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Times Quick Cryptic No 1538 by Tracy

A bit on the gentler side today from Tracy: I came in about a minute under my target after finishing off with a slightly sluggish LH side and then taking a minute to locate the tip of my tongue for 23ac, my LOI - a nicely put together clue it was, too. The three other long clues along the borders were all generous enough and gave plenty of routes into the puzzle, so all good - many thanks to Tracy!

1 Entertainment centre just by stadium (10)
FAIRGROUND - FAIR (just) by GROUND (stadium)
8 Humorous drawing of box containing nothing (7)
CARTOON - CATRON (box) contains O (nothing)
9 Hood following sheriff's lead may make one frown (5)
SCOWL - COWL (hood) following S (Sheriff's "lead") may give one the answer.
10 Stinking row (4)
RANK - double definition, the second as in, say, chess or taxis.
11 Shipment greatly required by food shop (8)
DELIVERY - VERY (greatly) required by DELI (food shop)
13 Goad pointer (6)
NEEDLE - double definition
14 Put right about couple (6)
REPAIR - RE (about) PAIR (couple)
17 Substantial list includes North American soldier (8)
TANGIBLE - TABLE (list) includes N(orth) GI (American soldier)
19 Call outfit around noon, initially (4)
RING - RIG (outfit) around N (Noon, initially)
21 Mouthpiece for musical instrument (5)
ORGAN - double definition, the first as in an organ of government.
22 Italian composer ahead of court ruling (7)
VERDICT - VERDI (Italian composer) CT. (court)
23 What may decide winner of cup, about right after draw (10)
TIEBREAKER - BEAKER (cup) about R(ight) after TIE (draw)
2 Set out with a compass, crossing top of ridge (7)
ARRANGE - A, the RANGE of = the compass of, crossing R ("top" of Ridge)
3 Swindle man on board (4)
ROOK - double definition
4 £10 brought up for cheesemaker (6)
RENNET - TENNER (£10) brought up/reversed.
5 Not appropriate, units due to be changed (8)
UNSUITED - anagram (to be changed) of UNITS DUE
6 Monotonous speaker, doctor on energy (5)
DRONE - DR (doctor), ON, E(nergy)
7 Predicament consuming terribly wary dramatist (10)
PLAYWRIGHT - PLIGHT (predicament) consuming an anagram (terribly) of WARY
8 My old country's royal event (10)
CORONATION - COR (my/gosh/etc.) O(ld) NATION (country) is the answer.
12 Everyone at home welcoming a church wedding (8)
ALLIANCE - ALL (everyone) IN (at home) welcoming A, CE (Church of England = church)
15 Stupid in the way that number must cross island (7)
ASININE - AS (in the way that) NINE (number) to cross I(sland). I wonder how many people this has caught out in spelling bees? Easily done, and what a word to crash out on.
16 Bright in bar after opening of curtains (6)
CLEVER - LEVER (bar) after C ("opening" of Curtains)
18 Dark wicked thing (5)
NIGHT - anagram (wicked) of NIGHT. I was wondering if there was a short word for an UNLIT CANDLE after that inspired old chestnut clue "A wicked thing? (6)" - as in, a thing with a wick.
20 Song from Callas, not her first (4)
ARIA - MARIA Callas was a famous soprano (apparently), deduct the first letter.

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