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Times 27585 - Second TCC heat, third puzzle I assume.

Penfold_61 in last Wednesday's blog comments told us that puzzle 27579 was the third in the booklet, so presumably this was the second, but the last in the heats to be blogged. I wish the editors would tell us in the headers, as was previously the case, so we know if this was a TCC puzzle or a regular 'new' offering.
I found it much easier than last week's, more on a par with the heat 1 puzzles, if not easier. I completed it with no complaints in well under 20 minutes. The longer clues went in early on, making the shorter ones easier to get.

Presumably we'll need our '28 acrosses' next week, when we get into the semi-finals puzzles, where just 33 of the qualifying 82 contestants managed to complete all three error-free.

1 Animal bound to go after some chips (8)
ANTELOPE - Well, after six years of banging on about whether or not a puzzle contains an obscure even-toed ungulate, here we are with the actual animal family as the answer. ANTE is your pre-play bet using the chips, and to LOPE is to bound.
5 This person talks a long time: flipping endlessly (6)
GASBAG - GABS = talks AG(E) = a long time endlessly, reverse all (flipping).
9 Beam that’s almost three feet round (3)
RAY - YAR(D) reversed.
10 Grounded because of dodgy heart (4-2-5)
DOWN-TO-EARTH - because of = DOWN TO, (HEART)*.
12 Appropriate opening of zoo with Mr Durrell, a writer (10)
FITZGERALD - FIT = appropriate, Z = opening of zoo, Gerald Durrell (author of My Family and Other Animals), answer e.g. F Scott Fitzgerald another writer.
13 You will quaintly call out (4)
YELL - YE being old fashioned for YOU, YE'LL = you will.
15 Comparatively mean returns in restructured insurance (6)
SNIDER - Well, if snide means mean (as in a snide remark), i suppose SNIDER means meaner. It's hidden reversed in RESTRUCTU(RED INS)URANCE.
16 Coppers accepting an act of contrition (7)
PENANCE - AN inside PENCE. Chestnut time.
18 Partial duplication of travel document is concerning (3-1-3)
VIS-A-VIS - VISA VIS(A). Another chestnut.
20 Unusual urge to put iron back inside safe place (6)
REFUGE - Insert FE (Fe, iron) reversed into (URGE)*.
23 Informal jumper: knitter’s first piece (4)
ROOK - ROO (informal kangaroo) + K(nitter).
24 Charlie and I get a rest arrangedwe’re puffed! (10)
26 High flyer? (11)
HUMMINGBIRD - Cryptic defintion, a humming, or high, as in smelly, bird.
27 Board amidships with this? (3)
OAR - Seems to be as simple as the middle of B(OAR)D.
28 Dye covering half of hair in helmet (3,3)
TIN HAT - HA(IR) inside TINT.
29 Noble, like the News at Ten broadcast? (8)
KNIGHTLY - homophone of NIGHTLY as the News is.
1 Purposeless commercial break (6)
ADRIFT - AD (commercial), RIFT (break).
2 Fishy character suppressing yen to attempt scam (3,2,2)
TRY IT ON - TRITON a fishy character has Y for yen inserted. A triton was a Greek sea god.
3 Female rider that jockeys avidly goad (4,6)
4 Current fashion? (5,8)
POWER DRESSING - Cryptic definition.
6 Answer recognised when heard again (4)
ANEW - A for answer, NEW sounds like KNEW = recognised.
7 Caterpillar turning an age to undergo rapid development (7)
BURGEON - GRUB (caterpillar) turns > BURG, EON = an age.
8 Poorly made glove has split down the middle (2,6)
11 Pseudoscientific movement to interpolate blunders (13)
14 Police assistant has possible cold case to pursue (7,3)
SNIFFER DOG - A sniffer might be someone with a cold, to DOG = to pursue.
17 At least a dozen deliveries, stolen or missed (8)
OVERSHOT - Two overs = 12 balls in cricket, so OVERS, HOT = stolen.
19 Winter figure, small currently, lots having been cut (7)
SNOWMAN - S (small) NOW (currently) MAN(Y) = lots cut.
21 Have problems navigating on your bike! (3,4)
GET LOST - double definition.
22 Bird like this turned up by quarry (6)
OSPREY - SO (like this) reversed, PREY = quarry.
25 European city is area under pressure (4)
PISA - P (pressure), IS, A (area).

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