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Times Cryptic Jumbo 1467 - 7th November

I thought this was about a middle of the road Jumbo - maybe slightly harder given my time was nearer an hour than my usual 45 minutes. Several clues went over my head at the time, but I was able to resolve all the parsings in the blog. A couple of unknowns as usual, but there was nothing too difficult, I think. I enjoyed the serendipitous reminder of my home town when a boy and reference to my elder daughter.  A MER at the chemical incorrectness at 52D, but grudgingly accepted, otherwise all good stuff. 1A gets the biggest tick on my copy. Sadly a typo on entering online transcribing from my paper copy left my with a pink square. I must check the grid more carefully when submitting in future (as I keep telling myself when it happens). How did everyone else get on?

Definitions underlined in bold italics, (Abc)* indicating anagram of Abc, deletions and [] other indicators.

1 City rivals swallowing drink after drink in case (11)
PORTMANTEAU - MANU (Manchester United; (Manchester) City rivals) [swallowing] TEA (drink) [after] PORT (drink).
7 Beaten by elements in war, where not in formation (11)
WEATHERWORN - (war where not)* [in formation].
13 One checks pulse or pulses after bad actor recoiled (17)
ELECTROCARDIOGRAM - GRAM (pulses) [after] [bad] (actor recolled)*
14 Graceful female enters river from the east (5)
ELFIN - F (female) [enters] NILE (river) [from the east] -> ELIN
15 One Communist enforcer somewhere in Europe (6)
IBERIA - I (one) BERIA (communist enforcer). Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria, Soviet chief of secret police; killed by his associates shortly after Stalin's death. I'm not sure how I knew that.
16 Theatre hands round account showing revenge (8)
REPRISAL - REP (theatre) R and L (right and left; hands) [around] ISA (individual Savings Account; account).
17 Unknown speed trap's without siren, perhaps (7)
NYMPHET - Y (unknown) MPH (speed) NET (trap) outside ['s without].
19 Real logic set out in the form of a parable, say (9)
ALLEGORIC - (real logic)* [set out].
21 Appeal about maintaining virtue in retirement (8)
EMERITUS - SUE (appeal) [about] -> EUS outside [maintaining] MERIT (virtue).
23 Cockney's bum note, one in orchestra (4)
OBOE - (h)OBO (cockney's bum) E (note).
25 Spades held back in grassy plant borders (5)
EDGES - SEDGE (grassy) with the S (spades) [held back] to the end -> EDGES.
27 Slate sample in store (6)
PANTRY - PAN (slate) TRY (sample).
28 Cow's close, suppressing instinctive urges (10)
INTIMIDATE - INTIMATE (close) outside [suppressing] ID (instinctive urges).
30 Not great jockeys in shape (8)
TETRAGON - (Not great)* [jockeys].
31 Supply fashion garments after working in northern town (8-2-4)
STOCKTON-ON-TEES - STOCK (supply) TON (fashion) TEES (T-shorts; garment) [after] ON (working). Where home was for me as  a boy for several years.
34 One disdainful about people arriving at top London location (8,6)
SPEAKERS CORNER - SCORNER (one disdainful) [about] PEAKERS (people arriving at top).
35 Less than a couple, moving with current (8)
UNDERTOW - UNDER (less than) (two)* TWO (a couple) [moving] the W -> TOW. Thanks, Kevin for the correction (see comments) - an indirect anagram isn't allowed.
38 Mostly toxic substance, name for fuel (10)
ANTHRACITE - ANTHRAx (toxic substance) [mostly] CITE (name).
40 Mended coats tailor vacuously left here and there (6)
STREWN - SEWN (mended) outside [coats] TailoR [vacuously].
41 Officer no longer receiving a raise (5)
EXALT - EX (no longer) ALT (Altern; officer).
43 Pods round ship heading west (4)
OKRA - O (round letter) ARK (ship) [headed west] -> KRA.
44 Familiar with animal's home around lawn, say (8)
MATERIAL - MATE (familiar) LAIR (animal's home) [round] -> RIAL. I never knew LAWN is a material; read about it here.
45 Maybe saw manufacturer’s fixed motor with leak (9)
TOOLMAKER - [fixed] (motor leak)*.
48 Official stops work in plant (7)
TREFOIL - REF (official) inside [stops] TOIL (work). Literally 3-leaved - a plant like clover (unless you are very lucky and find one with 4 leaves).
49 Cheaply con one lady out of publicity (8)
STINGILY - STING (con) I (one) LadY without the AD [without publicity].
50 Wrong exam before lunch? (6)
AMORAL - A.M. (morning; before lunch) ORAL (exam).
53 Scrap of fruit and shell of hazelnut (5)
FIGHT - FIG (fruit)  and outside letters [shell] of HazlenuT
54 Love smooth winger's passes in game (7,3,7)
NOUGHTS AND CROSSES - NOUGHT (love) SAND (smooth) CROSSES (winger's passes).
55 Exactly how Generation Rent is obligated? (2,3,6)
TO THE LETTER - Double definition, the second a cryptic hint.
56 Prodigal son has power to stop the endless conflict (11)
SPENDTHRIFT - S (son) P (power) END (stop) THe [endless] RIFT (conflict).
1 Divine, eating the last word in jam (11)
PREDICAMENT - PREDICT (divine) outside [eating] AMEN (the last word).
2 Bird’s old beak (5)
REEVE - Double definition. As for the bird, a REEVE is a female RUFF... which I learnt only recently from a crossword.
3 Issue about dry home's rugs etc. (7)
MATTING - MAG (magazine; issue) [about] TT (teetotaller; dry) IN (home).
4 Revolutionary happening upon fine shelter (4)
NOOK - ON (happening; as in "the tea dance is happening on Wednesday") [revolutionary] -> NO; OK (fine).
5 Passing vehicle in the middle of deep trail (10)
EVANESCENT - VAN (vehicle) [in] [the middle of] dEEp SCENT (trail).
6 Official resurrected any careers (14)
UNDERSECRETARY - (resurrected any)* [careers].
7 Duke has scrap behind court building (8)
WOODSHED - D (duke) SHED (get rid of; scrap) [behind] WOO (court).
8 Girl lowers cap touching the ears? (5)
AURAL - LAURA (girl) moving the first letter to the bottom [lowers cap] -> AURAL. My elder daughter is called Laura.
9 Little people in hospital developing inoculum (9)
HOMUNCULI - H (hospital) [developing] (inoculum)*. If you didn't know... "A homunculus is a representation of a small human being. Popularized in sixteenth-century alchemy and nineteenth-century fiction, it has historically referred to the creation of a miniature, fully formed human. The concept has roots in preformationism as well as earlier folklore and alchemic traditions." ... so you do now.
10 Lots of leaves picked up in cathedral city (6)
RHEIMS - Sounds like REAMS (lots of leaves of paper) [picked up].
11 Syncopated, say, in French song in odd places (3,3,6,5)
OFF THE BEATEN TRACK - OFF THE BEAT (syncopated) EN (French for in) TRACK (song).
12 Not a single girl wearing cape still (11)
NONETHELESS - Easier to biff than to parse. It's NO (not a single), ETHEL (girl) [wearing] NESS (cape).
18 Opening in building with raised cross-piece? (4-4)
TRAP-DOOR - ROOD (cross) PART (piece) [raised] -> TRAP-DOOR.
20 Combatant one quickly smashed, admitting confusion (5,12)
LIGHT WELTERWEIGHT - LIGHTWEIGHT (one who gets drunk easily; quickly smashed) outside [admitting] WELTER (confusion).
22 Burn coal, not its top (6)
IGNITE - lIGNITE (coal) without it's first letter [without its top].
24 From capital city in France, runs away during struggle (8)
VIENNESE - rENNES (city in France) without the R [runs away] [during] VIE (struggle). I took a while to get this one.
26 Onlookers surrounding king revealing all (8)
STARKERS - STARERS (onlookers) [surrounding] K (king).
29 Believers in sect losing it, so silly! (14)
SCIENTOLOGISTS - (in sect losing it)* [so silly]. I couldn't possibly comment. Oh Heck. It looks like I had a typo here. Grr.
32 Unacceptable news about priestess without working alliance (3-5)
NON-UNION - NON-U (unacceptable) N N (news; new twice) [about] IO (priestess).
33 Female nursing pet once hurt (6)
SCATHE - SHE (Femail) outside [nursing] CAT. An archaic word, hence the "once".
34 See red drunk recover quickly (4,3,2,2)
SNAP OUT OF IT - SNAP (see red) OUT OF IT (drunk).
36 Smallest room in ruined castle tower (5,6)
WATER CLOSET - [ruined] (castle tower)*.
37 Splenetic European concocted serious complaint (10)
PESTILENCE - (Splenetic E)* (European) [concocted]. Does COVID-19 count as a pestilence?
39 Tax measure brought back, cutting a little money (9)
CHALLENGE - ELL (measure of length of cloth) [bought back] -> LLE, [cutting] CHANGE (a little money).
42 One crossing the line in interrupting Peter, say (8)
FINISHER - IN [interrupting] FISHER (Simon Peter the apostle was a fisherman)
46 A distance covered by insect is huge (7)
MAMMOTH - A MM (distance) [covered by] MOTH (insect).
47 Small men join in trip (6)
SORTIE - S (small) OR (Other Ranks; men) TIE (join).
49 Check development of attention-seeking exploit (5)
STUNT - Double definition.
51 Sage European bringing down leader (5)
RISHI - IRISH (European) moving the first letter to the last [bringing down leader] -> RISHI.
52 Bitter is an intoxicating substance (4)
ACID - Double definition. The second referring to LSD. I do dislike ACID being clued as "bitter". It means sour or sharp to me, which is not the same thing. It's not in Chambers, but it is in Collins, so I guess that's OK. As in an "acid/bitter remark" perhaps.

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