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Times 27795 - right up my street.

Oxbridge colleges, cricket, easy chemistry, pottery, herbs, and a painful blister (like the one on my heel after ill fitting golf shoes); our setter obviously has read my CV and wanted to make this easy for me. Twenty minutes or so, with nothing difficult. I spent more time trying to find a synonym listing for the definition in the last down clue, but failed. But it's close.

1 One not that famous in a painful spot (7)
BLISTER - a B LISTER would be less famous than an A LISTER celebrity.
5 No thanks for festival including loud military instruments (5)
FIFES - FIESTA (festival) loses the TA and has F for loud inserted.
9 Person seen in ambulance, just outside, gets home (5)
ABODE - BOD (person) inside A E being A(MBULANC)E just the outside.
10 Her action criminal, she’s in solitary (9)
ANCHORITE - (HER ACTION)*. An anchorite is someone who goes into solitary for religious reasons.
11 Duke holding place at Cmbridge (7)
DOWNING - D(uke) OWNING (holding). Downing College is one the larger colleges at that other University in the fens.
12 Tar: spoil ship with lack of litre? (7)
MARINER - MAR (spoil) (L)INER = ship lacking L.
13 One in field say returning with daughter — that’s like a certain daddy! (4-6)
LONG-LEGGED - As in the insect daddy-long-legs. LONG LEG (one in field, at cricket), EG (say) reversed, D for daughter.
15 Woman’s British: Rosemary? (4)
HERB - HER, B(ritish).
18 Violently destroy new instrument (4)
NUKE - N(ew) UKE(lele).
20 Items for dinner in such a university (5-5)
PLATE-GLASS - two items from the dinner table. The plate glass universities as named in the 60s, were such as York, East Anglia, Sussex, Kent; as opposed to the older red-brick ones and Oxbridge.
23 Base, your source of wealth (7)
THYMINE - THY (your) MINE (source of wealth). Thymine or 5-methyluracil is one of the four bases which make up all DNA, the others being adenine, guanine and cytosine. It was first isolated in 1893 from calves thymus glands, hence the name.
24 Bucketful of perverse fun, thus for the masochist? (7)
PAINFUL - PAIL (bucket) insert (FUN)*.
25 One very old language covers nothing by itself, in this (9)
ISOLATION - I (one) SO (very) LATIN (old language) insert O (nothing). We all know now what isolation is like.
26 Book marks, one found after prize-giver’s heading off (5)
OBELI - NOBEL who gives prizes, loses his heading N, add I for one. Obeli are those dagger shaped text marks. Singular obelus, from Greek ὀβελός meaning a sharp stick.
27 Children swallowing soft drug (5)
SPEED - SEED (children) insert P for soft as in music.
28 Son had fun with toys spread out (7)
SPLAYED - S(on) PLAYED with his toys.
1 Sickly newborn Welsh girl (7)
2 Absurd, getting no credit? Not to be stomached (8)
INEDIBLE - INCREDIBLE (absurd) loses its CR for credit.
3 In Dynasty, women’s nasal speech (5)
TWANG - W in the Tang Dynasty.
4 Lying boss almost in late (9)
RECUMBENT - RECENT (late) has UMB(O) inserted. An umbo is a boss on a shield.
5 Anger about look, being covered in powder (6)
FLOURY - LO (look) inside FURY (anger).
6 Criminal seizing top-quality pottery (7)
FAIENCE - FENCE is your criminal, insert A1 for top-quality. Faience is tin-glazed earthenware, allegedly invented in Faenza, Italy, in 1233. Seems a long time ago for such an accurate date to be quoted.
7 Small display showing promise (5)
SWEAR - S(mall) WEAR = display.
8 Degree information captivates youngster coming up, here? (8)
MAGDALEN - MA (degree) GEN (information) insert LAD reversed. College of Oxford University, pronounced 'Maudlin'. The one in the other Fenland place is spelt Magdalene and pronounced as it looks.
14 In art houses, bad reactions have gone at first right to the top (9)
GALLERIES - ALLERGIES (bad reactions) has the G moved to the top.
16 Like some rocks, since covered by the sea (8)
BASALTIC - AS (since) in the BALTIC Sea,
17 Income from farming, could one say, avoiding English perennial (8)
AGRIMONY - AGRI MONEY could be income from farming; take away the E for English to get the herb, also a homophone (could one say).
19 Very important and difficult situation in this surgery? (7)
KEYHOLE - KEY (very important) HOLE (difficult situation).
21 A northern playing area (7)
ANFIELD - A, N, FIELD; home ground of Liverpool FC.
22 Train regularly plain blue (6)
RIBALD - t R a I n = RI, train regularly; BALD = plain. At first I put in RIBAND thinking something to do with blue riband, but that didn't work with train.
23 Simultaneous arrivals come first in empty trains (5)
TWINS - WIN  inside T(rain) S.
24 Piece of glass left in compartment (5)
PANEL - A PANE of glass, L for left. I can't find panel = compartment being synonyms in Collins, Chambers, or Thesaurus, pehaps someone can explain.

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