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Times 27940 - in which I was not fooled

Time taken: 8:55

Nothing too difficult here, and I suspect a few biffing opportunities, particularly in 1 across where the definition and number of characters leads itself to one of two answers. There was only one that I had to get from wordplay alone, and after inventing the language NORM yesterday, I was glad to have an all-green grid.

I'll check in tomorrow for a postscript, but since I am usually asleep when most comments come in, make sure you check the comments in case I have made a slip somewhere.

Away we go...

Postscript:  Wow, there's a bit of consternation about not associating the definition "Eight" with Oxford. I guess it is topical, but at the time of writing, I didn't get it. Thw wordplay definitely lead to the answer, and so I was left with resolving the definition... I wasn't familiar with the boat race, so I was racking my brain for things I associated with Oxford - a University, a town, shoes and a property on the monopoly board. That's where I came up with eight being a reference. I was clearly wrong and must be spanked with eight oars.

1 Entering water, I function for a very short time (10)
PICOSECOND - inside POND(water) find I, COSEC(cosecant, trigonometric function)
7 Try and catch (4)
HEAR - double definition
9 Bring down five hundred and three on slides (8)
DETHRONE - D(500) and an anagram of THREE,ON
10 Entering sustained campaign, contest comparatively less flat (6)
WAVIER - inside WAR(sustained campaign) find VIE(contest)
11 Rank element in space above (6)
STINKY - TIN(chemical element) inside SKY(space above)
13 Initiate action on a plane, perhaps? (6,2)
STRIKE UP - STRIKE(industrial action), UP(in a plane, perhaps)
14 What big, mean delinquent has time for diminutive fighter? (12)
BANTAMWEIGHT - anagram of WHAT,BIG,MEAN containing T(time)
17 Starter had type of liquid served with a little bread (4,2,3,3)
SOUP OF THE DAY - anagram of HAD,TYPE,OF after SOU(a little bread).
20 I didn't quite get that dance (6-2)
EXCUSE-ME - double definition
21 Separate taste, as some wines drunk (6)
BISECT - BIT(taste) containing SEC(as some wines)
22 Second musical yarn (6)
MOHAIR - MO(second), HAIR(musical)
23 Pitch a collection of works, overwhelmed by theatre award (8)
TONALITY - A LIT(collection of works) iside a TONY award
25 Advantage held by seed, generally (4)
EDGE -  hidden inside seED GEnerally
26 Turn creative — work on Picasso, primarily (5,5)
PARTY PIECE - ARTY(creative) then PIECE(work) after the first letter of Picasso. This was the one I got from wordplay alone, and was my last in
2 He perhaps gets spattered with rain (5,3)
INERT GAS - anagram of GETS and RAIN, He referring to helium
3 Bear scratching head well! (3)
OOH - winnie the POOH(bear) missing the first letter
4 Under root of tree, spare wood (5)
EBONY - last letter in treE, then BONY(spare)
5 Look after complete bishopric (7)
OVERSEE - OVER(complete), SEE(bishopric)
6 Complete day throwing fits (9)
DOWNRIGHT - D(day) then an anagram of THROWING
7 What queen might do — panic! (4,7)
HAVE KITTENS - double definition, one referring to a cat as a queen
8 A place for walk (6)
AVENUE - A, VENUE(place)
12 A duck an alternative to minced meat? (3,1,7)
NOT A SAUSAGE - double definition - a duck in cricket is no runs, and minced meat would be a SAUSAGE
15 Plan to cover place in our mouldy cheese (9)
MOUSETRAP - A double container - MAP(plan) containing SET(put) inside OUR
16 Numbing cold crushing Scott's heart, Amundsen ultimately coming first (8)
NARCOTIC - ARCTIC(cold) containing the middle letter of scOtt, with the first letter of amundseN first
18 Very basic home situated in row (3-4)
ONE-STAR - NEST(home) inside OAR(row)
19 Eight nil: football team, one short, cross (6)
OXFORD - tricky clue - Eight refers to 8 down - AVENUE as the definition.  Then O(nil), the football team would be an XI, but they are missing one so no I, and then FORD(cross).  There is a suggestion in the comments that this refers to an Oxford rowing team, which is possible, I was thinking of monopoly. Neither definition is in Collins. Nor is the monopoly square an avenue. Enjoy the boat race!
21 Bent wings of bluejay? (5)
BANDY - the wings of BluejaY are B AND Y
24 First signs of limp elastic in some worn bloomers? (3)
LEI - first letters in Limp Elastic In

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