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Mephisto 3165 - Paul McKenna

Greetings barred-grid fans.

This is a tricky puzzle for wordplay, though there are not that many unusual entries in the grid. I filed out the bottom half first and worked my way up to the top, meaning it wasn't until near the end that I spotted SPY STORIES as a pun in the top row.

In Mephisto puzzles the definition can be confrmed in Chambers so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go!

1 Previously super-punctilious special near pipped (6)
SPICED - SP(special) and next to ICED(pipped, killed)
6 Oregon snuck in limits for Loyalists (6)
TORIES - OR(Oregon) inside TIES(limits)
10 Augur is mostly rustic who'd a changing form (10)
FORESHADOW -  FOREST(rustic) missing the last letter, then an anagram of WHO'D,A
11 Woman in newspaper in costly coupling? (8)
DRAW-GEAR - a double container - W(woman) inside RAG(newspaper) inside DEAR(costly)
13 Sponge divers tire? (5)
DIPSO - DIPS(divers) and a tire is shaped like an O
14 Intimidating women’s doctor struggles (7)
DRAGONS - DR(doctor), AGONS(struggles)
16 Lift up sauce boat (5)
KETCH - remove UP from KETCHUP(sauce)
17 Perhaps philosopher’s stone is fine and acceptable (7)
SERICON - 'S, ERIC(fine) and ON(acceptable)
19 Millions invested in auctioning site — it was steep (5)
EMBAY - M(millions) inside EBAY(auctioning website)
21 Paddy’s bowled over with second flight (5)
STEPS - PET'S(paddy's, rages) reversed, then S(second)
22 Vehicle pulling out pinks and races (7)
NATIONS - remove CAR(vehicle) from CARNATIONS(pinks)
24 Underworld goddess grabbing last of these small stilettos? (5)
HEELS - HEL is the goddess, insert the last letter in thesE and then S(small)
28 Newly appointed I arrive in warm seaside area (7)
RIVIERA - anagram of I,ARRIVE
29 Tag left next on murderee (5)
LABEL - L(left) next to ABEL(murderee)
30 Scots lawyer’s stay sheltering rank diagnostician? (8)
SOLIDIST - SIST(stay in law) surrounding OLID(rank)
31 Freedom of speech is given by this energy only found in punk (10, two words)
MUTE BUTTON - E(energy) and BUT(only) inside MUTTON(punk, prostitute)
32 Sprite gambolling in some ferns (6)
PTERIS - anagram of SPRITE
33 ’Ercules, eg, in closing letter is set to love (6)
ZEROED - 'Ercules is an 'ERO, inside ZED(last letter of the alphabet)
1 Mayday inviting in count’s dull bods (6)
SADDOS - SOS(mayday) containing ADD(count)
2 Sophocles’ swift swing exercises excellent Teian — almost (10)
PERIPETEIA - PE(exercises), RIPE(excellent), then most of TEIAn
3 Neat bloomer that perfumes pastures (7)
COWSLIP - COW(neat), SLIP(bloomer, gaffe)
4 Mitsotakis’s business is therefore back from oblivion (5)
ERGON - ERGO(therefore) and the last letter in oblivioN
5 Acts damn politely with those kettling demonstrators (5)
DEEDS - DEE(damn) and the outer letters in DemonstratorS
6 Sovereign Troy has a queen in Hecuba finally (7)
TSARINA - T(troy), 'S, A, R(queen), IN and rhe last letter of hecubA
7 Variety of forbidden fruit (5)
RANGE - remove O(of) from ORANGE(fruit)
8 On which we watch innocent present? (8, two words)
IDIOT BOX - IDIOT(innocent), BOX(present)
9 Being inclined to swinging, wife is caught in fling (6)
SWISHY - W(wife) and IS inside SHY(fling)
12 Engineering and science radiate a glowing warmth (10)
15 Open option in vers libre (except Irish or the equivalent) (8, two words)
FREE VOTE - vers libre is FREE VERSE.  Remove ERSE(Irish) and add OTE(or the equivalent)
18 Heavy South African men nailing notoriously cruel despot (7)
ONEROUS - OUS(South African men) containing NERO(despot)
20 Viewpoint echoed in speech that offers an alternative (7)
MIRADOR - sounds lied MIRRORED(echoed) then OR(an alternative)
21 Small chap’s title showering respect on frequenter of SW1? (6)
SHRIMP - SHRI(title showering respect) on MP(a frequenter of SW1)
23 Nuts lasted as they’re ____ (6)
SALTED - anagram of LASTED. the dashed line indicating the anwer
25 I’m unlikely to get out rifle which has been discharged (5)
LIFER - anagram of RIFLE
26 Informally go trapping a lieutenant — go easy (5)
WALTZ - WAZ(go, urinate) containing LT(lieutenant)
27 Beet is British and low in calories (5)
BLITE - B(british) and LITE(low in calories)

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