Jeremy (plusjeremy) wrote in times_xwd_times,

Times Quick Cryptic No 1702 by Tracy


22:09. Took longer than many 15x15 puzzles take me. I was mainly done in by the long anagrams. Not being British, I had to take bits and pieces of names of UK locales and try to piece them together to make 15-letter town names.

A bit grueling for the likes of me, but a juicy puzzle that I hope the more knowledgeable of us enjoyed.

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I found this pretty straightforward and 21 minutes (with no help!) is very good for me!
6 mins, no hold ups except LOI mean.
COD Red card.
Came to this late so fortunately it didn't put up too much of a fight. My biggest issue was a lazily biffed CATCH at 18d which made LOI VIOLIN tricky. It didn't hold me up for too long and I finished in 7.47.
Thanks to Jeremy


September 16 2020, 17:26:31 UTC 1 week ago

Bit of a card might come from joker in the oack
Lots of great clues and, like other, we imagined that non-Brits might struggle a bit with the long town names which we had no bother with. Thanks to Tracy for a fun puzzle which took us 13 minutes to solve.

FOI: have
LOI: site
COD: pie chart (Steed loved the Dandy when he was a boy - he’s a big fan of Dudley D Watkins)

Thanks to Jeremy for the blog - especially for explaining 16D
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