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Mephisto 3167 - Tim Moorey

Greetings barred-grid fans.

I did pretty well with this one - Tim Moorey often puts in a few pop culture or sports references and I think I was familar with most of them this time around, however there is one piece of wordplay I cannot unravel to save myself (I have a word that fits the definition and most of the wordplay so I think I have the entry correct).

If you have a suggestion, check the comments - I am writing this in advance and scheduling it while I am on stage, so I will not see what I missed until Sunday afternoon UK time.

Since definitions (the most direct of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, I will focus on wordplay here.

1 Revolutionary post boxes are beginning to catch on at home (7)
JACOBIN - JOB(post) containing A(are), and the first letter of Catch, then IN(at home)
6 Old-fashioned motto’s repellent for IT person (5)
SYSOP - POSY'S(motto's) reversed
10 Gold chain seen in stock exchange regularly (5)
OCHRE - CH is an abbreviation for the unit chain, but I don't know what ORE has to do with stock exchange...  in Chambers OCHRE is given as gold.  Thanks to commenters - it looks like it is alternating characters in bOuRsE which makes me wonder if "Paris" or "French" somehow escaped the clue to make the stock exchange unique.
11 Hazel’s region say, is in US city (7)
NUTTERY - UTTER(say) inside NY(US city)
12 Girl hit not embarrassed (9)
15 Brought back tea with last of black bread from the east (4)
KYAT - TAY(tea) and the last letter of blacK all reversed
16 Grass in Canterbury? Double work repeatedly left for cutting (6)
TOITOI - TOIL(work) twice missing L(left) - Canterbury in in New Zealand here
17 Smack fished inshore, pole cast (6)
HEROIN - anagram of INSHORE missing S(a pole)
18 Spirited person holds record for violent fiction (12)
SPLATTERPUNK - SPUNK(spirited person) containing PLATTER(record)
20 Beetle and suchlike indoors can make super alarm go off (12, two words)
PARLOUR GAMES - anagram of SUPER,ALARM,GO - I remember playing beetle at my grandparent's house, they had the version where the beetle parts snapped together
24 Acreage retained in French city for milk producer (6)
BREAST - A(acreage) inside BREST(French city)
25 Mini-rugby ground not terribly big and not marshy (6)
UNMIRY - anagram of MINI,RUGBY minus BIG
26 Return stake that’s hotly tipped in Sicily (4)
ETNA - ANTE(stake) reversed
29 Talk up a Chinese mustard (9)
PRAISEACH - PRAISE(talk up), A, CH(Chinese)
30 Unfortunate bias shown in bash for eastern worshipper (7)
TSABIAN - anagram of BIAS inside TAN(bash)
31 Strictly judge former boxer (5)
BRUNO - two definitions, the game show judge Tonioli and the one I was more familiar with, the boxer Frank
32 Unfashionable Asian satin in the end not finished (5)
ATLAS - AT LAST(in the end) missing the last letter
33 PM gains weight (7)
WINSTON - WINS(gains), TON(weight) for Churchill
1 Quite special circles love sporting contests (6)
JOUSTS - JUST(quite), S(special) containing O(love)
2 Affected toff with cape mounted open carriage (4)
CHAY - YAH(affected toff) and C(cape) all reversed
3 Spoken about role of path in space (7)
ORBITAL - ORAL(spoken) surrounding BIT(role)
4 Old schoolma’am is hopeless, giving up Latin (4)
BEAK - BLEAK(hopeless) minus L(Latin)
5 Found one part of MIT (9)
INSTITUTE - the I in MIT stands for INSTITUTE
6 Scottish bluffer even turned up in serial (6)
STEYER - YET(even) reversed inside SER(serial) - bluffer meaning steeper here
7 Christian Union on the radio so long (6, two words)
SEE YOU - sounds like C and U
8 They establish ministries first of all in order to change society (9)
ORDAINERS - first letter of A inside an aangram of IN,ORDER then the first letter of Society
9 Still following page in mag (4)
PYET - YET(still) after P(page)
13 Newspaper perhaps inspires French group musician (9, two words)
POP ARTIST - POST(newspaper, perhaps) containing PARTI(French group)
14 Composer who’s an angelic figure in Italy (9)
CHERUBINI - CHERUB(angelic figure), IN, I(Italy). I've heard of him, but can't say I can sing anything he wrote.
19 ID includes first of many babies (7)
PAMPERS - PAPERS(ID) containing the first letter of Many
21 Annual value long delayed holding large number up (6)
RENTAL - LATER(long delayed) containing N(large number) all reversed
22 Nut’s son opening flag (6)
OSIRIS - OS(opening), IRIS(flag) - OSIRIS was the son of the god Nut
23 Divert noisy phones and one is unexpectedly dropping off (6)
SYPHON - remove an anagram of ONE and IS from NOISY PHONES
26 Paper probing each trading group (4)
EFTA - FT(Financial Times, paper) inside EA(each)
27 Puffin identification in Iceland ends in breeding season (4)
ISBN - IS(Iceland) and the outer letters of Breeding seasoN. Puffin referring to the publishing company.
28 Gave instruction as audibly stressed (4)
TAUT - sounds like TAUGHT(gave instruction)

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