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QC 1545 by Mara

This was a very straightworward offering made up mostly of the more obvious clue devices. By my quick reckoning there were four straight anagrams, three of them longer answers, giving a large number of checkers straight off. Then there were another five double definitions, with only one cryptic definition among the ten. Add on a few tops and tails and hidden words and a couple of first and last letter compositions and you have a recipe for a dish of the most digestible alphabetti spaghetti on the menu. Thank you Mara for a puzzle that I hope will be a confidence booster for the less experienced among our readers.

FOI was 6A, LOI was 16D. My COD goes to 10A, an anagram for a change, for the smooth surface and also because in this puzzle the anagrams were unusually some of the more difficult clues on offer.

Sorry, I can't say much more as I am in the middle of trying to pack to leave early in the morning for a flight to Florence for a (roughly) 30-year anniversary of our honeymoon. So I must love you and leave you and see you in a couple of weeks.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it in the simplest language I can manage.

1 Large tank destroying megastore (9)
GASOMETER - straight anagram ('destroying') of MEGASTORE.
6 Cat book unfinished (3)
TOM - TOMe (book) 'unfinished'.
8 Second figure behind is wet (7)
MOISTEN - MO (second) + IS + TEN (figure).
9 Girl in song at Christmas? (5)
CAROL - double definition.
10 Broadcast precedes rant in part of magazine (6,6)
CENTRE SPREAD - straight anagram ('broadcast') of PRECEDES RANT.
12 Kind teacher, your perfect educator initially (4)
TYPE - Teacher Your Perfect Educator 'initially'.
13 Bird dropping head a short distance (4)
INCH - fINCH 'dropping head'.
17 Eccentric dating serene actresses (12)
TRAGEDIENNES - straight anagram ('eccentric') of DATING SERENE.
20 Article cheers Greek character (5)
THETA - THE (definite article) + TA (cheers). Last time I did this blog someone commented that they weren't very familiar with the Greek alphabet so I'll just mention that theta is letter number 8.
21 Bird entering weakest relationship (7)
KESTREL - hidden word: 'entering' weaKEST RELationship.
23 Success dealt a blow (3)
HIT - double definition.
24 Taken away, goat was asleep (9)
KIDNAPPED - KID (goat) NAPPED (was asleep).
1 Seen in spring, a memorable match (4)
GAME - hidden word: 'seen in' sprinG A MEmorable.
2 His cooking, extremely cold (7)
SHIVERY - SHI (anagram of HIS ('cooking')) + VERY (extremely).
3 Police force from the Continent, all concluding (3)
MET - last letters ('all concluding') of froM thE continenT.
4 Caring offer (6)
TENDER - double definition.
5 Quality of TV signal, first class (9)
RECEPTION - another double definition.
6 Short letter sent, partially read? (5)
TERSE - hidden word: 'partially read' letTER SEnt.
7 Complaint uniting two females (6)
MALADY - MA + LADY (two females).
11 European politician in Noah's temporary home — fun place? (5,4)
THEME PARK - MEP (Member of European Parliament) 'in' THE ARK (Noah's temporary home).
14 Get brighter uniform in different parcel (5,2)
CLEAR UP - U (uniform) in CLEARP (anagram of PARCEL).
15 Pain, one produced by needle? (6)
STITCH - double definition, second one cryptic.
16 Good and bad (6)
WICKED - double definition. I believe that if you are more down with the kidz than I am you will know that sometimes they use words to mean the opposite of their usual meaning, as in for example 'wicked' and 'sick'.
18 On the ball, shimmying later (5)
ALERT - straight anagram ('shimmying') of LATER.
19 Tramp left in shell (4)
PLOD - L (left) in POD (shell).
22 Main character in audition? (3)
SEA - sounds like ('in audition') C (character).

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