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Times Quick Cryptic 1620 by Orpheus

Solving time: 7 minutes. I thought this was easy. I hope you did too but look forward to all comments.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

1 Tremble, seeing case for arrows (6)
QUIVER : Two meanings
4 Attempt to follow American writer's verse (6)
POETRY : POE (American writer), TRY (attempt)
8 Difficult conflict finally resolved after a week (7)
AWKWARD : A, WK (week), WAR (conflict), {resolve}D [finally]
10 Jog around uninhibitedly at first delivering fish (5)
TROUT : TROT (jog) containing U{ninhibitedly} [at first]
11 Endlessly regretting insolvency (4)
RUIN : RUIN{g} (regretting) [endlessly]
12 Example of fellow in unusually nice surroundings (8)
INSTANCE : STAN (fellow) contained by [in...surroundings]  anagram [unusually] of NICE
14 Understanding    crowd (9)
GATHERING : Two meanings
18 Refined society girl behind the mike? (8)
DEBONAIR : DEB (society girl - debutante), ON AIR (behind the mike). If anyone out there shares my nostalgia for British dance band music of the 1930s they may care to listen to this recording of On The Air the signature tune of Carroll Gibbons and his Savoy Orpheans. Very much the era of refined society girls!
20 Leguminous plant, one originally unknown in South Africa (4)
SOYA : O{ne} [originally] + Y (unknown) contained by [in] SA (South Africa)
22 Girl's advantage going west (5)
TESSA : ASSET (advantage) reversed [going west]
23 They're barely recognisable on certain beaches (7)
NUDISTS : Cryptic definition
24 Military engineers introducing extremely dodgy cure (6)
REMEDY : REME (military engineers - Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers), D{odg}Y [extremely]
25 Unproductive peer mentioned in speech (6)
BARREN : Sounds like [mentioned in speech] "baron" (peer)
1 Prey seen where stone is excavated (6)
QUARRY : Two meanings
2 Hint of writing fluid found on heather (7)
INKLING : INK (writing fluid), LING (heather)
3 Cut up over start of maths test (4)
EXAM : AXE (cut) reversed [up], M{aths} [start]
5 Surpass son in away journey (8)
OUTSTRIP : S (son) contained by [in] OUT (away) + TRIP (journey)
6 Undecided about husband's prickly shrub (5)
THORN : TORN (undecided) containing [about] H (husband). 'Thorn' can be part of a plant but also  a plant in its own right.
7 Rabbit on in bay at terminus (6)
YATTER : Hidden [in[ {ba}Y AT TER{minus}
9 Flowering plant in old dean's novel (9)
DANDELION : Anagram [novel] of IN OLD DEAN
13 Established   regimental flag? (8)
STANDARD : Two meanings
15 More repulsive shopkeeper, by the sound of it? (7)
GROSSER : Sounds like [by the sound of it] "grocer" (shopkeeper)
16 Top journalist has right old time climbing (6)
EDITOR : R (right) + O (old) + TIDE (time) reversed [climbing]
17 Fruit produced by mother and offspring (6)
DAMSON : DAM (mother), SON (offspring)
19 Seat of emotions primarily shown in period of prosperity (5)
BOSOM : S{hown} [primarily] contained by [in] BOOM (period of prosperity). SOED: bosom - the breast considered as the seat of emotions, desires, secret thoughts, etc. Shakespeare, Othello: I will bestow you where you shall have time To speak your bosom freely.
21 Plan that's not quite perfect (4)
IDEA : IDEA{l} (perfect) [not quite]

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