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Times Quick Cryptic No 1819 by Mara

An enjoyable but tricky test from Mara today to end the week. Some lovely clues with no less than 6 ticks in my copy. Not easy in parts, though, and I suspect some less-experienced solvers may find it a bit tough. It also uses one of those unhelpful grids with the starts of the first 6 down clues all being "unchecked". I found the RHS trickier than the left, but there is nothing unfair, I think. How many of you remember the old coin at 4D? My last two in were 4D and 8A. COD (as it were) to the fish at 18A which took me a while to catch. In all it took me just under 6 1/2 minutes. Thank-you Mara. How did you all get on?

Fortnightly Weekend Quick Cryptic. This time it is Phil's turn to provide the extra weekend entertainment. You can find the latest crossword here and the answers here. There is one fun clue that is quite biffable, but can you parse it? Enjoy! And if anyone is interested in our previous offerings you can find an index to them here.

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

7 Father embracing a deity in temple (6)
PAGODA - PA (father) [embracing] A GOD (deity). My first one in.
8 Pilot bombing marina (6)
AIRMAN - [bombing] (marina)*. My last one in. I was think of a nautical pilot so failed to see the anagram for too long.
9 Search countryside, or maybe beaches initially (4)
COMB - First letters [initially] of Countryside Or Maybe Beaches. Nice.
10 Saint, fifty, in love — well! (8)
HONESTLY - ST (saint) L (fifty) [in] HONEY (love). Entertaining surface. I needed the H at the start to find the 'love', though.
11 Bank containing a very fragrant plant (8)
LAVENDER - LENDER (bank), [containing] A V (very).
13 Notion back to front for political supporter (4)
AIDE - IDEA (notion) moving the last letter to the front [back to front] -> AIDE. A relatively advanced type of wordplay that is worth noting... the moving of a letter in an answer like this comes in several guises. Yesterday's clue for ROUGE is another example.
15 Entering Belgium, a liberated country (4)
MALI - Hidden in [entering] BelgiuM A LIberated.
16 Girl taking shower awfully composed? (8)
MISSPELT - MISS (girl) PELT (shower, the verb). Not the easiest of definitions.
18 Fish struggle to swim? (8)
FLOUNDER - Double definition with a neat surface.
20 Final sprinkling of salt (4)
LAST - Anagram [sprinkling of] (salt)*. Nice.
21 Five characters, wolves in disguise (6)
VOWELS - (wolves)* [in disguise]. A,E,I,O and U. Clever, but another tricky definition.
22 Bird out of its tree? (6)
CUCKOO - Double definition, second a cryptic hint.. "Out of ones tree" = mad = CUCKOO. Or, as AntsInPants noted, it could just be a cryptic definition.
1 Country houses or vista? (8)
PANORAMA - Another neat clue. PANAMA (country) outside [houses] OR.
2 Amount of money invested in large drinks, ten or more (6,7)
DOUBLE FIGURES - FIGURE (amount of money, as in company accounts) [in] DOUBLES (large drinks). I needed most of the checkers for this to find the second half of the answer.
3 Made haste, frustrated? (6)
DASHED - Double definition.
4 Old coin for Sun, perhaps (6)
TANNER - Double definition, second a cryptic hint. Who remembers the old sixpence (2 1/2p in "new" money)? They were phased out(i.e. no longer minted) in 1970, although they remained in circulation until the 1980s.
5 Clear location around a team (7,6)
CRYSTAL PALACE - CRYSTAL (clear) PLACE (location) [about] A. Have we any Crystal Palace fans among our commenters here?
6 Nothing covering a sharp object (4)
NAIL - NIL (nothing) [covering] A. Another tick on my copy.
12 Priest found in chapel indefinitely (3)
ELI - Hidden [found] in chapEL Indefinitely. Crosswordland's favourite priest.
14 Wild lion used in fantasy (8)
DELUSION - [wild] (lion used)*.
16 Monster, terribly amused (6)
MEDUSA - [terribly] (amused)*.
17 Trim wood (6)
SPRUCE - Double definition
19 Little room on top of table for money (4)
LOOT - LOO (little room) [top of] Table.

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