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Times Quick Cryptic 1537 by Hurley

A middling difficulty excursion that has only a few unusual bits. But they're mixed in with a very healthy number of simpler ones, and they're all clued quite transparently. If you asked my five years ago, however, to define 2dn or 7dn, I'd have had not a bean.

There's a slight military bent to the completed grid, but I can't see a theme.

Thanks Hurley!

Definitions are underlined as usual.

1 Woman’s greeting abrupt, extremely surly (6)
CURTSY - CURT (abrupt) and outermost letters from (extremely) SurlY.
4 Relative from America in the money? (6)
COUSIN - US (America) in COIN (money).
8 Test trouble (5)
TRIAL - double definition.
9 Packages gripping non-drinker in Waterloo, Stamford Bridge, say? (7)
BATTLES - BALES (packages) containing (gripping) TT (tee-totaller, non-drinker).
10 Beer from Wales (3)
ALE - hidden inside (from) wALEs.
11 Excitedly to race pro associated with group (9)
CORPORATE - anagram of (excitedly) TO RACE PRO.
12 Describing system of measurement, writer with short ruse? (6)
METRIC - ME (writer) and all-but-the-last letter of (short) TRICk (ruse).
13 Ridicule about six as extravagant (6)
LAVISH - LASH (ridicule) containing (about) VI (six).
16 Working group arrive with German note secured (9)
COMMITTEE - COME (arrive) containing (...secured) MIT ('with' in German) and TE (note).
18 Mine dump recalled (3)
PIT - reversal of (recalled) TIP (dump).
19 Phoned about family position (7)
RANKING - RANG (phoned) containing (about) KIN (family).
20 Blunder with English? Nonsense (5)
TRIPE - TRIP (blunder) and E (English).
22 Senior common room is most profligate first of all — economise (6)
SCRIMP - SCR (senior common room) and first letters from (first of all) Is Most Profligate. Or just the first letters from the lot!
23 Exchange involving pub worker, no end (6)
BARTER - BARTendER (pub worker) minus (no) 'end'.

1 About time for puss (3)
CAT - CA (circa, about) and T (time).
2 Intention to participate in regular payment for clothing (7)
RAIMENT - AIM (intention) inside (to participate in) RENT (regular payment).
3 Southern cleric, misfit, altered reflective judgement? (4-9)
SELF-CRITICISM - anagram of (altered) S (southern) with CLERIC and MISFIT.
5 Oil tax — one part adjustable — take it or leave it (8,5)
OPTIONAL EXTRA - anagram of (adjustable) OIL TAX ONE PART.
6 Saucy dance? (5)
SALSA - cryptic definition.
7 Military facility shuts, nine redeployed (6,3)
NISSEN HUT - anagram of (redeployed) SHUTS NINE.
9 Black vessel in stream (4)
BURN - B (black) and URN (vessel).
10 Camp sorry to change military formation (4,5)
ARMY CORPS - anagram of (to change) CAMP SORRY.
14 Popular picture, perhaps, still being sold (2,5)
IN PRINT - IN (popular) and PRINT (picture, perhaps).
15 Singular label for men only (4)
STAG - S (singular) and TAG (label).
17 Less important part of farm in Oregon (5)
MINOR - hidden in (part of) farM IN ORegon.
21 Make mistake — Deirdre oddly ignored (3)
ERR - even letters only from (oddly ignored) dEiRdRe.
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