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Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1425 – 15th February. Around (about) now

Hello all.  How do you eat a jumbo?  One bite at a time.  Once again I solved this in bitesize chunks and so don’t have a time.  From what I recall it slipped down ok without the need for excessive chewing, with just a couple of crunchier bits to finish.

I don’t generally worry too much about repeated indicators, especially simple ones, and especially in a jumbo.  Still, I couldn’t help noticing that before very long I’d written “around (about)” a fair few times.  Anyway, having done the Hokey Cokey, I will now say thank you to the setter – thank you setter! – and move on to the clues.  That’s what it’s all about!

Definitions are underlined in the clues below.  In the explanations, quoted indicators are in italics, [deletions] in square brackets, and I’ve capitalised and emboldened letters which appear in the ANSWER.

1 Pompous worker chasing two mischievous children in class (4-9)
SELF-IMPORTANT ANT (worker) following (chasing) ELF + IMP (two mischievous children) in SORT (class)
8 Soldier's one bloodsucker, mostly -- like this? (9)
PARASITIC PARAS (soldier’s) + I (one) + TICk (bloodsucker) without the last letter (mostly), with the definition referring back to the bloodsucker in the clue
13 A long letter (5)
AITCH A (from the clue) + ITCH (long)
14 Anger about recurrent motif in press writing (9)
REPORTAGE RAGE (anger) around (about) the reversal of (recurrent) TROPE (motif)
15 Shine, displaying knowledge about series of items (7)
GLISTEN GEN (knowledge) around (about) LIST (series of items)
16 Man can live ultimately on fish oil (12)
BRILLIANTINE IAN (man) + TIN (can) + the last letter of (… ultimately) livE, all following (on, in an across answer) BRILL (fish)
17 Exercises calm about time for deadly epidemic (10)
PESTILENCE PE (exercises) + SILENCE (calm) around (about) T (time).  Rather a topical surface :(
18 Scoffed about long time to pump in gas (6)
AERATE ATE (scoffed) around (about) ERA (long time)
19 Tiny edit affected equation (8)
IDENTITY — An anagram of (… affected) TINY EDIT.  An identity is an equation which is true for all values of its variables
21 Appoint a small board to give public information (6)
ASSIGN — A charade of the A from the clue, S (small) and SIGN (board to give public information)
24 Improbity in the synod is out of order (10)
DISHONESTY IN THE SYNOD is anagrammed (is out of order)
26 Sloshed inebriate outside reception room, forgetting name? (5,2,1,4)
DRUNK AS A LORD DRUNKARD (inebriate) around (outside) SALO[n] (reception room) without (forgetting) N (name)
29 Contest unpaid pounds (4)
DUEL DUE (unpaid) + L (pounds)
30 Basil, say, a sentimental lover missing the point? (8)
AROMATIC A (from the clue) + ROMA[n]TIC (sentimental lover) without (missing) the N (point)
31 What's fallen out of second sack (8)
SPILLAGE S (second) + PILLAGE (sack)
34 Relating to courts female emperor overturned thus (8)
FORENSIC F (female) + NERO (emperor) reversed (overturned) + SIC (thus)
35 Broadcast by queen holds nothing about what took her abroad? (8)
AIRLINER AIR (broadcast) by ER (queen) contains (holds) NIL (nothing) reversed (about)
36 Desire Shakespeare casually expressed (4)
WILL WILLiam Shakespeare, familiarly
39 English farm animals and cat I'm making upset -- briefly amusing (12)
EPIGRAMMATIC E (English) + PIG RAM (farm animals) and an anagram of (… making upset) CAT IM
40 Relaxed about wet weather that's rather cold (10)
RESTRAINED RESTED (relaxed) around (about) RAIN (wet weather)
43 Area of ten by ten in the middle of cemetery (6)
EXTENT X (ten) by TEN (ten) in the central letters of (the middle of) cemETary
44 Act roughly in factory dance (8)
WORKSHOP WORKS (factory) + HOP (dance)
45 Fool holding gang's possessions (6)
ASSETS ASS (fool) around (holding) SET (gang)
49 Reprimand tons with cheap disposal not having succeeded (7-3)
TELLING-OFF T (tons) next to (with) [s]ELLING OFF (cheap disposal) without (not having) S (succeeded)
51 Stadium boxer swinging, using both right and left (12)
AMBIDEXTROUS STADIUM BOXER anagrammed (swinging)
53 One cruelly killed a long time after deed (7)
ACTAEON AEON (a long time) after ACT (deed)
54 Bolshevik cunning is possessed by worker (9)
ANARCHIST ARCH (cunning) + IS (from the clue) inside (possessed by) ANT (worker)
55 Like some yogurt to follow over fruit? (5)
OLIVE LIVE (like some yoghurt) after (to follow) O (over)
56 Turn out upper-class in gallery after literary evening (9)
EVENTUATE U (upper-class) in TATE (gallery) after EVEN (literary evening, literary word for evening)
57 Spiritual awakening is nettling he-men, unfortunately (13)
ENLIGHTENMENT — An anagram of (… unfortunately) NETTLING HE-MEN

1 Climbing rodents get on ship to leave port? (9)
STARBOARD — The reversal of (climbing, in a down answer) RATS (rodents) followed by BOARD (get on ship).  To turn a ship to the right, or away from port
2 Religious reformer imprisons one who will fret? (7)
LUTHIER LUTHER (religious reformer) surrounds (imprisons) I (one).  This didn’t feel like a word until I looked it up, then it all made sense
3 Inspiration Henry found in island race (10)
INHALATION H (Henry) is found in the concatenation of I (island) and NATION (race)
4 Hard up, wretched in seclusion (6)
PURDAH HARD UP, anagrammed (wretched)
5 What's pirate suffering splitting share being brought home? (12)
REPATRIATION — It’s an anagram of (… suffering) PIRATE inside (splitting) RATION (share)
6 Deliverer of order arrives carrying cooker (8)
ARRANGER ARR (arrives) containing (carrying) RANGE (cooker)
7 Horses harnessed together: the second is out of energy (4)
TEAM — The S (second) is removed from (is out of) [s]TEAM (energy)
8 Oddly need priest to get ordained in advance (10)
PREDESTINE — An anagram of (oddly) NEED PRIEST
9 Not quite in line with the latest ideas, okay? (6)
RIGHTO — All but the last letter of (not quite) RIGHT-On (in line with the latest ideas)
10 Indecision of foolish girl embracing Henry more than once (12)
SHILLYSHALLY SILLY (foolish) + SALLY (girl) around (embracing) H and H (Henry more than once)
11 Giant bird sank, lacking wings (5)
TITAN TIT (bird) + sANk without the outer letters (lacking wings)
12 Abode ripe for demolition? Felon might hang about here? (9,4)
CONDEMNED CELL — Whimsically this could be a CELL (abode) which is CONDEMNED (ripe for demolition).  Actually it’s a prison cell for someone who is going to be executed.  I hadn’t heard this term before
20 Go quickly up, sick over a Spanish omelette (8)
TORTILLA TROT (go quickly) reversed (up, in a down answer) and ILL (sick) preceding (over) A (from the clue)
22 One remedy that has answer for universal solitude (9)
ISOLATION I (one) + SOL[u]TION (remedy) that has A (answer) in place of (for) U (universal)
23 Millions lost by metal plant (8)
GERANIUM — M (millions) is dropped from (lost by) GER[m]ANIUM (metal)
25 Succeeded with fruit as new flavour (9)
SPEARMINT S (succeeded) with PEAR (fruit) + MINT (as new)
27 With which Hook starts in the role of buccaneer (8)
ASPIRATE AS PIRATE (in the role of buccaneer)
28 Reptile is back, large one coming in to lie in the sun (8)
BASILISK IS (from the clue) reversed (back) followed by L (large) and I (one), all inside (coming in) BASK (to lie in the sun)
29 Distinguish if iron ripped apart with current in time (13)
DIFFERENTIATE IF + FE (iron) + RENT (ripped apart) + I (current) all in DATE (time)
32 Determined current passing round grid, initially (12)
INTRANSIGENT IN (current) + TRANSIENT (passing) round the first letter of (… initially) Grid
33 Change ringers, inept and full of boldness (12)
ENTERPRISING — The instruction here is to make an anagram of (change) RINGERS INEPT
37 Came across old uniform cloth for staff in military design (10)
CAMOUFLAGE CAME (from the clue) around (across) O (old), U (uniform), and FLAG (cloth for staff)
38 Instrument surgeon initially inserted in low spine (6,4)
BASSET HORN — The first letter of (… initially) Surgeon inserted in BASE (low) followed by THORN (spine)
41 Cover song about street woman (9)
DUSTSHEET DUET (song) around (about) ST (street) and SHE (woman)
42 Caught Michael shaking for addictive drug (8)
CHEMICAL C (caught) plus an anagram of (… shaking) MICHAEL
46 European cause is possibly controversial (7)
EMOTIVE E (European) + MOTIVE (cause)
47 As told, look after united country (6)
UGANDA GANDA here sounds like (as told) GANDER and it comes after U (united)
48 Let It Be holds record for group (6)
SEPTET STET (let it be) contains (holds) EP (record)
50 Left one article in moving supply (5)
LITHE — A charade of L (left), I (one) and THE (article)
52 Record finish for a race (4)
TAPE — We cross the line with a double definition to finish

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