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Times Quick Cryptic No 1702 by Tracy


22:09. Took longer than many 15x15 puzzles take me. I was mainly done in by the long anagrams. Not being British, I had to take bits and pieces of names of UK locales and try to piece them together to make 15-letter town names.

A bit grueling for the likes of me, but a juicy puzzle that I hope the more knowledgeable of us enjoyed.

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That was me 6/7 mins .....Not sure why I was signed out
This seemed a bit harsh on non-UK solvers with the two towns being anagrams and hence with no wordplay to help, but thankfully this doesn't include me. My brother-in-law used to live in Kidderminster, so that one came to mind easily, but Melton Mowbray took a while even though I drove through Leicestershire recently and did see it signposted. Anyway, no bad hold ups, though I was stuck for a while on 16d before I managed to remember the aforementioned pork pie place. I knew there was a Red Sea resort famous for swimming and diving etc that I couldn't quite remember the name of, but I thought it might be something like Eidi'ie so I thought we were heading for that. Then, when I got the W, I realised the answer was WADE IN and the port was Aden. After coming on here I remembered the place I'd been thinking of was Eilat at the southern tip of Israel, so that didn't even nearly fit. Last three in were HORN RIMS (I'll probably be needing them soon if I follow the pattern set by my elder siblings whose eyesight seems to go in their mid-forties), TATTOO and RED CARD, which I really should have seen sooner. That was at 27:22 so not too bad for me but I probably should have done better. Thanks Jeremy and Tracy.
HAVE and HORNRIMS were my first 2 in, so MELTON MOWBRAY was a write in. I just needed the K from SKITTLES to biff KIDDERMINSTER from a brief glance at the anagrist. VIOLIN was my LOI. 759. Thanks Tracy and Jeremy.
but defeated by Violin. Should have pondered longer.
Aden seems to appear regularly so remembered that one. Liked Eyeliner and Pie Chart, but have not seen D Dan recently!
Yes, eccentric/card only used in crosswords.
Thanks to all.
FOI Have. LOI Horn rims
I always like the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, by the way.
Rapid fire today but even a rare foray into the 5 minute zone still left me in K+ country; it makes you realise just how very fast the best solvers are. Hats off to them.

It's all been said above, really. Only WADE IN made me pause over the parsing, plus I nearly biffed "odd ball" at 9ac (but didn't).

FOI HAVE, LOI PIE CHART, COD RED CARD, time 1.25K for an excellent Day.

Thanks Tracy and Jeremy.

Scorchio 😃


1 week ago


1 week ago

I am not the greatest crossword solver in the world, but I do like the Concise ... but not yesterday’s!
The clue, ‘Sub-atomic particles’ would never be my forte. One clue I’d happily accept, two I’d pull a spur face - but a fistful of them meant I gave up. I’m not a physicist so had no idea and this clue x six (I realise this is probably an exaggeration but I had lost the will to live) was way too many,

I also think it was lazy and thoughtless on the part of the person setting it.

If it had been the same with, say a historical subject such as a clue ‘wife of Henry Vlll’ repeated 6 times I would happily work on the answers, but but would still have thought it unfair for someone who has little knowledge of my favourite subject.

Just sayin!

The thing with the concise is that there is a theme or nina everyday, so yesterday's was obviously sub-atomic particles! But I couldn't agree more - it was too hard even if you've got reasonable GK. I'd heard of hadrons (obvs) but I couldn't have worked out the rest in a month of Sundays. No doubt all the physicists will have loved it 😉

Re: Concise crossword 15.07.20


1 week ago


September 16 2020, 10:56:09 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 11:04:23 UTC

I loved this one, and halved yesterday's time, thank goodness, so A Good Day today! tbh I thought the long anagrams were pretty easy but what great surfaces. MM in particular didn't cause any problems to this Leicestershire resident *, although (sacrilege) I prefer Red Leicester to Stilton. SKITTLES used to be a very popular pub game, complete with Leicestershire supper, in these parts, but sadly many of the old pubs' skittle alleys have been closed down or turned into function rooms. I've just remembered that the hefty lumps of wood you lobbed at the skittles are called cheeses!

Even though we've seen this wordplay a few times recently, I still took a while to see what was going on at 12a! Great clue though - I also really liked PIE CHART.

Did anyone else notice that the unches in column 8 spell IN OUT?

FOI Have
LOI Ending
COD Melton Mowbray
Time 10 minutes

Thank you Tracy for the fun, and Jeremy for the blog

* There seem to be a few of us here today - oldblighter, gcook52 and me for starters!
All was going well, very well in fact, and I was on for 5 minutes or so when I ran into 1D. Banged my head against it for another 4 or 5 minutes :( Like some others I was fixating on harp because, well, it's an instrument that you blow isn't it, er, er ...

One day!

Coasting along to a comfortable sub-20, I just had my last two to sort out: 16d and 9ac. I struggled a bit with Wade In, until I remembered Aden, and that left me needing to get 9ac quickly... I thought Red Hand was pushing it a bit for 'eccentric person', as I'm sure Ulster has no more than its fair share, but Red Maid definitely didn't work. Only then did I consider the other end of the clue and Red Card was then so obvious it jumped out. Wrong side of 20mins for what seemed a very gentle puzzle from Tracy for UK solvers. Invariant
I look as if it could have been me these days, but never having visited MELTON MOWBRAY, the pie whose praises I sing is the fabulous home made cottage pie at KIDDERMINSTER Harriers. I did have two of them one season, which singles me out as a glutton - they're a meal in their own right !

TIME 3:54
9.30 hereabouts for a very Anglo-centric puzzle. Nice one Tracy.

FOI 3ac SKITTLES SOI KIDDERMINSTER home town to Sir Rowland Hill and the 'Ingrain' carpet.

LOI 8ac RED CARD - 'a bit of a card' is rather Wodehousian 'don't y'know!' 'A cad and a bounder!'

COD 24ac PIE CHART 'cow pies' with the horns sticking out!

WOD 14ac MELTON MOWBRAY home to 'Golden Boot' Jamie Vardy
and many 'Foxes' fans.

I thought this was a really lovely puzzle and finished just within my target of 15 minutes so thanks, Tracy.
The only one I couldn't parse was WADE IN but all the others seemed to flow relatively smoothly.
I particularly enjoyed the two town anagrams plus TRUST, TIMID and my LOI VIOLIN. COD goes to EYELINER for its humour.
Thanks to Chris for the enjoyable blog.
Joe Bloggs was Jezza and not Chris!

Re: Great fun


1 week ago

I was born in Bromsgrove General Hospital, and spent the first 18 months of my life in Kidderminster. I remember nothing of it, and have never been back. Being a pork pie fan helped with the other small Midlands town!

Aside than that, I'm sure I used to struggle with Tracy, but not at the moment. If I hadn't been held up trying to put HARP into what turned out to be HORN RIMS, this would have been a PB. As it was, I had to "settle" for 3:46.
Too much British GK for me. The rest came quickly, but the long ones not so much. At least I know Desperate Dan from my youth.

Fine and dandy


September 16 2020, 15:31:11 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 16 2020, 15:32:00 UTC

I really enjoyed this and came in around 23 mins. Obviously it may have been harder for those outside the UK, although for what it’s worth I had to think twice whether 14ac was Melton Mowbray or Melton Mowbary. Luckily 6dn confirmed my initial thought.

Other enjoyable answers included 9ac “Red Card”, 12ac “Ending” (which was fairly similar to a clue a few weeks back), 15dn “Leisure” and 24ac “Pie Chart”. There is an establishment I visit whose bathroom has a copy of The Dandy on the wall, and it never fails to make me chuckle when I see Desperate Dan tucking into one of his cow pies.

FOI 1ac - “Have”
LOI 8dn - “Tattoo”
COD 13dn - “Eyeliner” - simple but still funny.

Thanks as usual.
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