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Times Quick Cryptic 1646 by Orpheus

Add a few names, a fair few abbreviations and the odd composer then mix cleverly.

9 minutes for this enjoyable QC with a mind-blank on the two longer downs - 6 and 9.

All questions welcomed.

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Had all bar 9d after 10:33, then managed to sumbit at 15:03, just before I was minded to use aids. Not sure if I've heard of Stainer or not. Thanks Orpheus and Chris.


June 30 2020, 10:26:37 UTC 6 months ago

Thwarted by OUTGENERAL, which I didn't know of as a word and which still looks unreal, where the out part was obvious but didn't get common > general. One for the notebook. Had BITTER instead of BITING for too long so ABSTAINER wouldn't fit although it seemed obvious, albeit never heard of Stainer. Should have been able to biff RUSTICATE but brain was giving up by then.


June 30 2020, 10:35:04 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  June 30 2020, 10:36:27 UTC

I thought I might well be on for a pb today as I motored through most of this in about 13 minutes (I went through most of the across clues in 3 minutes something and glimpsed what life must be like for the sub-10 minuters amongst you) and then I ground to a halt with 17a, 9d and 19d to go. I also wasn't sure about my answer for 8a as I thought "beyond" might mean either 'post' or 'past' and both made a reasonable-sounding word that I'd never heard of. Anyway, I managed to work out RUSTICATE which I felt was a bit obscure but I have vaguely heard of. That gave me ALIEN which I probably should have thought of earlier, but OUTGENERAL took me another 20 minutes at least to take me to nearly an hour. I thought of OUTREFERAL on the way (re = on and feral = common maybe) but decided that was unlikely (and referral has two Rs). OUTGENERAL seemed almost as unlikely to be honest, but seemed to fit the wordplay better so I went with it. It's always nice to learn new words, but I feel if you're going to put something obscure in a QC, the wordplay or checkers should make it more gettable. Private Eye's setter might have clued SAND MARTIN.

I was quick this morning, but that wasn't because it was particularly easy. A really nice puzzle in my opinion, so thank you Orpheus.

TIME 0.54K
I like your clue for sand martin.
A good start, with 1ac Glaswegian and its offspring going in quickly, though I needed 7ac Press to confirm I had the right Great. After that it became a slow but steady solve. DNK Stainer as the composer, and agonised over the songbird at 23ac until I saw Martin. That just left 9d and several minutes worth of alphabet trawls to produce the unknown Outgeneral, but with a, by then, slightly disappointing 28mins on the clock. Quite tricky in places, with my CoD to 11d Continent for the smooth surface. Invariant
A nice puzzle today which didn't provide any undue difficulty I thought. NHO impasto, so googled it post solve, but it was fairly clear from the clueing. Didn't really like outgeneral as a word and common doesn't seem particularly good as a synonym for general.

FOI - 10ac lethargic
LOI - 8 ac impasto
COD - 17ac rusticate - lovely clue and raised a chuckle.
... with generous cluing to help where I didn't know the words or the GK. Such as 2D Abstainer, where the composer Stainer is not someone I'm familiar with, or 8A Impasto, another DNK, or 9D Outgeneral, a word which while perfectly obvious what it means nevertheless is not one I've met.

So, I followed the clue constructions trustingly and Orpheus helped me home in 11 minutes.

COD 17A Rusticate - my daughter is Kate and this made me smile.

Many thanks to Orpheus for a pleasant puzzle and Chris for the blog

I enjoyed solving this one and learned a couple of words along the way. I thought that RUSTICATE only referred to living in the country and I'd never heard of OUTGENERAL.
A better time than of late too - at just over 14 minutes.
My COD goes to ALIEN for its simplicity.
Thanks to Orpheus and Chris - also to Jackkt for his interesting league table.
Otherwise finished in my own slow way.
Not familiar with Stainer but guessed. Pleased to get RUSTICATED.
Liked Spellbound.

Thanks to all.

all sorts of rubbish like CONTENTED and OUTPERFORM, which all had to be unpicked, and led to a time of 11:27. Well done setter, slap on the wrist for me.
Fortunately the unknowns were kindly clued at 2d and 8a or this would have been a much slower solve. Like others OUTGENERAL was my LOI and required an alphabet trawl and my other hold up was whether the unlikely sounding BALD MARTIN existed. Fortunatley common sense prevailed. Finished in 9.41 with my favourite being RUSTICATE.
Thanks to chris
DNF because I CBA to do a trawl for OUTGENERAL. 9 mins for the reset, same surprise as others that the dictionary justifies calling GYP "severe".

Brilliant table from Jack!

Thanks Chris and Orpheus

No time. Had to look up synonyms to get OUTGENERAL after 15+ minutes of working on that clue alone.
Following on from some comments yesterday, not only is my warp drive not aligned but impulse engines are down and I seem to be running on auxiliaries.

I really struggled on this and for the first 5 minutes had absolutely nothing filled in, resulting in me having to stop and come back later. In the end I completed just about everything in about 35 mins, but 9dn "Outgeneral" just stumped me so another DNF.

Some good clues though including 6dn "Spellbound", 8ac "Impasto" and 17ac "Rusticate", although I didn't recognise "atria"= courts and didn't think "gyp" was severe pain.

Also - not happy with general names in answers, even when they are fairly obvious.

FOI - 16ac "Urn"
COD - 17ac "Rusticate"

Thanks as usual.
....we wasted time by putting the almost right answer in and then having to go back and correct it. Plus we can across a couple of things we didn’t know e.g. outgeneral and Stainer. However, it was a good puzzle and we enjoyed the challenge - thanks Orpheus.

FOI: Glaswegian
LOI: sand martin
COD: rusticate

Thanks to Chris for the blog
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