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Times 27,617: Fridays, How We've Missed You

You know it's a Friday, or it bally well should be, when Latinate terms like 11, 20 and 22ac are liberally interspersed with YEAH and SOZ and ALLEY-OOP; and Baruch, Boris and César happily rub shoulders Henry the Green Engine. COD to 1dn but there were a number of other contenders including the phenomenal reverse hidden at 4ac and the impeccable surface of 21dn. Not much bad to say about this one except that it took me an absurd amount of staring at 23ac before its penny finally consented to drop. Bravo setter, great puzzle!

1 Threat to aircraft that’s coming across in style of greeting (6)
SALAAM - SAM [surface-to-air missile] that's coming "across" A LA [in style of]

4 Location for shooting singular rock opera needs backing (2,6)
OK CORRAL - hidden reversed in {singu}LAR ROCK O{pera}

9 Description of awfully nice gal? (7)
ANGELIC - (NICE GAL*) ["awfully"], semi-&lit. FOI.

11 When nothing legally can be done about one’s dissembling, row! (4,3)
DIES NON - DIN [row] about (ONE'S*) ["dissembling"]

12 One laying track for a green engine (5)
HENRY - HEN RY [one laying | track]. Henry was one of Thomas' pals in the much-loved works of the Reverend W.V. Awdry.

13 Male bears after time seen in remote areas (3,6)
THE STICKS - HE STICKS [male | bears] after T

14 Penny condemned stout Glaswegian in disgrace (3,2,5)
PUT TO SHAME - P + (STOUT*) ["condemned"] + HAME [Glaswegian (word for) "in"]

16 My parking space rather confined (4)
COOP - COO P [my | parking]

19 Non-standard agreement by UEFA, tho’ consistently overlooked (4)
YEAH - {b}Y {u}E{f}A {t}H{o}

20 One dictated to a football team measures one’s put together (10)
AMANUENSIS - A MAN_U ENS I'S [a | football team | measures | one's]

22 Legal action once, when reservoir location not finalised (9)
ASSUMPSIT - AS SUMP SIT{e} [when | reservoir | location]

23 Face that a woman usually has on a certain day in May? (5)
BRAVE - BRA [that a woman usually has on] + V-E [a certain day in May]. LOI and by quite a margin of time!

25 Philosopher’s informal apology including staple answer (7)
SPINOZA - SOZ [informal apology] "including" PIN [staple], + A [answer]

25 Award-winning picture of Spooner’s head published (4,3)
RAIN MAN - Spoonerized MAIN RAN [head | published]

27 Visor, indeed, kept between feet, centrally (8)
EYESHADE - YES HAD [indeed | kept] "between" {f}EE{t}

28 Composer’s brother, one released from prison (6)

1 Irresponsible and secretive about a software substitute for litmus? (4-5)
SLAP-HAPPY - SLY [secretive] about A pH APP! Obvious COD material.

2 Sign name to gain access to system (3,2)
LOG ON - LOGO N [sign | name]

3 Before work, walk over high pass (5-3)
ALLEY-OOP - before OP [work], ALLEY O [walk | over]

5 Person fooling with spray set about new carpet (13)

6 Girl’s mini-poem? (6)

7 Article put out after race meet (3,6)
RUN ACROSS - A CROSS [article | put out] after RUN [race]

8 Pair in cage suspended, the first to be sent down (5)
LUNGS - SLUNG, with the first letter moved to the end. The cage being a ribcage!

10 Do — but with less relish? (3,3,7)
CUT THE MUSTARD - very nice cryptic def

15 Our lot’s thus working late shift (5,4)
THAT'S LIFE - (LATE SHIFT*) ["working"]

17 Famous Russian from history, butchered near Omsk, finally (9)
PASTERNAK - PAST [history] + (NEAR*) ["butchered"] + {oms}K

18 Quietly go out on beach with recliner? Because beach is this? (8)
PEBBLIER - P EBB LIER [quietly | go out on beach | recliner]

21 Low cape — button it around neck (6)
SMOOCH - MOO C [low | cape] with SH [button it!] around

22 Passage one’s going to read out (5)
AISLE - homophone of I'LL [one's going to]

24 Running time required by commercial (5)
ADMIN - MIN [time] by AD [commercial]

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