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Times Cryptic No 27558 - Saturday January 11th, 2020. Another pleasant midsummer Saturday.

Times Cryptic No 27558 - Saturday January 11th, 2020. Another pleasant midsummer Saturday.

The setters continue to be gentle in the holiday season. I rolled through this one at a steady pace. Strangely my LOI was 11dn, which seems so obvious in retrospect. FOI was 6ac. My clue of the day was 5dn, which had me thinking tragicomic thoughts of Sir Humphrey back in the USSR! Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

Clues are blue, with definitions underlined. (ABC*) means ‘anagram of ABC’. Deletions are in [square brackets].

1 Store work editor rejected, one involved in plot (10)
DEPOSITORY – DEPO is OP (work) + ED ‘rejected’, then I in STORY.
6 Fringes of severed nets caught a fish (4)
SCAD – SD (fringes of ‘severed’) ‘nets’ C (caught), and A.
9 Pay to enter island held by mutinous characters from Bounty (3,4)
BUY INTO – I for island in ‘mutinous characters of’ (BOUNTY*).
10 Mother declines possible award when the action's over? (7)
DAMAGES – DAM, AGES. The action would be the legal type.
12 Mammal repeatedly hit heads for its refuge (5)
TAPIR – TAP (hit), then ‘heads for’ I[ts] R[efuge]. I raised an eyebrow at ‘repeatedly’, although tap-dancing certainly features repetition.
13 Haughty pair, one given wrong mark in top event (5,4)
GRAND PRIX – GRAND (haughty), PR (pair), I (one), X (wrong mark).
14 Through gritted teeth, accepting one’s been fired? (6,3,6)
BITING THE BULLET – just a cryptic definition, I think. If so, a rather unattractive example of the genre IMO.
17 Having drunk limitless wine, ailing emperor's given herbal remedy (7,8)
EVENING PRIMROSE – (-IN- EMPERORS GIVEN*), ‘drunk’. The -IN- is ‘limitless’ WINE.
20 Kitty, heading for Altamira, scours series of caves (9)
21 Goes up to deliver a couple of points (5)
RIDES – RID (deliver), E[ast], S[outh]. “Up” is riding a horse, I suppose.
23 More troubled about location of ashes? One might be (7)
MOURNER – (MORE*) ‘troubled’, around URN.
24 Key worker at home right out of time (7)
INDEXER – IN (at home), DEX[t]ER (right, out of time). Someone who creates keys for books, libraries, or whatever.
25 European family repelled deity (4)
NIKE – E[uropean], KIN, all ‘repelled’. The sporting goods company is much better known than the namesake Greek goddess, I suspect.
26 Artful teacher claims English exercises set back someone not attending fully? (10)
SLEEPYHEAD – SLY (artful), HEAD (teacher), ‘claiming’ E[nglish], and PE ‘set back’.

1 Dubious girl coming out with a roster (9)
DEBATABLE – DEB (girl coming out), A TABLE.
2 Informal assent by dad to meet cost (3,2)
3 City type to check an overseas currency one's invested (3,10)
SAN FRANCISCAN – AN, FRANC, I’S all ‘invested’ in SCAN.
4 But atheist finally believed (7)
THOUGHT – THOUGH, [atheis]T.
5 Record of Soviet bureaucracy? (3,4)
RED TAPE – RED (Soviet), TAPE (record).
7 Cooking oil with garlic creates a little smoke (9)
CIGARILLO – (OIL GARLIC*), ‘cooking’.
8 Case of disease seen regularly by doctor (5)
DESEX – D[iseas]E, S[e]E[n], X (by). ‘Doctor’ is used as a euphemism.
11 Twelve holding calculators when periodic payments due? (10,3)
MIDSUMMERS DAY – MIDDAY (twelve) holding SUMMERS. ‘Quarter days’ have appeared in previous crosswords, but I didn’t remember when they fell. Still, the three letter word looked likely to be DAY, and once I’d run through 12 apostles, 12 is a dozen and (topically) the 12 days of Christmas, the thought of 12 noon helped the answer jump out.
15 Timber producer has post for driver crossing right class of road (4,5)
TREE TRUNK – TEE (post for driver) crossing R, then TRUNK [road].
16 Revered priest ultimately comforted, having lost heart (9)
18 Roof would be better were the two sides reversed (7)
GAMBREL – swap the R and L of GAMBLER to get a word I didn’t know but put in on trust.
19 Unusual perception shown during service break (7)
20 Culinary plant with Latin name I recalled (5)
CUMIN – CUM (‘with’, in Latin), then IN is N[ame] and I ‘recalled’.
22 Southern US team has to buy it at the borders (5)
DIXIE – XI (side, for cricket or football) ‘bordered by’ DIE (buy it).
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