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Times Quick Cryptic 1646 by Orpheus

Add a few names, a fair few abbreviations and the odd composer then mix cleverly.

9 minutes for this enjoyable QC with a mind-blank on the two longer downs - 6 and 9.

All questions welcomed.


1. Scottish citizen's misguided gag in Wales (10)
GLASWEGIAN - anagram (misguided) of GAG IN WALES.
7. Make insistent demands on section of media (5)
PRESS - double definition.
8. Your compiler's beyond taking on old painting technique (7)
IMPASTO - Orpheus was a musician poet and prophet but not a painter, it seems. Your compiler's (IM), beyond (PAST), old (O). Impasto comes up pretty often - a technique of painting thickly so the brush/palette knife leaves a mark.
10. Teach girl badly, being exceptionally drowsy (9)
LETHARGIC - anagram (badly) of TEACH GIRL.
12. Tedious routine involving stags in autumn? (3)
RUT - double definition.
13. Very cold, as a vicious dog might be! (6)
BITING - double definition.
15. Popular ship's officer, one serving time, perhaps (6)
INMATE - popular (IN), ship's officer (MATE).
16. Teashop vessel used in our neighbourhood (3)
URN - in o(UR N)eighbourhood. Perhaps the 'teashop' is a little generous but this is a QC.
17. Send down girl who's out of practice in speaking? (9)
RUSTICATE - homophone (in speaking) of girl (KATE) and out of practice (RUSTY) giving us RUSTY KATE - COD for this smile.
20. Contempt shown by inspector, attorney caught in wrongdoing (7)
DISDAIN - inspector (DI - Detective Inspector), attorney (DA - District Attorney) caught inside wrongdoing (SIN).
22. Anger about chartered accountant's girl (5)
ERICA - anger (IRE - about - backwards), chartered accountant (CA).
23. Smooth chap identifying a European songbird? (4,6)
SAND MARTIN - smooth (SAND), chap (MARTIN).


1. Large recess in fireplace place, so to speak (5)
GREAT - homophone (so to speak) of GRATE.
2. A British composer, one who's on the wagon (9)
ABSTAINER - a (A), British (B), composer (STAINER - Sir John 1849-1901).
3. Twist organ a bird uses to fly across river (5)
WRING - organ a bird uses to fly (WING  - an organ is any part of the body that has a particular function) across river (R).
4. Doctor getting to grips with youth leader's severe pain (3)
GYP - doctor (GP) gripping (Y)outh. I'm familiar with gyp - a term used by a friend of mine.
5. American visiting courts in EU country (7)
AUSTRIA - American (US) visiting (inside) courts (ATRIA).
6. Period certain to get us enthralled (10)
SPELLBOUND - period (SPELL) certain (BOUND). I think the 'us' casued me delay here as I couldn't see how to fit it in. Necessary filler for the surface, I think.
9. Excel as strategist away on common (10)
OUTGENERAL - away (OUT), common (GENERAL). My blank moment came about by not seeing all the first three words as the definition.
11. Happy to shelter in Europe, perhaps (9)
CONTINENT - happy (CONTENT) to shelter in (IN).
14. Sporting a suit in African republic (7)
TUNISIA - anagram (sporting) of A SUIT IN.
18. Woman in Iowa supporting male offspring (5)
SONIA - Iowa (IO) supporting male offspring (SON).
19. Stranger taking a rest at end of garden (5)
ALIEN - a (A), rest (LIE), garde(N).
21. Help finish off Italian opera (3)
AID - take the finishing letter off Italian opera (AID)a.


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