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Times Quick Cryptic 1866 by Orpheus

Something of a biff-fest today, many answers seemed so straightforward that only a very causal glance at the cryptic was required. This was a good thing as there's quite a lot of moving and placing and some not quite straightforward terms in the cryptic. That was how it went until my LOI 21ac where I struggled to see what was going on. Still completed in less than 10 minutes so target hit.

Definitions are underlined.

1 Bouquet made from cloth in European country (9)
FRAGRANCE - cloth (RAG) inside European country (FRANCE).
6 Pathetic type’s small circle including a couple of daughters (5)
SADDO - small (S) and circle (O) including a (A) and couple of daughters (DD).
8 Bring up easily portable car part (4,5)
REAR LIGHT - bring up (REAR), easily portable (LIGHT).
9 Beast of burden arrived, then left (5)
CAMEL - arrived (CAME), then left (L).
10 Drive carelessly, running front of taxi into foreman (9)
OVERSTEER - running (putting) (T)axi into foreman (OVERSEER). I had a little hesitation on this definition but I suppose it stands up.
12 Edges of double bed cut down to size (6)
DEBUNK - (D)oubl(E), bed (BUNK).
13 Thus one African country identifies an inhabitant of another (6)
SOMALI - thus (SO), African country (MALI).
16 Workman excited over pieta (9)
OPERATIVE - anagram (excited) of OVER PIETA.
18 Martial art expert in town in Japan (5)
NINJA - in tow(N IN JA)pan.
19 Misguidedly ask Hector for a biscuit (9)
SHORTCAKE - anagram (misguidedly) of ASK HECTOR. I always use shortbread but shortcake is the same thing.
21 Kid taken to court by police at last (5)
SUEDE - taken to court (SUED), beside polic(E). Another hesitation on the definition - suede is usually made from lambskin but can be made from many other animals including a kid/young goat. I was also thrown by the different pronunciation but this isn't a homophone clue so no problem with that. LOI.
22 Infamous head of occupied port seized by other people? (9)
NOTORIOUS - (O)ccupied and port (RIO) seized by other people (NOT US). Loved the 'not us' bit - COD.
1 Miserable with regard to grassy area, so to speak (7)
FORLORN - with regard to (FOR), homophone (so to speak) of grassy area - lawn.
2 Moderated bad temper displayed in commercial (6)
ABATED - bad temper (BATE) inside commercial (AD). Bate is, apparently, British slang for a bad temper or rage.
3 Regrets accepting Liberal regulations (5)
RULES - regrets (RUES) accepting (inside itself) Liberal (L).
4 Horse initially noted at Goodwood (3)
NAG - (N)oted (A)t (G)oodwood.
5 Excessive tax? Not to Eire, surprisingly (12)
EXTORTIONATE - anagram (surprisingly) of TAX NOT TO EIRE.
6 Back company in engaging American relative (6,6)
SECOND COUSIN - back (SECOND), company (CO) and in (IN) engaging (taking in) American (US).
7 Hateful mother with capacity to conceal name (8)
DAMNABLE - mother (DAM) and with capacity (ABLE) concealing name (N).
11 Person who’s tested an explosive device in river (8)
EXAMINEE - an explosive device (A MINE) inside river (EXE).
14 Consistency of old Tyneside head (7)
ONENESS - old (O), Tyneside (NE - in the northeast of England), head (NESS).
15 Star sign giving protection to a shrewish woman (6)
VIRAGO - star sign (VIRGO) protecting a (A).
17 Player on stage removing agent’s head (5)
ACTOR - agent f(ACTOR) without the head/lead letter. A factor is a person who acts on another's behalf.
20 Old-fashioned books about university (3)
OUT - books (OT - Old Testament) about university (U).

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