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QC 1865 by Pedro

I went through this completely sequentially, from top to bottom then left to right. Either I was on that mysterious 'wavelength' or Pedro was being especailly kind to us for the bank holiday weekend. Only you can tell me which it was and I look forward to reading your comments. Many thanks to Pedro (who I don't think I have blogged before? Certainly not more than once or twice anyway) for a gentle start to the week.

Following my comments above I don't really need to say that my FOI was 1A and LOI 19D. But there, I've done it anyway. I think my COD was 11A which took slightly longer than the others to go into the grid.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it as simply as I can.

1 Militia crazy to jettison leader (4)
ARMY - bARMY (crazy) 'jettisoning leader'. Unless, of course, you are in the Barmy Army following the English Cricket team around the world (when allowed to do so).
3 I’m supporting exercises, right? Wrong (8)
IMPROPER - IM (I'm) + PRO (supporting) + PE (exercises) + R (right).
8 Church provided most of item for baptism — material for gown? (7)
CHIFFON - CH (church) + IF (provided) + FON ('most of' FONt, 'item for baptism').
10 Prosper — not, say, going backwards (3,2)
GET ON - NOT + EG (say) all 'going backwards' (i.e. reversed).
11 About to move round striker in later game (6,5)
RETURN MATCH - RE (about) + TURN (to move round) + MATCH (cryptically a 'striker').
13 Desire a bit of sunshine in most of the days of November (6)
THIRST - S (a bit of Sunshine) 'in' THIRTy ('most of' the THIRTY days in November).
15 A second court case will liberate one of the stars (6)
ASTRAL - A + S (second) + TRiAL (court case 'liberating' I (one))
17 Anti-regalia, possibly, being against class distinction (11)
EGALITARIAN - straight anagram ('possibly') of ANTI REGALIA.
20 A bishop not entirely sharp? These assist with calculations (5)
ABACI - A + B (bishop) + ACId (if ACID is sharp, then ACI is 'not entirely' sharp).
21 Pens, say, recreated a connection in the mind (7)
SYNAPSE - straight anagram ('recreated') of PENS SAY.
22 Article put behind sailors in drink (8)
ABSINTHE - THE (definite article) 'put behind' ABS (Able-Bodied Seamen, or sailors) + IN.
23 Fool left in bed (4)
CLOT - L (left) 'in' COT (bed).
1 Precise account supported by clergyman (8)
ACCURATE - AC (account) 'supported by' CURATE (clergyman). As this is a down clue CURATE is 'underneath' AC and therefore 'supports' it.
2 Damp fog — nothing visible in that (5)
MOIST - it's that least favourite Susie Dent word again. O (nothing) 'visible in' MIST (fog).
4 Note on area identifying low points (6)
MINIMA - MINIM (a note of two beats as I remember it) 'on' (i.e. 'above' in this down clue) A (area).
5 A hart rising after injury, quite fit (5,2,4)
RIGHT AS RAIN - straight anagram ('after injury') of A HART RISING.
6 One throwing a jug (7)
PITCHER - double definition.
7 Area of frozen water? Heading away from edge (4)
RINK - bRINK (edge with the heading taken away).
9 People here are often told to go to blazes (4,7)
FIRE STATION - cryptic definition.
12 Resonant scheme supported by man (8)
PLANGENT - PLAN (scheme) 'supported by' (i.e. 'above' in this down clue) GENT (man).
14 Cold areas? One cold area turning up here (7)
ICECAPS - I (one) + C (cold) + ECAPS (SPACE (area), reversed, i.e. 'turning up' in this down clue).
16 Equipment given to school is trashy stuff (6)
KITSCH - KIT (equipment) + SCH (school).
18 The writer’s heading for Pamplona, taking on the Spanish force (5)
IMPEL - I'M (the writer's) + P (heading for Pamplona) + EL ('the' in Spanish).
19 Asian island language used by programmers (4)
JAVA - double definition.

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