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Times Quick Cryptic 1871 by Trelawney

I didn't get 1ac at first pass so had to dip into the grid. I ended up chasing all around it until finally finishing in the SE with 22ac. There doesn't seem to be anything overly difficult but I only just crept inside my target of 10 minutes.

Definitions are underlined.

1 Something naughty I'd found in gift for politician? (4,9)
VICE PRESIDENT - something naughty (VICE), I'd (ID) found inside gift (PRESENT).
8 Spice starts to change unappetising milkshake into nectar (5)
CUMIN - (C)hange (U)nappetising (M)ilkshake (I)nto (N)ectar.
9 More imposing old lady turned red (7)
GRANDER - old lady (GRAN), 'red' turned around (DER).
10 Dog to go astray inside bank (7)
TERRIER - go astray (ERR) inside bank (TIER).
11 Character in Barnet Hospital (5)
ETHOS - hidden in the clue - Barn(ET HOS)pital.
13 Nick overheard beginning to design strange instrument (5,4)
STEEL DRUM - homophone (overheard) of nick- steal (STEEL), (D)esign, strange (RUM).
17 Fool around next to big hole (5)
ABYSS - fool (ASS) around next to (BY).
19 US state region briefly features in song (7)
ARIZONA - region briefly (ZON)e inside song (ARIA).
20 Computer kept DOS running (7)
DESKTOP - anagram (running) of KEPT DOS. Good surface.
22 Reverse stylish vehicles (5)
TRAMS - stylish - smart - reversed (TRAMS). Traps wanted to go in but I wouldn't let it!
23 Barely examined? (5-8)
STRIP-SEARCHED - humorous cryptic definition,
1 Leave caveat in motion (6)
VACATE - anagram (in motion) of CAVEAT.
2 Afraid of being shot? (6-3)
CAMERA-SHY - another crytpic definition. Shot as in to shoot a picture.
3 Writes four editorials, initially, being thoughtful (7)
PENSIVE - writes (PENS), four (IV), (E)ditorials.
4 Writer glad aeroplane is fixed! (5,5,3)
EDGAR ALLAN POE - anagram (is fixed!) of GLAD AEROPLANE.
5 Picture of one wizard (5)
IMAGE - one (I), wizard (MAGE). Mage is an archaic word for wizard.
6 Finish last pieces of stale Italian bread (3)
END - stal(E) Italia(N) brea(D).
7 Push heroin in confidence (6)
THRUST - heroin (H) inside confidence (TRUST).
12 Alternative healer's residence on old road (9)
HOMEOPATH - residence (HOME), on top of old (O) and road (PATH).
14 Celebrate sushi finally being in list (7)
ROISTER - sush(I) inside list (ROSTER).
15 Small cars for Middle Eastern folks (6)
SAUDIS - small (S), cars (AUDIS).
16 Expired pedals falling apart (6)
LAPSED - anagram (falling apart) of PEDALS.
18 Arrange winning a tennis match? (3,2)
SET UP - double definition.
21 A title some desire (3)
SIR - some of de(SIR)e.

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