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Times Quick Cryptic 1627 by Oink

After a slow start at the top of the grid, I found the rest yeilded more easily so finished in an average time. I've never heard of the type of drama at 2dn but with all the letters could make a reasonable guess, and my LOI was 3dn (should have looked at the setter's name!). COD to 9dn - bravo.

Definitions underlined.

1 Confirm you might find cricket lover here? (6)
ATTEST - a cricket lover might be 'AT {a} TEST {match}'.
4 Visit prison reported to be pretty (6)
SCENIC - sounds like (reported) "see nick" (visit prison).
8 Supplies cut short by supporter for time being (13)
PROVISIONALLY - PROVISIONs (supplies) without the last letter (cut short) then ALLY (supporter).
10 Fatuous characters in Twain anecdote (5)
INANE - hidden in (characters in) twaIN ANEcdote.
11 Stuff your face and get too hot in Bow? (7)
OVEREAT - 'overheat' (get too hot) said with an East London accent (in Bow), so dropping the 'h'.
13 Escape from party with top-class athlete (2,1,6)
DO A RUNNER - DO (party), A (top-class), and RUNNER (athlete).
17 Band in blissful state (7)
NIRVANA - double definition.
18 Subject those people start to enjoy (5)
THEME - THEM (those people) and the first letter of (start to) Enjoy.
19 Fair-minded democrat beaten up in side street (13)
DISINTERESTED - D (democrat) then an anagram of (beaten up) IN SIDE STREET.
21 Half-cut priest dined in grounds (6)
ESTATE - half of the letters from (half-cut) priEST, then ATE (dined).
22 Solicitor in bed, drinking whiskey (6)
LAWYER - LAYER (bed) contining (drinking) W (whiskey, phonetic alphabet). 'Layer' here refers to a course, bed or stratum.

1 One who helps a posh couple? (2,4)
AU PAIR - A, U (upper class, posh), and PAIR (couple).
2 Doctor Who ranted, making a sort of drama (3-6)
TWO-HANDER - anagram of (doctor) WHO RANTED. A play, film, or television program with only two main characters.
3 Scoundrel found in southern port? (5)
SWINE - S (southern) and WINE (port).
5 Tory heading European research centre? It’s a worry (7)
CONCERN - CON (Tory) on top of (heading) CERN (European research centre).
6 Row endlessly about nothing (3)
NIL - LINe (row) missing the final letter (endlessly) and reversed (about).
7 Ostler occasionally attending shy creature (6)
COYOTE - every other letter from (occasionally) OsTlEr next to (attending) COY (shy).
9 To guard against infection I clean out potty (9)
INOCULATE - anagram of (potty) I CLEAN OUT.
12 Seriously, it’s too soon to hold retreat (9)
EARNESTLY - EARLY (too soon) containing (to hold) NEST (retreat).
14 Opposed to a holy man pocketing reward (7)
AGAINST - A ST (saint, holy man) containing (pocketing) GAIN (reward).
15 Propositioned general, a little uneasy (2,4)
ON EDGE - hidden in (a little) propositiONED GEneral.
16 Romantic proposal (6)
TENDER - double definition.
18 Article gets thank you letter (5)
THETA - THE (article) and TA (thanks).
20 Drunkard finding nothing in street (3)
SOT - O (nothing) inside (in) ST (street).
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