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Times Quick Cryptic No 1549 by Pedro

A nice quick crossword to end the week from Pedro. One or two tricky bits of wordplay, I think, but I readily got several answers from the definitions first and then worked out the wordplay. All done and dusted for me in under 5 minutes. We've got a few examples of the need to "lift and separate" today (23A, 7D and 14D), where you need to avoid the misdirection to find the definition by splitting a combination of words. As someone said in a comment on one of the 15x15 blogs earlier in the week where they were bamboozled by the setter like this, "Redoubling my resolve to read each clue as a succession of single words as a result." My LOI was 14D, which was one of them. The clues I liked most were 23A  and 4D. Lovely-jubbly stuff. Thanks Pedro. How did everyone else like it?

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The QC appears to have upped it cryptic level, playing right into the hands of Jason and Lord V., with neutrino busting times. An excellent use of two minutes. Neutrinos be warned!

I was over the line at 8.45 mins.


LOI 19ac TIARA as I fell for thew TODAY trap at 17dn



Poor Old James - I recommend a couple of gins before you start. Quite the tonic!
I'm another solver who finished with 5d GLUTINOUS and my time of 7:31 was very pleasing.
In order to solve at this speed I had to semi-biff ABSENT-MINDED, COMPEL and STRUDEL. TOADY was a total biff which I parsed after submitting. Hats off to those who can solve the QC in sub 5 minutes. I wonder how long it takes a setter to compile a QC? Thanks John for your blog which probably took longer than 5 minutes to write and of course to Pedro.
Like others, I started this quickly enough with 1ac and 1d and then most of the top half, but I got held up badly with 5, 11 and 12d. I also spent too long trying to work Dac into 19ac, before Fritter pointed to Rat/Tar as the scoundrel in question. Finished in what felt like a slow 28 mins with loi Glutinous. CoD to Pedro's French adventure at 12ac, Fiesta. Invariant
Found the parsing in this puzzle tricky, and solved some clues by the crossers only. Finishedin abt 40m, target 30m.
Nothing to say really.

Finished without help! Thanks all round.
No major delays but WITHERING, ELM and GLUTINOUS held out until the end. Finished in 11.30 with 4, 5 and 6d being my standouts.
Thanks for the blog
Just under 11 mins.
Completed on Sunday at work.

Loi narcissus.
Cod strudel.
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