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Times Quick Cryptic 1546 by Teazel

There are some great clues in here - with my appreciation of them and a very clever/fiendish (delete as appropriate) 21ac and 6dn long delay at the end left me in SCC territory at 16 minutes. Hat off to Teazel for a good cryptic workout.


1. Fielder’s success, perhaps, an unexpected difficulty (5)

CATCH - double definition.

7. A reduction on top is clearly superior (1,3,5)

A CUT ABOVE - a reduction on top (A CUT ABOVE).

9. Scottish youngster’s brain a little affected (5)

BAIRN - anagram (a little affected - so little it’s just the R which moves) of BRAIN.

10. Slash more antiquated energy store (9)

GASHOLDER - slash (GASH), more antiquated (OLDER).

11. Company, they say, that is part of network (3)

TWO - part of ne(TWO)RK.

12. Unusual relatives with many skills (9)

VERSATILE - anagram (unusual) of RELATIVES.

14. Pet in front of a barrier heard to yowl (9)

CATERWAUL - pet (CAT) in front of a homophone (heard to) of a barrier (a wall - ER WAUL). Not seen this before but it works.

16. Newt left as lake vanishes (3)

EFT - left with lake (L) vanishing l(EFT).

18. One given discretion to let spy out of prison (4,5)

FREE AGENT - to let spy out of prison (FREE AGENT).

20. Child receiving a second slice for breakfast? (5)

TOAST - child (TOT) receiving a second (A S).

21. Characteristic of a m-mark of respect (9)

ATTRIBUTE - a (A), stuttered mark of respect (T TRIBUTE). COD.

22. That man in drink gets discharge (5)

RHEUM - that man (HE) inside drink (RUM).


1. Loaf, key element (6)

COBALT - loaf (COB - there are a lit of term for bread), key (ALT - on a keyboard).

2. Revellers’ options just before November (5,2,5)

TRICK OR TREAT - cryptic definition of this demand for sweets with menaces.

3. Good to enter royal house? It can be a headache (8)

HANGOVER - good (G) to enter royal house (HANOVER).

4. Mark on computer screen has one swearing aloud (6)

CURSOR - well, I suppose it is a mark on a screen - took me a while to see it though. Homophone (aloud) of one swearing - curser.

5. Sign of sainthood? Henry has nothing (4)

HALO - Henry (HAL) has nothing (O).

6. Man alone at the bottom in ravine (6)

GEORGE - alon(E) in ravine (GORGE). This could be a marmite clue - whilst I like marmite, I wasn’t a fan of this one.

8. Two A-levels I’d failed? A fanciful story (3,5,4)

OLD WIVES TALE - anagram (failed) of TWO ALEVELS ID.

13. Silver family of piglets, all shiny (8)

AGLITTER - silver (AG), family of piglets (LITTER).

14. Dress that’s loose at the back placed in metal container (6)

CAFTAN - at the back (AFT) inside metal container (CAN). Took some effort to prize apart this surface.

15. A meeting place in Broad Street (6)

AVENUE - a (A), meeting place (VENUE).

17. One beaten to motorway more than once (3-3)

TOM-TOM - To (TO) motorway (M) more than once (twice).

19. Like taking ends off (4)

AKIN - t(AKIN)g.


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