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Mephisto 3117 - Paul McKenna. Top row dreamin'

Greetings all, hope you are staying safe and sane. North Carolina moved into Phase 2 this week and though I think it is a little early, I have disappeared to a nearby town to hole up with some friends and ride out the next stage of the apocalypse.

This puzzle came together pretty readily. The grid is 90-degree symmetry with a couple of 3x2 blocks that would make US constructors proud.

Since definitions (underlined) can be verified in Chambers, I will be focused on the wordplay here.

Away we go...

1 Ruler’s still virtually one foot (5)
CALIF - CALM(still) missing the last letter, then I(one) F(foot)
5 More up for it here in Hamburg taking in old service (7)
HORNIER - HIER("here" in German) containing O(old), RN(service)
10 Whim to embrace cheek before Pastor’s light-heartedness (9)
FLIPPANCY - FANCY(whim) containing LIP(cheek) and P(Pastor)
11 It is in pot making tea of sorts (6)
PTISAN - 'TIS in PAN(pot)
12 Increase strength in the morning with shaver (5, two words)
AMPUP - AM(morning) with PUP(youngster, shaver)
13 Dutch is in part an old charmer (8)
SEDUCTOR - DU(Dutch) inside SECTOR(part)
16 I’ll stand for last of these in compiler that’s hard to get wrong (6)
SITTER - I instead of the last letter of theseE in SETTER(compiler)
17 Before noon poet is moving with moderate pace (7)
ANDANTE - A(ante, before), N(noon), DANTE(poet)
19 Annals of Tacitus or Ovid’s poem? Sound bit of instruction (5)
FASTI - FAST(sound), then the first letter of Instrucion
21 Bits of fibre and, informally, juices? (5)
NOILS - 'N(and), OILS(juices)
23 Fitter on trailer modifying attachment (7)
ADAPTER -  APTER(fitter) with AD(trailer)
25 You see this up in Canada — function with Evian, eg (6)
COTEAU - COT(cotangent, function), with EAU(French for water, Evian)
28 Model in to run a lottery in Perth, perhaps (8, two words)
ART UNION - anagram of IN,TO,RUN,A - I remember this term in the 80s as a derisive term for something you were proud of or a suggestion that something was stolen, it was "won in an art union". The origin is apparently from lotteries were paintings were prizes
29 Newton in undoing argument (5)
RUN-IN - N(Newton, unit of force) inside RUIN(undoing)
30 Emperor accepted in Tuileries Palace, the prodigious bounder (6)
IMPALA - IMP(imperator, Emperor), A(accetped) and LA("the" in French)
31 Smart chap eg expert about northern officer checking wallop (9)
ALE-CONNER - smart ALEC and ONER(expert) surrounding N(northern). Why was this not suggested by my guidance counselor?
32 Mittens adjusted appropriately for fine snare (7, two words)
MIST NET - anagram of MITTENS
33 No good and tiny bit of African rhino (5)
NGWEE - NG(no good), WEE(tiny)
1 Dispatching one, skipper will receive special help for handling cables (7)
CAPSTAN - remove I(one) from CAPTAIN(skipper) and insert S(special)
2 PM is more behind exploiting notion it turned out (9)
AFTERNOON - AFTER(more behind), then on top of NOTION minus IT reversed
3 Locksmith does this on getting into restraints (5)
LOIDS -  O(on) inside LIDS(restraints)
4 It’s about fluid with a nose mostly (6)
FLACON - an all-in-one  FL(fluid) with A, then CONE(nose) missing the last letter
5 Clues of that bloke including those bordering on naughtiest (5)
HINTS - HIS(of that bloke) containing the outside letters of NaughtiesT
6 Editor pressed by mates made an objection (7)
OPPOSED - ED(editor) under OPPOS(mates)
7 Reform meant take off ID? (8)
NAMETAPE - anagram of MEANT, then APE(take off)
8 Old bumpkin in hostels no longer supplying loads (6)
INPUTS - PUT(putt, bumpkin) inside INS(old form of INNS)
9 Angry person holds in grouse (5)
RYPER - hidden inside angRY PERson
14 In Cannes I cannot concentrate lifting honour in cut marble (9, two words)
TETE FOLLE - my last one in... reversal of FETE inside TOLLEY(marble) missing the last letter
15 Accursed chap on abridged Chambers, say (8)
MALEDICT - MALE(chap), DICT(dictionary, Chambers)
18 Bullish? Go sticking in gold (7)
TAURINE - TRINE(go) containing AU(gold)
20 Resolution of mostly regional division amongst archaeologists (7, two words)
IRON AGE - anagram of REGIONAL minus the last letter
22 One for L’Académie française in Italian’s online store (6)
ITUNES -  UNE("one" in French) inside IT'S (Italians)
24 Insight shown by a group of Christian fellows (6)
ACUMEN - A, CU(Christian Union), MEN(fellows)
25 Horace’s in the presence of Owen initially in the old lie (5)
CORAM - first letter of Owen in CRAM(old slang for lie)
26 Migrant with spare brass appearing in street (5)
STINT - TIN(brass) inside ST(street) the STINT is a small migratory bird
27 Sound catty without direct upset (5)
MIAOW - W/O(without) AIM(direct) all reversed
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