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Times Cryptic 27740

I had problems with this one and needed to set it aside for a short time before returning to it with renewed energy. In the end I got through it without resorting to aids, but I came pretty close to giving in at one stage.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

1 Expert composer making records (8)
ARCHIVES : ARCH (expert), IVES (composer - Charles, 1874-1954)
6 Defeated, have to amputate (3,3)
SAW OFF : Two meanings
9 Finally fed such a man here? (6)
DINNER :  {fe}D [finally], INNER (such a man). Collins has 'inner man' as 1. a person's mind, soul, or nature, and 2.  humorous
the stomach or appetite. This was one that delayed me until all checkers were in place, and one of them (the R) was a very late arrival. I don't quite see it, but I get the gist.
10 Doctor frees police up (8)
MOUNTIES : MO (doctor), UNTIES (frees).  'Up' as 'on a horse'.
11 A mythical giant with eyes on stalks (4)
AGOG : A, GOG (mythical giant). I remembered Gog and Magog from somewhere.
12 First law by Confucius, say: show maturity (3,4,3)
ACT ONES AGE : ACT ONE (first law), SAGE (Confucius, say)
14 One in bed appeared to have a bad back (8)
CAMELLIA : CAME (appeared) the A + ILL (bad) reversed [back]. I always want to spell this with one L for some reason.
16 One from dairy chain picked up (4)
FETA : Sounds like [picked up] "fetter" (chain). This may take the prize for one of the vaguest definitions ever. It could just as easily have clued a Jersey cow!
18 Getting back, have left bed for cat (4)
PUMA : AM UP (have left bed) reversed [getting back]
19 Without French priest, one's paid for nothing (8)
SINECURE : SINE (without - yer actual Latin), CURÉ (French priest - yer actual French)
21 Two kids: pa and I grip one roughly (6,4)
PIGEON PAIR : Anagram [roughly] of PA I GRIP ONE. I never heard of this and it took me ages to unravel the anagrist.
22 Head in various directions (4)
NESS : N E S S (various directions). It's a headland.
24 Give most important backing in a live case (8)
ABLATIVE : A, then VITAL (most important) reversed [backing] contained by [in] BE (live). Not the most common of cases but fortunately I remembered it from early Latin studies which also helped me with SINE, as above.
26 Fetch   strong drink (6)
DOUBLE : Two meanings. I've never heard of the first one, but SOED has 'fetch' as: the apparition or double of a (usu. living) person.
27 Like a ski-run? Work in transport in winter (6)
SLOPED : OP (work) contained  by [in] SLED (transport in winter)
28 Go back and prepare to run (4,4)
TURN TAIL : TURN (go), TAIL (back)
2 One breaking step showing remorse (5)
RUING : I (one) contained by [breaking] RUNG (step)
3 Pineapple and some bananas eaten (not "ate") in class (4,7)
HAND GRENADE : HAND (some bananas), then E{ate}N [not "ate"] contained by [in] GRADE (class). We've had this definition many a time so it didn't catch me out today.
4 Corruptly closing river in the season (8)
VERNALLY : VENALLY (corruptly) containing [closing] R (river). Another long delay over this one.
5 Not quite clear paper's to turn up, organised extra books (4-11)
SEMI-TRANSPARENT : TIMES (paper) reversed [turn up], RAN (organised), SPARE (extra) NT (books)
6 Way to include member of large family in cast (6)
SQUINT : ST (way) contains [to include] QUIN (member of large family)
7 Wilde for one with a certain appeal (3)
WIT : W (with), IT (a certain appeal). And now we're in QC territory.
8 Soldiers in fracas on royal ship (9)
FREIGHTER : RE (soldiers) contained by [in] FIGHT (fracas), ER (royal)
13 Act confused, failing pass (4-7)
SAFE-CONDUCT : Anagram [failing] of ACT CONFUSED
15 Beauty's first seen in a sublime ruined temple site (3,6)
ABU SIMBEL : B{eauty's} [first] contained by [seen in] anagram [ruined} of A SUBLIME. Another unknown to me,  I said in the intro I didn't resort to aids, but actually having worked out the likely answer here I checked it before moving on.
17 Perhaps one burgling home more loyal daughter interrupts (8)
INTRUDER : IN (home), then D (daughter) is contained by [interrupts] TRUER (more loyal)
20 On diary confirm date, at first not offering money (2,4)
IN KIND : INK IN (confirm), D{ate} [at first]. If 'on diary' is of particular relevance here I can't see what it is.
23 Hot dish eaten by psalmist (5)
SALMI : Contained in [eaten by] {p}SALMI{st}. It's a casserole or ragout of sorts. I think it came up very recently.
25 Answer very quietly; one may be on the phone (3)
APP : A (answer), PP (very quietly)
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