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Times 27784 - a wordplay tour-de-force

Time taken: 9:13.  That is just a touch under my average, but this is a tricky puzzle that is right up my alley - there were a large number of answers here that I had to piece together from wordplay, and that is my favourite part of a cryptic crossword, so no problems here.  The wordplay is excellent for a lot of new words to me along with familiar words used in a different context than usual.

If you like puzzles where you need to rely on the wordplay heavily, check the Mephisto in the Sunday Times, which I have the pleasure of blogging the odd-numbered puzzles (vinyl1 has the even ones).

Away we go...

1 Crustaceans manage when facing groups of whales (8)
COPEPODS - COPE(manage) and PODS(groups of whales). Got this from wordplay.
5 Bag is a pain, being left in street (6)
SACHET - ACHE(pain) in ST(street)
8 Queen with fantastic cat, more than once her destroyer of rodents (3-7)
RAT-CATCHER - R(regina, queen), then an anagram of CAT, another anagram of CAT and HER
9 Rhapsodic form of modern music, conclusion for concert (4)
RAPT - RAP(modern "music") and the last letter of concerT
10 Decorating site for play — this tells theatre folk what to do (5,9)
11 Swimmers used to swim in West? (7)
MEDUSAE - anagram of USED in MAE West
13 In the capacity of hut that has to be knocked down (7)
QUASHED - QUA(in the capacity of), SHED(hut)
15 Quiet diocese in which set of holy books is put forward (7)
PROMOTE - P(quite) and ROME(diocese) containing OT(set of holy books)
18 Failure of young socialite star to seal deal finally (7)
DEBACLE - DEB(young socialite), and ACE(star) containing the last letter of deaL
21 Scientist builds up from this small amount — aims at miscount being corrected (6,4,4)
ATOMIC MASS UNIT - anagram of AIMS,AT,MISCOUNT (not from wordplay, that doctorate in Chemistry comes in handy occasionally)
22 One guided around shop (4)
DELI - I(one), LED(guided) all reversed
23 Unselfish group member: "Pay me later for working'' (4,6)
24 A left-winger kept outside party much admired (6)
ADORED - A, RED(left-winger) outside DO(party)
25 Home with jazzy style given huge architectural feature (8)
INTRADOS - IN(home), TRAD(style of jazz), OS(huge). Got this from wordplay
1 Church has second gentleman turning up for baptismal robe (7)
CHRISOM - CH(church), and then MO(second), SIR(gentleman) all reversed. Another from wordplay.
2 Get rid of cherubic child without father and identity (3,4,2)
PUT PAID TO - the cherubic child is a PUTTO, insert PA(father) and ID(identity)
3 Those putting coats on horses (7)
PLATERS - double definition, though I only knew the first one.  The second is a horse entered into a race.
4 Product on sale just before Christmas maybe to become less successful? (7)
DECLINE - just before Christmas you might put out the DECember LINE
5 Building given criticism — one university must replace (9)
STRUCTURE - STRICTURE(criticism) with I(one) replaced by U(university)
6 Rushes to offer cold rather than hot dishes (7)
CURRIES - HURRIES(rushes) with C(cold) instead of H(hot)
7 Width of river accommodating vessels (7)
EXPANSE - the river EXE containing PANS(vessels)
12 Get to meeting with old rocker disgraced at one time (9)
ATTAINTED - ATTAIN(get to), and TED(old rocker) - got this from wordplay
14 Unoriginal journo with requirement to be heard (9)
HACKNEYED - HACK(journo) and what sounds like NEED(requirement)
16 Wrench restricting one part of body or another (4-3)
REAR-END - REND(wrench) containing EAR(one part of the body) leading to another part of the body
17 Audible sound of farmyard animal close by makes one more dreamy (7)
MOONIER - sounds like MOO NEAR(close by)
18 Driver of cart taking a road north — new girl going that way (7)
DRAYMAN - A, RD(road) all reversed, then N, AMY(girl) all reversed
19 Guy in America, about 50, one rushing around (7)
BUSTLER - BUSTER(Guy in the USA) surrounding L(50)
20 Forces out former leftists after revolution (7)
EXTORTS - EX(former), then TROTS(lefists) reversed, cycled, um what is going on with TROTS? Is the revolution in the middle three letters?
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