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Times Quick Cryptic No 1578 by Izetti

I found this quite tough, and fared very similarly to yesterday's, which is to say a DNF around the 17 minute mark, all following a bruising hour with yesterday's 15x. I was feeling my enthusiasm for puzzles wane a bit towards the end, if you want a shoddy excuse. I was supposed to be going on an exciting holiday tomorrow as well. (Yes, boo hoo for me, like there aren't bigger concerns out there.) So I'm not best equipped to comment on the enjoyability of this puzzle, but everything seemed to be in the top-notch working order that we've come to expect from Izetti - many thanks!

1 Inferior cow girl catches cold (5-5)
LOWER-CLASS - LOWER (cow - as in a low-er, a thing that lows/moos) LASS (girl) catches/holds C(old)
8 Valuable coin found in item of food (7)
RAREBIT - RARE (valuable) BIT (coin). Is there anything on Earth that's rare and isn't valuable? (Anything not unpleasant, that is.)
9 Animal fancied occupying the back of your house (5)
RHINO - IN (fancied/fashionable) occupying R ("back" of youR) HO (abbrev. for house)
10 One going round hospital in pain (4)
ACHE - ACE (one) round H(ospital)
11 Dad has system of paying — such is his family duty (8)
PARENTAL - PA (dad) RENTAL (system of paying)
13 Manage to secure superior type of vehicle (5)
COUPE - COPE (manage) to secure U (superior, vs. non-U/inferior). I gave up on this, unable to see past CAUSE, which was clearly wrong.
14 Fellow ejected from chapel, the German high-up in congregation (5)
ELDER - CHAP (fellow) ejected from CHAPEL leaves EL ; DER (the, German)
16 Declare times in statistical information (8)
AVERAGES - AVER (declare) AGES (times)
17 Crew said something at Chiswick in boat race (4)
EYOT - is pronounced/said as EIGHT (crew, in rowing). Variant spelling of "ait", a small island, especially in a river. The Chiswick Eyot is the halfway mark in the Boat Race. I also gave up on this - got the sounds-like-eight bit, but the spelling could have been a few things, and I'd already given up on 13ac.
20 Taking newspaper (5)
THEFT - The FT (newspaper). "Taking" as a noun.
21 Fantastic eagle in descent (7)
LINEAGE - anagram (fantastic) of EAGLE IN
22 Sour disposition of US men, prigs being awkward (10)
GRUMPINESS - anagram (being awkward) of US MEN PRIGS
1 This girl is hugged by sailor, naturally (5)
LORNA - "hugged" by the letters of saiLOR NAturally
2 Chaps who should know what's in store (12)
WAREHOUSEMEN - cryptic definition, the literal referring to men anticipating, the cryptic to warehouse stock.
3 King with honour producing garment (4)
ROBE - R (Rex/king) with OBE (honour)
4 All the changes of a deadly nature (6)
LETHAL - anagram (changes) of ALL THE
5 Hidden under lots of loose rocks is Edmund (8)
SCREENED - under SCREE (lots of loose rocks - especially on a mountainside) is NED (Edmund)
6 Bakery — I'd chat about one of its products maybe (8,4)
BIRTHDAY CAKE - anagram (about) of BAKERY ID CHAT
7 Model and artist turned up to make a bit of money (6)
DOLLAR - DOLL (model) and AR (RA = artist, "turned up")
12 Margaret, a very good type, a right “superperson” (8)
MEGASTAR - MEG (Margaret) A ST. (a Saint/very good type) A R(ight). In my (dubious) haste when solving, I misparsed the good type as "a star".
13 Sings about Hampshire (6)
CHANTS - C (Circa/about) HANTS (Hampshire)
15 Commotion in place of rest left in the morning (6)
BEDLAM - BED (in place of rest) L(eft) AM (in the morning).
18 Rows with ferocious beasts, not good (5)
TIERS - TIgERS (ferocious beasts, minus the G for good)
19 Some frantic person opposing something (4)
ANTI - "some" of frANTIc
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