanks to Mara for easing us gently into the week. I didn't quite manage everything sequentially but wasn't far off. Did you all have a similar experience?

FOI was 1A and LOI 21D. COD I think was 5D for its original (to me at any rate) wordplay.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it as simply as I can.

1 Move quickly back for jazz? (4)
TRAD - DART (move quickly) 'back' gives TRAD. This is a bit of a chestnut as I am sure I have seen this exact clue several times before and I am by no means a heavy crossword addict.
4 Boxer who sat up, befuddled (8)
SOUTHPAW - straight anagram ('befuddled') of WHO SAT UP.
8 Upper-class crystal (3-5)
CUT-GLASS - double definition, the first as an adjective normally applied to a 'posh' English accent. 
9 Rook in front of tree is not considered (4)
RASH - R (Rook - from Chess) + ASH (tree).
10 Sharp-tasting dessert (4)
TART - double definition.
11 Fascinating job for metalworkers! (8)
RIVETING - another double definition.
12 A type of bean in another country (6)
ABROAD - A + BROAD (type of bean).
14 Cheerful: shame supercilious (6)
UPPITY - UP (cheerful) + PITY (shame).
16 Anchor adrift in my kingdom (8)
MONARCHY - ONARCH (anagram ('adrift') of ANCHOR) 'in' MY.
18 Munch chop after chop, initially (4)
CHEW - C (Chop 'initially') + HEW (chop).
19 One swamp recalled in desert (4)
GOBI - I BOG (one swamp) 'recalled'.
20 Nine acts rewritten, for example (8)
INSTANCE - straight anagram ('rewritten') of NINE ACTS.
22 Different date I require shortly — one being held (8)
DETAINEE - DETAI (anagram ('different') of DATE I) + NEEd (require 'shortly').
23 Joint seen kicking, partially pulled back (4)
KNEE - reversed hidden word: sEEN Kicking 'partially pulled back'.
2 Edible stalks rot (7)
RHUBARB - double definition.
3 A number like it (5)
DIGIT - DIG IT (like it). Groovy man.
4 Ultimately, this deep sea is a source of fresh water (3)
SPA - thiS deeP seA 'ultimately'.
5 Horrible sweet, is it? (9)
UNSAVOURY - if things can be SWEET or SAVOURY, then if something is UNSAVOURY it could well be SWEET in a cryptic way.
6 Tough, best car (7)
HARDTOP - HARD (tough) + TOP (best).
7 Parish priest's heading off — it's a crime (5)
ARSON - pARSON parish priest with 'heading' removed.
11 Lessening of dose perhaps cured it, on receiving treatment (9)
REDUCTION - straight anagram ('on receiving treatment') of CURED IT ON.
13 Instrument installed in auto, car in Aberystwyth (7)
OCARINA - hidden word: 'installed in' autO CAR IN Aberystwyth.
15 Sticky substance in bottom of pot on variety of cereal (7)
TREACLE - T (bottom of poT) 'on' (i.e. 'above' in this down clue) REACLE (anagram ('variety') of CEREAL).
17 Australian figure in fresh air (5)
OZONE - OZ (Australian) + ONE (figure).
18 Expert attempt (5)
CRACK - double definition. As in 'the CRACK para regiment had a CRACK at eliminating the international terrorist leader'.
21 Recognise character on the radio? (3)
SEE - C is a character and when you pronounce it (as on the radio) it sounds like SEE.

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