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Times Cryptic No 27582 - Saturday, 08 February 2020. Oom-pah-pah.

An easy solve, finished over lunch. Always nice. I liked the appearance of the brass band instrument, but my clue of the day was the pun at 1dn. Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

Clues are blue, with definitions underlined. (ABC*) means ‘anagram of ABC’. Deletions are in [square brackets].
1 Short match (5)
LIGHT – double definition.
4 Policeman I see dresses in fur — that sounds awful! (9)
CACOPHONY – AH (I see) ‘dresses’ COP, then all of that is ‘in’ CONY (fur).
9 French dish: temptress primarily after person in suit (9)
CASSOULET – T[-emptress] after SOUL in CASE.
10 Path with entrance to the rear, remote (5)
OUTER – ROUTE with the R at the rear.
11 In formula I get blunders: little holes in it? (9,4)
MINIATURE GOLF – (IN FORMULA I GET*), ‘blunders’. I suspect the holes are actually pretty much the normal size. The approaches are what’s little.
14 I'm going towards being doubled up, after retirement (2-2)
TA-TA – AT (towards, as in “I’m looking at/towards the end of the road”), repeated and reversed.
15 American brass cleaner welcoming American polish (10)
SOUSAPHONE – SOAP (cleaner) welcoming U.S., then HONE. A redesigned tuba for marching bands.
18 Where soldiers were ordered to go too much (4,3,3)
OVER THE TOP – another double definition.
19 That's a match, still! (4)
SNAP – and a third DD. The first as in the card game, the second as in photography.
21 US president in dispute, PM joining club (7,6)
WOODROW WILSON – ROW and (Harold) WILSON joining WOOD (golf club).
24 After a review, I declare myself the official physicist (5)
FERMI – I’M REF, reversed (reviewed). Enrico Fermi.
25 Butterfly is full colour (9)
BRIMSTONE – BRIMS (full), TONE (colour).
27 Appellation on envelope erased, send off without name (9)
ADDRESSEE – (ERASED SE-D*), ‘off’, without N for name.
28 Malevolent character, US president once on board? (5)
SIKES – IKE on board SS (ship). Bill Sikes from Oliver Twist, that will be.

1 Ridiculous proposal going forward, perhaps? (10)
2 One way matter may be sorted: action group firstly set up (3)
GAS – first letters of S[-orted] A[-ction] G[-roup]! ‘set up’.
3 Chest: try stuffing instrument briefly inside (6)
THORAX – HOR[-n] inside TAX (try, as in that would try/tax anyones patience).
4 Terrorist group go down having stolen uranium compound found in plant (9)
CELLULOSE – CELL (terrorist group), LOSE (go down), having ‘stolen’ (i.e. pocketed) U.
5 Shape that is lovely (5)
CUTIE – CUT (cut into a shape), I.E. (that is).
6 Media affairs torrid under head of programming — that was careless! (5,3)
PHOTO OPS – HOT under P[-rogramming], then OOPS.
7 Forbidden, now spring's gone? (3,2,6)
OUT OF BOUNDS – now the last spring’s gone, we’re OUT OF BOUNDS.
8 House given a choice of sturdy and weak foundations? (4)
YORK – [-sturd]Y OR [-wea]K, I ask you?
12 Aberrant elder thrown in abyss (11)
13 Partners, one's pals worryingly vulnerable to attack? (10)
WEAPONLESS – W[-est] and E[-ast] are conventionally bridge partners, then (ONES PALL*) is ‘worrying’.
16 These days not much in some vacuous old tale (4,5)
SNOW WHITE – NOW + WHIT inside SE (‘some’, vacuous).
17 Drug in operation worked, though not the first (8)
ATROPINE – (-PERATION*), ‘worked’.
20 Wish we were here for wife (6)
MISSUS – so, do you miss us? Wish we were there, don’t you?
22 Ultimately joyous, supremely uplifting puzzle (5)
REBUS – [-joyou]S, UBER, all ‘uplifting’.
23 Old sovereign tender, by the sound of it? (4)
OFFA – what do you OFFER (tender, by the sound of it)?
26 Not so bad hugging a tree (3)
OAK – OK hugging A.
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