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Times Quick Cryptic 1866 by Orpheus

Something of a biff-fest today, many answers seemed so straightforward that only a very causal glance at the cryptic was required. This was a good thing as there's quite a lot of moving and placing and some not quite straightforward terms in the cryptic. That was how it went until my LOI 21ac where I struggled to see what was going on. Still completed in less than 10 minutes so target hit.

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30 mins to complete but a dnf as I had two wrong: 2dn and 15dn.

For 2dn I put in “Araged” thinking it was an obscure word I hadn’t heard of. In reality, the “Bate” part of the clue was the obscure word I hadn’t heard of. Unfortunately, “Leo” wasn’t the star sign for 15dn, so the invented description of “Lisaeo” was never going to cut it either.

Liked 13ac “Somali” and 22ac “Notorious”. Wasn’t sure about Shortcake being a biscuit, but as noted above if this is the same as Shortbread then fair enough.

FOI — 6ac “Saddo”
LOI — 15dn — dnf/wrong
COD — 21ac “Suede” — mainly because this has defeated me before and this time I saw it!

Thanks as usual!

A good day for me, considering this felt reasonably tricky. FOI was SADDO and I had no bad hold-ups after that until I was left with the 7d and 12a crossers and 2d. I'd already put the DAM bit in for "mother" so it wasn't too much of a leap to get DAMNABLE, which gave me DEBUNK, and then it was on to 2d. I came up with ABATED probably for the wrong reasons as I think I had the verb "bait" in the back of my mind. I wasn't at all sure of it, but it kind of sounded like it might be right. I wanted to do an alphabet trawl to check I wasn't missing anything better, but when I looked at my watch and saw I was still under 16 minutes, I decided a top 10 time (for me) was worth the risk of a DNF. I stopped the clock on 15:43 (in at number 8) and hoped for the best. Now feeling quite pleased with myself. COD to CAMEL for its elegant simplicity. Thanks Chris and Orpheus.
Needed aids for this one...but feeling a bit slow generally so probably not on proper form. This conclusion reinforced by having some clues popping to mind straight-away and others just not. FOI 1a Fragrance, where I immediately suspected bouquet=aroma. LOI14d Oneness. COD probably 8a Rear Light for misdirection. All fair enough, so it was probably just me this evening and not Orpheus. Good job I had the blog to check out at the end! Must try to get an early night...
More than two courses tonight as we foind it difficult
I do not like saddo as a word

Re: Hard


May 4 2021, 18:17:03 UTC 5 months ago

I don't like SADDO either.
I also believed that 2d should be Araged and couldn’t biff Abated. Bate NHO as bad temper.

Didn’t know Dam for mother — who uses that? — so didn’t see Damnable.

Which meant that I didn’t get Debunk — not aware that equalled Cut down to size. I had the De start but couldn’t think of bunk for bed.

Oh well another Orful one for me.

25 minutes for the rest.

Thanks all
John George
Dam/Ma/Mum are all Crosswordland staples. Worth remembering. Doesn’t mean anyone uses it, of course!
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