jackkt (jackkt) wrote in times_xwd_times,

Times Cryptic 27704

Solving time: 36 minutes. This is my 450th blog of 15x15 puzzles - the first having been posted on 23rd November 2007. I remember sweating blood over the early ones but the process became much easier over time as I got used to what I was trying to do and difficulties with presentation and formating were resolved by the introduction of the template script. I'm not sure my solving times have improved a lot since those days but  I don't concern myself too much about that, quoting them mainly for the encouragment of slower solvers who might otherwise feel over-awed when seeing the times posted by our speed merchants. I found today's puzzle quite gentle.

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Struggled through this one over all but 24 minutes, with the parsing resisting powerfully. Made much harder by an inability to spell. I tried TROUP for company at 11, forgot the malignant dwarf was German and tried RUMPLE... and of course had E for I in DTs which I failed to correct. It looks perfectly OK until it turns pink. I'll try not pronouncing it deLEERium in future.

I lost time in TRICOLOUR because I was blind to the R of right and didn't see where it came from, and am still amazed that it's not spelled TRICOLEUR, apparently ever.

So not a happy experience today - not the setter's fault at all.

I've long lost count of how many of these things I've blogged, but 450 looks an awful (wonderful) lot.
I really enjoyed this puzzle. Some excellent clues here. Particularly liked construction of SAUCEBOAT

Well done Jack. I recall we started at the same time. Keep up the good work, sir!
Well done, Jack! Getting on for Brian Lara's record.
Thanks for the explanation of ELITISM, LATERAL and TRICOLOUR.
CORGI was good but my COD to HAIRPIECE.
Thanks jackkt for sterling work.
Congratulations jack!

More congratulations. I'm 7 years behind you, and unlikely to catch up.
Enjoyed this, polished off in 15 minutes except for 12a where I was stumped, having it beginning with L because I'd spelt 4d RUMPLE... eventually checked how to spell said sad chap and all was well. Also had TRICOLEUR as the correct spelling at first, until the lady NIOBE showed up; remembered her from the Periodic Table group with the Niobium and Tantalum story.
FOI 1a then 5d, LOI 12a. CoD 10a.
For quite a few minutes I had the wrong headpiece on. Which meant I couldn’t progress - due to Elitism. After administering the right syrup I finally got there.


Congrats Jack!

As a relative newcomer, I extend thanks to jackkt and all the bloggers, without whom this would not be the fun place that it is. Best and worst are an interesting pair of apparent opposites that can mean the same. A single word that can mean the same and its opposite (nearly) is sanction.
and "Cleave"
We salute your indefatigability, jack! Meanwhile, my clumsy two-finger typing resulted in RUMPELSTITLSKIN crossing with NEWCASLLE; I console myself by thinking it is the sort of error unlikely to be reproduced if solving with pen and paper. Anyway, clumsiness at the keyboard apart, this was an enjoyable tussle.
Congratulations on the landmark!

Just over 12 minutes today, slowed by falling for every red herring going (and some of my own creation). For a while I had SETTLING for 12a, somehow not even noticing that it didn't fit, and then spelled RUMPLESTILTSKIN [sic] incorrectly for a long time, having biffed it. For 5d I can never quite remember the spelling or pronunciation, so I had to trust to the anagram to find something that sounds a bit like DELUSION TREMORS and is plausible.

COD to 13d, a neat bit of work.
31 min. after unaccountably failing to see 'abate' at the end for a few of them. Back to something with the flavour of a crossword after yesterday's uncompelling offering. Liked the sauceboat, a severe ER at rough for rumple, a slight shock at the brutal framing of a beautiful name...life's hard on the grid. Failed to spot the 'run in' parsing; even that I count a slight victory by the setter.
LHS much harder than RHS, which I completed very quickly. Several biffs I had to come here for ( thanks Jack for all your hard work) including ELITISM and RUMPELSTILTSKIN, where I was too fixated on the usual poles. LOI ABATE where an alphabet trawl was called for.
Trollope has one of his characters call the DTs "delicious beam-ends". Nice puzzle but I agree with others that rough=rumple was a bit of a stretch. 18.16

And many more to you Jack - that's an impressive achievement. Also thank you for all your help to novice/part-time bloggers and for generally minding the store.
When BUTCHERED, BREST and DELIRIUM TREMENS went straight in, I thought I was on a roll, but I soon ran out of steam and moved my attentions to the NE where there were richer pickings. RUMPELSTILTSKIN held me up amost until the end, but put my biffed ELITIST right. ILIAD, SAUCEBOAT and ORIENTING were last to fall. Never did parse TRICOLOUR, just biffed it from checkers and definition. Congratulations on your milestone, Jack. Keep up the good work! 29:51. Thanks setter and Jack.
....the BREST of times, it was the WORSE of times. It wasn't my best time, but I'm always delighted to finish quicker than Verlaine.

I biffed TRICOLOUR, CAREERIST, and ELITISM (I find "reversal" clues tricky - my brain isn't wired to readily deal with them).

TIME 8:30
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