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Sunday Times 4954 by David McLean - something like a phenomenon

6:33. A very gentle puzzle from Harry this week, but none the worse for that. The goddess at 9ac might cause some problems, but she was vaguely familiar to me for some reason. 7dn must seem a bit odd if you don’t happen to know about Billy Connelly’s musical skills, but it’s perfectly solvable without that knowledge.

Thanks to Harry for a fun one, particularly the naughty but brilliant 24ac.

Definitions are underlined, anagrams indicated like (TIHS)*, anagram indicators are in italics.

1 Cursed bedlamp’s alive, man held
7 Fire assault rifle with live round
BAKE - B(AK)E. The AK-47 is the most famous of these weapons but others are available.
9 One’s husband volunteers to meet Republican goddess
ISHTAR - I’S, H, TA, R. A Mesopotamian goddess I had vaguely heard of.
10 Inability to hear case of defence? A fine point …
DEAFNESS - DefencE, A, F, NESS (point).
11 … in upholding the employee’s originally overturned case
ETUI - first letters of ‘in upholding the employee’, reversed.
12 Woman pawns bloomers
14 Hewn tree in Glencoe with iodine on the stump?
16 Where products might be displayed in disarray
ALL OVER THE SHOP - two definitions, one very slightly whimsical.
19 A tie is an accessory
ATTACHMENT - DD. Very simple, not at all hard to solve, but really neat. Kind of sums up this puzzle.
21 Spots of corrosion finally found in service
ACNE - AC(corrosioN)E. Service in the tennis sense.
22 Reddish-orange ruddy duck
FLAMINGO - FLAMING (ruddy, as in ‘this ruddy clue!’), O. I was confused here for a while because I saw from the checkers that FLAMINGO must be the answer but ‘duck’ seemed a strange definition.
24 Result of donning Wonderbra? Ding-dong!
BUST-UP - naughty in the best traditions of Sunday Times cryptic puzzles and brilliant.
25 Old writer yawning
26 Needle girl repurposed as item of angling gear
LEDGER LINE - (NEEDLE GIRL)*. I didn’t know this term, but having looked it up I think I’ve actually used one of these.
2 Go wild and gamble it all away without bit of prudence
LOSE THE PLOT - LOSE THE (Prudence)LOT. Nice surface.
3 Light passion? That’s what row is about!
SET FIRE TO - SET TO (row) containing FIRE (passion).
4 Hurt was a chart success around end of October
HARD-HIT - HA(octobeR)D HIT.
5 Music genre in which White Lines might sit?
MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD - two definitions, one mildly cryptic in that it appears to refer to the seminal hip-hop song by Melle Mel. Is MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD a genre though? I thought it just referred to bland and unadventurous music of any genre, and the dictionaries seem to think so too.
6 Excessive yen to sit on short guys? That’s awful!
DEARY ME - DEAR, Y, MEn. ‘Excessive’ for DEAR strikes me as a bit loose (if you're saying that something is expensive you'd normally if not always say that the price is excessive, not the thing itself) but it didn’t cause me a problem.
7 One Billy Connolly might pick on at a gig?
BANJO - a slightly odd clue, which won’t make much sense to anyone who doesn’t know that Billy Connolly is (or was, not sure if he still plays) a noted BANJOist.
8 Island raising fine crops at its eastern tip
KOS - reversal (raising) of OK, cropS.
13 Beastly sort plastered in pink gunge
15 In which cast hears Lear, perhaps
REHEARSAL - (HEARS LEAR)*. I think ‘cast’ is the anagram indicator here and the clue is Semi-&Lit (the definition being technically just ‘in which’), but I’m not sure. In this reading the word ‘perhaps’ isn’t doing anything, so that might be the anagrind and the definition ‘in which cast’. Probably advisable not to think about it too much.
17 Elizabethan old-timer bottles alcohol
ETHANOL - contained in ‘Elizabethan old-timer’. There’s a rule in containment clues that the answer must be part of all the words used for the containment, but hyphenated words count as one. So ‘Elizabethan old-timer’ is fine but ‘Elizabethan old timer’ would not be allowed.
18 Key-opened European desk okay to be put away?
EATABLE - E(A), TABLE. The key of A 'opens' (separates) E and TABLE (desk).
20 Promoters of commercial port to secure millions
ADMEN - AD(M)EN. I’m not sure if ‘commercial’ is part of the definition or the indication for Aden here. It doesn’t really matter.
23 Cheek is a part of the face

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