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Times Quick Cryptic 1700 by Hurley

Solving time: 10 minutes. Mostly straightforward although I was missing the GK required for arriving at 16ac other than via wordplay. 18dn is probably unknown to some, but I had met it in a previous puzzle.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

1 Female cut turkey (4)
FLOP : F (female), LOP (cut). An unsuccessful film or stage show, for example.
7 Getting Old Boy practice after resistance dropped (9)
OBTAINING : OB (old boy - usually of a school), T{r}RAINING (practice) [after resistance dropped]
9 In favour of quiet support (4)
PROP : PRO (in favour of), P (quiet)
10 Guarantee less than accurate reportedly (10)
UNDERWRITE : UNDER (less than), WRITE sounds like [reportedly] "right" (accurate)
11 Friend hiding European ring (4)
PEAL : PAL (friend) containing [hiding] E (European). Ring them bells!
12 Opening remark in ship on Arctic? (3-7)
ICE-BREAKER : Two meanings
16 Education expert, most senior, flexible (10)
MONTESSORI : Anagram [flexible] of MOST SENIOR. Maria Montessori 1870–1952, Italian educational reformer, who evolved the Montessori method of teaching children. Never 'eard of 'er... nor it.
19 Ambush hazard of course (4)
TRAP : Two meanings, the second an Americanism with reference to golf; we call it a bunker.
21 Rearrange a space as in inland lake (7,3)
CASPIAN SEA : Anagram [rearrange] of A SPACE AS IN
23 Feature of car used in hasty retreat (4)
TYRE : Hidden [used] in {has}TY RE{treat}
24 Fancy horse, Peru, one to bet on in crisis? (9)
SUPERHERO : Anagram [fancy] of HORSE PERU. Rather a loose definition, I think.
25 At first really envious, eying fine part of sail (4)
REEF : R{eally}, E{nvious}, E{ying}, F{ine} [at first]. Defined as 'each of the horizontal portions of a sail which may be successively rolled or folded up in order to reduce the area of canvas exposed to the wind'. I only knew of it as a sailor's knot.
2 Big canal boat bachelor put aside for learner (5)
LARGE : {b}ARGE (canal boat) becomes LARGE when b (bachelor) is substituted [put aside] by L (learner)
3 Politician's Dad you heard on series of items (8)
POPULIST : POP (dad), U (you, heard), LIST (series of items). A DBE perhaps?
4 Unexciting food, for example, Dorothy's briefly brought up (6)
STODGE : EG (for example) + DOT'S (Dorothy's) [briefly] all reversed [brought up]. I'm rather fond of it myself!
5 Truly reflect Michigan trio of Republicans holding office at outset (6)
MIRROR : MI (Michigan), then RRR (trio of Republicans) containing [holding] O{ffice} [at outset]
6 Method of travel on rise? Don't believe him! (4)
LIAR : RAIL (method of travel) reversed [on rise]
8 Some yoga the recruits assemble (6)
GATHER : Hidden in [some] {yo}GA THE R{ecruits}
13 Vehicle characterized by activity, last to go (3)
BUS : BUS{y} (characterized by activity) [last to go]
14 Troublemaker's air got at cast (8)
AGITATOR : Anagram [cast] of AIR GOT AT
15 Big number, including other ranks, in swampy area (6)
MORASS : MASS (big number) containing [including] OR (other ranks)
17 Bright in South linger on (6)
STARRY : S (south), TARRY (linger on)
18 Taciturn guy's unexpected story about East (6)
OYSTER : Anagram [unexpected] of STORY containing [about] E (East). Someone who's reserved and uncommunicative.
20 Concur a craving must be curtailed (5)
AGREE : A, GREE{d} (craving) [curtailed]
22 Paid poet on regular basis for musical instrument (4)
PIPEP{a}I{d} P{o}E{t} [on regular basis]
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