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Times Quick Cryptic No 1868 by Teazel

A gentler one today from Teazel, if you're prepared to do a bit of shrugging-and-entering along the way. Three cryptic definitions and two cryptic hints felt a touch excessive (and I do like a good cryptic definition), and was the cause of most of the shrugging. All quite gettable, I found: at 7 minutes I was nearly half yesterday's time, done just beforehand. And plenty to like, particularly among the downs, with 7d, 14d and 19d being my favourites - many thanks to Teazel!

1 Originally on African soil it supplies refuge (5)
OASIS - "originally" On African Soil It Supplies
4 A piece of crockery may be flying (6)
SAUCER - cryptic-ish definition, referring to flying saucers. Coined in 1947; their name during WWII was "foo fighters". Last year the Pentagon released some grainy videos of "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena", as covered in the NY Times.
9 Peer over there before much time has passed (5,2)
EARLY ON - EARL (peer) YON (over there)
10 Danger of salesman returning: I left (5)
PERIL - PER (Rep = salesman, returning) I L(eft)
11 But lots of other insects do this too (3)
FLY - cryptic definition, because not just flies fly. Originally a fly could mean any winged insect.
12 Persecuting the Baskervilles? (8)
HOUNDING - vaguely cryptic hint: the Baskervilles were hounded by the titular hound. Let's move on...
15 One used to paint trading vessel, a dizzying experience (6-7)
ROLLER-COASTER - ROLLER (one used to paint) COASTER (trading vessel)
17 Carefully adjust enjoyable melody (4-4)
FINE-TUNE - FINE (enjoyable) TUNE (melody)
18 Victory almost a breeze (3)
WIN - "almost a" WINd (breeze)
20 Cog, for example, excessively tough on the outside (5)
TOOTH - TOO (excessively) TH (TougH "on the outside")
22 Little pebbles hard during one run (7)
SHINGLE - H(ard) during SINGLE (one run, in cricket)
23 Superheroes, these military servants? (6)
BATMEN - another cryptic hint, I'd say, more than a double definition, unless we have become so supersaturated with superhero nonsense that there are a whole load of Batmen, fighting a criminal colony of Penguins, perhaps...coming to a screen near you soon, no doubt.
24 Wrong American gets a hole in the head (5)
SINUS - SIN (wrong) US (American)

1 Order to soldiers for some blazing coals (4,4)
OPEN FIRE - double-ish definition
2 Go wandering and find accommodation across river (5)
STRAY - STAY (accommodation, as in a temporary residence) across R(iver)
3 Menu suggestion for one preparing to be shot? (3,6)
SAY CHEESE - cryptic definition, with a pun on "one being shot" = "one having their photo taken". I liked this one very much, with the neat surface description of a last meal.
5 Like quiet poisoner (3)
ASP - AS (like) P (piano = quiet)
6 Goodness! Note damaged headdress (7)
CORONET - COR! (goodness!), anagram (damaged) of NOTE
7 Turn over bread list (4)
ROLL - triple definition, and a nice one.
8 Need curious changes after a while (2,3,6)
IN DUE COURSE - anagram (changes) of NEED CURIOUS
13 Criminal spied rare hangings (9)
DRAPERIES - anagram (criminal) of SPIED RARE
14 King’s daughter succeeded after his sons? (8)
PRINCESS - S(ucceeded) after PRINCES (his sons)
16 Knocked unconscious, and available for inspection? (4,3)
LAID OUT - double definition
18 Keep shaking cart (5)
WAGON - to wag on might be to keep shaking
19 Butt, or small cask (4)
STUB - S(mall) TUB (cask)
21 Part of Plymouth, miles away from home (3)
HOE - M(iles) away from HOmE

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