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Times Cryptic Jumbo 1445 - 13th June. Come hell or high water

Hello and happy Caturday.  Sorry this blog is a little later in the day than usual.  I always have good intentions to do things IN TIME, but invariably end up where such intentions lead …

Anyway, what felt to me like a fairly typical Jumbo solve slowed down somewhat at the end, culminating in the need for a wildcard search to find 15a.  All good fun, thank you setter.

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, explicit [deletions] are in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.

1 Proud feature in paper, that indicates maximum coverage (4-5,4)
HIGH-WATER MARK HIGH (proud) + WATERMARK (feature in paper)
8 Paint a sickener for animal (9)
DISTEMPER — Two definitions
13 Part of church left sort of orange (5)
NAVEL NAVE (part of church) + L (left)
14 Waves that are called grey (5,6)
WHITE HORSES — For some reason WHITE HORSES – horses that are white – are called greys
15 Powerless to block basin (5)
STOUP — Without P (powerless), STO[p] UP (to block)
16 One soldier, carried round on the back of a native (9)
ABORIGINE — The combination of I (one) and GI (soldier) has BORNE (carried) round it.  This is all appended to (on the back of) A (from the clue)
17 Down-and-out perhaps protected by Valkyries (4)
ALKY — The answer is contained in (protected by) vALKYries
18 Be told about saw cutting out a hat (8)
HEADGEAR HEAR (be told) around (about) AD[a]GE (saw) without (cutting out) A
20 Before too late, hint at leaving (2,4)
IN TIME INTIM[at]E (hint) with AT removed (leaving)
21 Young party disturbs spider by accident (5,5,6)
TEDDY BEARS PICNIC — The answer provides an anagram of (disturbs) SPIDER BY ACCIDENT
24 One conveying an impulse from steel dungeon (5,4)
NERVE CELL NERVE (steel) + CELL (dungeon)
26 One note penned by emperor not yet delivered (2,5)
IN UTERO I (one), then UT (note) inside (penned by) NERO (emperor)
27 Almost make blood donation -- slow progress (5)
AMBLE — All but the last letter of (almost) AM BLEd (make blood donation)
29 Bus turned sharply beside flowing creek (6-6)
DOUBLE-DECKER DOUBLED (turned sharply) beside an anagram of (flowing) CREEK
31 Lear's folk giving away one beer for fund-raiser (6,4)
JUMBLE SALE JUMBL[i]ES (Lear’s folk) removing (giving away) I (one) + ALE (beer)
33 Active, for one, to make hard copy of recorded speech (10)
VOICEPRINT VOICE (active, for one) + PRINT (to make hard copy of)
35 Trails ticked off by walker here? (4,8)
38 Figure having third name for film is silly (5)
NINNY NIN[et]Y (figure), having a third N (name) in place of (for) ET (film)
39 Creeper it was tempting to have in the garden (7)
SERPENT — A cryptic definition
40 This glow hard to disperse in laser display (5,4)
LIGHT SHOW THIS GLOW + H (hard), anagrammed (to disperse)
42 Luxurious prison transport? (7,9)
STRETCH LIMOUSINE — A whimsical definition giving a possible interpretation of the answer which plays on two meanings of “stretch”
44 Cut open, took a quick look: not good (6)
LANCED — [g]LANCED (took a quick look) without (not) G (good)
47 Minister has to tear round at any time (8)
REVEREND REND (to tear) goes round EVER (at any time)
49 Man a bit short for Heather? (4)
ERIC — The answer is not quite long enough to give (a bit short for) ERICa (heather)
50 Mixed drink and snack, first getting wind (9)
SNAKEBITE BITE (snack), having SNAKE (wind) first
52 Right to leave mildly humorous order (5)
IONIC — R (right) removed from (to leave) I[r]ONIC (mildly humorous)
53 Like grand old man in goal, stand prepared (11)
GLADSTONIAN IN GOAL STAND anagrammed (prepared)
54 Not initially unresponsive, but stiff (5)
RIGID — Without the first letter (not initially), [f]RIGID (unresponsive)
55 Basic way to describe aluminium? (9)
ELEMENTAL — A way to describe aluminium, a chemical element with the symbol Al, could be ELEMENT AL
56 Sends the pasty to cook: it won't arrive until after Christmas (2,8,3)

1 Foreigner depended on contribution to Opera North (9)
HUNGARIAN HUNG (depended) by (on) ARIA (contribution to opera) + N (north)
2 Announce painful condition I have contracted internally (4,3)
GIVE OUT GOUT (painful condition), with IVE (I have, contracted) inside (internally)
3 Intention late at night to instruct freedom fighter (7,4)
WILLIAM TELL WILL (intention) + IAM (1AM, late at night) + TELL (to instruct)
4 Have to break link -- one's not in the country (6)
TOWNIE OWN (have) inserted into (to break) TIE (link)
5 Start to discuss great suffering and complain furiously (5,4)
RAISE HELL RAISE (start to discuss) + HELL (great suffering)
6 Digital assistant at first nearly forgets what to say -- fed with new lines (12)
ALEXANDRINES ALEXA (digital assistant) + the first letter of (at first) Nearly, then DRIES (forgets what to say) with the insertion of (fed with) N (new)
7 Criticise a fight that's boisterous (10)
KNOCKABOUT KNOCK (criticise) + A + BOUT (fight)
8 Frustrate hurried travel (4)
DASH — A double definition
9 Held up crossing, stupidly ignored business pressure (10,6)
SUSPENSION BRIDGE — An anagram of (stupidly) IGNORED BUSINESS P (pressure)
10 Lent hasn't started, so relaxed (5)
EASED — lEASED (lent) is missing its first letter (hasn’t started)
11 Dietary essential for youngster announced (7)
PROTEIN PRO (for) + TEIN, which sounds like (… announced) TEEN (youngster)
12 Criticise tart husband entering bond for boosting relations (13)
RAPPROCHEMENT RAP (criticise) + PRO (tart, prostitute), then H (husband) inserted into (entering) CEMENT (bond)
19 Put beyond doubt what one can do when user moves (4,4)
MAKE SURE — When USER is anagrammed (moves) one can MAKE SURE
22 Picture that is the cover of periodical (5)
IMAGE IE (that is) around (the cover of) MAG (periodical)
23 Scott's work as nurse I glimpse, covering on one occasion (6,2,3,5)
TENDER IS THE NIGHT TENDER (nurse) + I + SIGHT (glimpse) around (covering) THEN (on one occasion)
25 French department concerned with organisation of labour (7)
REUNION RE (concerned with) + UNION (organisation of labour)
28 Radiant to live with strict sect (7)
BEAMISH BE AMISH (to live with strict sect)
29 Foresees royal weakness, which minister takes charge of (6,7)
DIVINE SERVICE DIVINES (foresees) + ER (royal) + VICE (weakness)
30 Skyline shows train travelling through high pass (8)
CONTRAIL — An anagram of (… travelling) TRAIN going inside (through) COL (high pass)
32 Symbol of order getting islanders upset (7,5)
MALTESE CROSS MALTESE (islanders) + CROSS (upset)
34 Land in east, not as open to pain (5)
EGYPT E[as]T without (not) AS, containing (open to) GYP (pain)
36 Two men collecting earth reshaped a pyramid (11)
TETRAHEDRON TED and RON (two men) containing (collecting) an anagram of (… reshaped) EARTH
37 Comfortable situation, but it is growing prickly (3,2,5)
BED OF ROSES — A definition, plus a definition of a literal BED OF ROSES
40 Mortal danger: country is led astray (9)
LANDSLIDE LAND (country) + IS LED anagrammed (astray)
41 One in seven needs to change driver, avoiding water flowing in road (9)
WEDNESDAY — An anagram of (… to change) NEEDS and D[river] without (avoiding) RIVER (water flowing), all inside (in) WAY (road)
43 Regret saving regular income (7)
REVENUE RUE (regret) containing (saving) EVEN (regular)
45 Charlie, surrounded, looked embarrassed (7)
CRINGED C (Charlie) + RINGED (surrounded)
46 Deliver blow, catching a belly (6)
PAUNCH PUNCH (deliver blow) containing (catching) A
48 Sport red frill (5)
RUCHE RU (sport, rugby union) + CHE (red)
51 Friend at length is to become tedious (4)
PALL PAL (friend) by (at) L (length)


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