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Times 27676 - where a factotum meets a teetotaller

Time taken:  12:58, but with one very silly typo.

What a difference a day makes? Yesterday was a biff-fest that led to my fastest time ever, today was a day where many of the answers had to be pieced together from the wordplay, and there was misdirection and some clever hiding of the definition. I really enjoyed this puzzle (even though I got the dreaded pink square).

I hope everyone is keeping safe and sane.  We just entered "phase 2" here and I sat at an outside table at a brewery on Monday and had a beer from a tap for the first time in nearly three months! Wearing a mask of course.

Away we go...

1 Buddy maybe sharing a lift in a sort of tunnel? (6)
CARPAL - the buddy sharing a lift could be a CAR PAL - an anatomical tunnel
4 Vehicles going head to head at game (8)
BACCARAT - CAB and CAR (vehicles), the first one reversed, then AT
10 Runs away at bedtime? (6,3)
LIGHTS OUT - double definition
11 Run across traveller (5)
ROVER - R(run), OVER(across)
12 Helpful-sounding woman (3)
ADA - sounds like AIDER(someone who helps)
13 Fortune-telling character, fantastic (11)
CHIROMANTIC - CHI(character), ROMANTIC(fantastic) - got this one from wordplay alone
14 Manager retains old craftsman (6)
COOPER - COPER(manager) containing O(old)
16 Box female soldiers, with police car outside (7)
PANDORA - OR(soliders) with PANDA(police car) surrounding - by far my favorite clue for the definition
19 Find a description of each other planet? (7)
UNEARTH - other planets would be UN-EARTH
20 Finish off better stand-up routine (6)
IMPROV - remove the last letter from IMPROVE(better). There's a legion of actors that will tell you improv is not stand-up, but plenty of stand-ups don't do rehearsed material and rely on audience cues.
22 Endlessly fooling around in fun, I admit (2,9)
25 Computer obsessive’s good to go — that’s scary! (3)
EEK - GEEK(computer obsessive) with the G(good) removed
26 One’s under canvas to relax at length (5)
EASEL - EASE(relax), L(length)
27 Very simply, the opposite of a surrender demand? (5,4)
HANDS DOWN - the surrender demand would be HANDS UP so this is the reverse. Silly me didn't check properly and had HANDS SOWN
28 Top driver’s support to corporation (8)
TEETOTUM - TEE(driver's support in golf), TO, TUM(corporation) - another one from the wordplay. A spinning top
29 Inducement to serve in unhappy ship (6)
BOUNTY - double definition, the second referring to a mutiny
1 Wine collection merchant picked up (6)
CELLAR - sounds like SELLER(merchant)
2 Fix function for parent that’s boringly complicated (9)
RIGMAROLE - RIG(fix), and the function for a parent could be a MA ROLE
3 Room’s window having no frame (5)
ATTIC - LATTICE(window) missing the outer letters
5 Drippy work of war artist? (6,8)
ACTION PAINTING - a war artist could produce an ACTION PAINTING, but it is best known as the Jackson Pollock style
6 From rudely impatient indigenous people, pressure for start of entertainment (7,2)
CURTAIN UP - CURT(rudely impatient), AINU (indigneous people of Japan), P(pressure). A close second in favorite clue
7 Firmly fix hedge, trimming the top (5)
RIVET - a PRIVET hedge missing the start
8 Move round bed to corner a rat (8)
TURNCOAT - TURN(move round), COT(bed) containing A
9 Patronising houri, health not suffering (6-4-4)
15 Extent of responsibility left one fool struggling (9)
PORTFOLIO - PORT(left) then an anagram of I(one),FOOL
17 Working at the double, circle in all directions unaided (2,4,3)
ON ONES OWN - ON and ON(double working) then O(circle) in the directions E,S,W,N
18 Call up to have a trial for City (8)
BUDAPEST - DUB(call, name), reversed, then A, PEST(trial, annoyance)
21 Hotel where there may be pie? But without fat (6)
SKINNY - INN(hotel) inside the pie in the SKY
23 Can woman be producing children? (5)
ISSUE - IS(can), SUE(woman)
24 Do wrong, offering paste, pocketing diamonds (5)
MISDO - MISO paste containing D(diamonds)

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