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Times Cryptic 27649

I'm standing in last minute for Ulaca who is feeling under the weather at the moment and I'm sure we all wish him a speedy recovery.

My solving time for this was 24 minutes but I felt I was on target for a much faster time. Although there were two words unknown to me they were not the cause of my delay as they were clued with very clear wordplay. My problems all came in the SE corner where some answers had mostly vowels as checkers, something I find often hinders the thought process.

As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, {deletions and substitutions are in curly brackets} and [anagrinds, containment, reversal and other indicators in square ones]. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

1 Rodent circling key hotel where brewer keeps grain (4-5)
MALT-HOUSE : MOUSE (rodent) containing [circling] ALT (key) + H (hotel)
6 Armadillo accommodated by prefect at Oundle (5)
TATOU : Hidden in [accommodated by] {prefec}T AT OU{undle}. My first unknown word. For those who like to make sense of the surface reading, Oundle is a public school in the Northamptonshire market town of the same name.
9 Distinguished member of upper house possibly gathering army (7)
NOTABLE : NOBLE (member of upper house possibly) containing [gathering] TA (army)
10 Foodie finally accepting Londoners' description of their police? (7)
GOURMET : {acceptin}G [finally], OUR MET (Londoners' description of their Metropolitan police?)
11 Fertile spot, like one adopted by map-makers (5)
OASIS : AS (like) + I (one) contained [adopted] by OS (map-makers - Ordnance Survey)
13 Secret art, manoeuvring public vehicle across the pond (9)
STREETCAR : Anagram [manoeuvring] of SECRET ART. One such famously named Desire from a street in New Orleans.
14 Orally declare sister worried about trophy (9)
NUNCUPATE : NUN (sister) + ATE (worried) containing [about] CUP (trophy). My second unknown word.
16 Nimble mole torn apart by rook (4)
SPRY : SPY (mole) containing [torn apart by] R (rook)
18 Revolutionary female cook (4)
CHEF : CHE (revolutionary), F (female)
19 Promotional body's tune is revised to accommodate singer (9)
INSTITUTE : Anagram [revised] of TUNE IS containing [to accommodate] TIT (singer)
22 One delayed more surprisingly by US city investigator (9)
LATECOMER : LA (US city), TEC (investigator), anagram [surprisingly] of MORE
24 Tribe in charge of eastern part of UK (5)
ICENI : IC (charge), E (eastern), NI (part of UK - Northern Ireland). Boudica's gang.
25 Protective ring German field marshal left out in posh car (7)
GROMMET : ROMME{l} (German field marshal) [left out] contained by [in] GT (posh car). Usually a washer of some sort.
26 Bristle, having drink reduced by Queen (7)
WHISKER : WHISKE{y} (drink) [reduced], R (Queen) - or if you prefer, WHISK{y} (drink) [reduced], ER (Queen)
28 English head going over German city (5)
ESSEN : E (English), NESS (head - headland) reversed [going over]
29 Copy a restaurateur originally introducing a pasta sauce (9)
CARBONARA : CARBON (copy), A, R{estaurateur} [originally], A
1 Wild weather thus overwhelming cricket side after half-day (7)
MONSOON : MON (half day), SO (thus), ON (cricket side)
2 Sale item consisting of large books (3)
LOT : L (large), OT (books - Old Testament)
3 It's excluded from part of elevenses in his plant (8)
HIBISCUS : BISCU{it} (part of elevenses) [it's excluded], contained by [in] HIS
4 They employ doorkeepers hospital rejected (5)
USERS : US{h}ERS (doorkeepers) [hospital rejected]
5 About time birds of prey start to show enthusiasm (9)
EAGERNESS : ERNES (birds of prey) containing [about] AGE (times), S{how} [start]
6 Vehicle taking high hill skirting Yorkshire river (6)
TOURER : TOR (high hill) containing [skirting] URE (Yorkshire river)
7 Carelessly misclue "tape" as "buried record" (4,7)
TIME CAPSULE : Anagram [carelessly] of MISCLUE TAPE
8 Liberal assembly ultimately supporting state? Absolutely (7)
UTTERLY : UTTER (state), L (Liberal), {assembl}Y [ultimately]
12 Moralising, posted promissory notes around hospital department (11)
SENTENTIOUS : SENT (posted) + IOUS (promissory notes) containing [around] ENT (hospital department - Ear Nose Throat)
15 A toxic aim needs changing that's self-evident (9)
AXIOMATIC : Anagram [changing] of A TOXIC AIM
17 Islander, a chap reportedly in love (8)
FILIPINO : Sounds like [reportedly] "Philip" (chap), IN, O
18 Pass over good points in industrial city (7)
COLOGNE : COL (mountain pass), O (over), G (good) N E (points)
20 English liturgy adopted at first around Republican state (7)
ERITREA : E (English),  RITE (liturgy) containing [around] R (republican), A{dopted} [at first]
21 The last word about sources of Cambridge undergrads' discernment (6)
ACUMEN : AMEN (the last word) containing [about} C{ambridge} U{undergrads} [sources of...]
23 Argumentative type, one of eight in crew? (5)
ROWER : Two meanings
27 Parrot identified by poet Eliot initially rejected (3)
KEA : KEA{ts} (poet) [Eliot initially - T.S. - rejected]

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