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Times 27568 - time to get on the case

Solving time: 16:20, but with one incorrect. Not a typo, not a brain fart, one that I am still pretty stumped on but it is rather late in the puzzle so maybe something will come to me as I type up the rest of the clues.

I struggled with this one! There's some tricky wordplay, one that I got I am still a little unsure on, and more hyphenated entries than I am used to seeing, some of them phrases not in common usage.

Time to unravel all of this... away we go.

1 Top item California put inside bread roll (7,3)
BATHING CAP - First clue and my last in - THING(item) and CA(California), inside BAP(breakfast roll). Top seems a little obscure for the definition so the intention may be for this to be an all-in-one.
7 Is unable to swing round (4)
CANT - double definition, the first one would have an apostrophe
9 Tailor is fool to hurry back of blazer (8)
CLOTHIER - CLOT(fool), HIE(hurry) then the last letter of blazeR
10 Move to avoid waltz’s beginning during ball at court (6)
SWERVE - frist letter of Waltz inside SERVE(ball at tennis court)
11 Create difficulty for philosopher endlessly cut by left (6)
HOBBLE - The philosopher is HOBBES, remove his last letter and insert L(left)
13 Like Jersey sailors to kiss amorously? (4-4)
CREW-NECK - CREW(sailors), NECK(kiss amorously)
14 Tilapia is freshest spit cooked (2,6,4)
ST PETER'S FISH -  anagram of FRESHEST,SPIT - did not know this one, had to piece it together from the anagram
17 Lawbreaking shot, perhaps before teeing off (5-7)
DRINK-DRIVING - a shot can be a DRINK, then DRIVING(teeing off)
20 Withdrawn train cut for engineering work? (8)
21 The sack around tavern is stored like wine (6)
BINNED - BED(the sack) surrounding INN(tavern)
22 Intended one for Resistance in country round Paris (6)
FIANCE - I(one) instead of R(resistance) in FRANCE(country around Paris)
23 Some yeti seen roaming mountain valley (8)
25 Taunt rich setter, not well (4)
JEER - the rich setter is a JEWELLER, remove WELL. This was the one that I wasn't sure of the wordplay until I started writing up the puzzle
26 Want the French to cultivate tapestries? (10)
NEEDLEWORK -  NEED(want), LE(the in French), WORK(cultivate)

2 Sweets and drops the head confiscated outside class (3-5)
ALL-SORTS - FALLS(drops) missing the first letter outside of SORT(class)
3 Search for missing note in cabin (3)
HUT - HUNT(search for) without the N(note)
4 One is unusually sound (5)
NOISE - anagram of ONE,IS
5 Remains mostly outside a capital city (7)
CARACAS - Take your pick of CARCASS or CARCASE(remains) remove the last letter, and insert A - the capital of Venuzuela
6 Bill holds port back (9)
POSTERIOR - POSTER(bill) containing RIO(port)
7 Scours harbour — with nothing like a walrus to be seen? (5-6)
CLEAN-SHAVEN - CLEANS(scours), HAVEN(harbour)
8 Young monk’s drama over wrong habit (6)
NOVICE - NO(Japanese drama) over VICE(wrong habit)
12 Wife’s got in mostly fish supper for working partner (11)
BREADWINNER - W(wife) inside BREAM(fish) missing the last letter, DINNER(supper)
15 Vast human waste with any number devoted to luxury (9)
EPICUREAN - EPIC(vast), UREA(waste), N(any number)
16 One originating at Isle of Wight resort lacking second name (8)
INVENTOR - IN(at), then VENTNOR(IOW resort) missing the second N(name)
18 Peninsula and related port in the Med (7)
KINTYRE - KIN(related), TYRE(port in the Med). I hope I'm not the only one who got this from the Paul McCartney song
19 Case of veal is lost (6)
VALISE - OK George, wear that dunce cap proudly. I stared at this and came up with nothing, and put in DATIVE with a shrug. And of course it is a simple anagram of VEAL,IS!
21 City centre line (5)
BASEL - BASE(centre), L(line)
24 Perhaps cut down rye whiskey after second (3)
MOW - W(whiskey) after MO(second)
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