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Cityish Alt-ish Fortyish

Times 27,563: The Coast of Euterpe-a

A very musical crossword, with something for everybody's ear, be it hip-hop, rapidly trilling 1/32-notes, the excitement of high C's (possibly on the high seas) or just a 15dn (more terpsichorean than euterpean, if indeed the muses have anything to with it).

I enjoyed the puzzle a lot, with plenty of entry points but a lot of clues that needed some thought to put down with confidence. I was host by my biffer's petard on more than one occasion, entering first SEMIDEMIQUAVERS and then trying out HEMI in various configurations until ANCHORED finally swam into view. Likewise I *always* but always spell it CACCHINATE on the first try, by false analogy to Gracchus or Bacchus or something I'll be bound.

My compliments to the setter for a not at all 25dn Friday outing!

1 Cockney worker accepting dull job fast (8)

6 With this music, see the joint jumping? (3-3)
HIP-HOP - in which we see HIP [the joint] HOP

9 For all to see, what FDR did for the world (6)
URANUS - U [for all to see, at the cinema] + RAN US [what FDR did, between 1933 and 45]

10 Game ending in hullabaloo, filming abandoned (4-4)
MINI-GOLF - ({hullabalo)O + FILMING*) ["abandoned"]

11 What’s said to drive away mule? (4)
SHOE - homophone of SHOO!

12 Wrongly believed hotel is obliged to put on film (10)
MISTHOUGHT - H OUGHT [hotel | is obliged to], put on MIST [film]

14 Swindle flourished: moneylenders flee (8)
FLIMFLAM - FL. I.M.F. LAM [flourished | moneylenders | flee]

16 Volume’s dedication to its author? (4)
TOME - or TO ME, a dedication by an author to themself!

18 Turn down short side road (4)
SPUR - SPUR{n} [turn down, "short"]

19 As Di having left, lively party’s ending (8)
QUASHING - QUA SHIN{di}G [as | lively party, with DI "having left"]

21 A commotion’s beginning in church — natural to laugh (10)
CACHINNATE - A C{ommotion} in CH, + INNATE [natural]

22 French writer rejected fancy English (4)
GIDE - reversed DIG [fancy, as in like] + E

24 Gas that is to escape slowly after houseroom evacuated (8)
SCHMOOZE - SC. [that is] + OOZE [escape slowly] after H{ouseroo}M

26 Unconventional lad, tho’ far from fashionable (3,3)
OLD HAT - (LAD THO*) ["unconventional"]

27 Men rebuked for bloomer (6)
ORCHID - O.R. CHID [men | rebuked]

28 Light oriental dish around noon, one without starter (8)
SUNSHINE - SUSHI around N, + {o}NE

2 Player given hand, being latest in series to receive gold (5)
NORTH - NTH [latest in series] to "receive" OR [gold]. One of the four players dealt a hand in the game of bridge.

3 Old barbarian — cause of complaint — leading demo (6,5)
HUNGER MARCH - HUN GERM ARCH [old barbarian | cause of complaint | leading]

4 Sort of mirror on small badge cut off (8)
RESEMBLE - RE S EMBLE{m} [on | small | badge, "cut off"]. If you resemble someone, you sort of mirror them, sort of?

5 Tremble when passing notes around, short ones (15)
DEMISEMIQUAVERS - QUAVER [tremble], when DEMISE MIS [passing | notes] "around"

6 Big cheese sandwich on cholesterol-packed wraps (6)
HONCHO - hidden in {sandwic}H ON CHO{lesterol-packed}

7 Drop litter and stuff (3)
PIG - double def. "Pig" means both "to give birth to pigs", and "to eat greedily".

8 American monk with a halo that’s slipping (9)
OKLAHOMAN - (MONK + A HALO*) ["slipping"]

13 The responsibility of school to carry out: head of history fired (2,2,4,3)
UP TO HIGH DOH - UP TO HIGH [the responsibility of school] + DO [to carry out] + H{istory}. I'd never heard of this expression (thankfully the cryptic was straightforward!) but it does indeed mean "in a state of great excitement or agitation". Not to be confused with being "for the high jump", which could be a different kind of fired!

15 Erotic performer’s comeback reportedly overlooked by Hollywood police? (3,6)
LAP DANCER - homophone of ANSWER [comeback], preceded by L.A.P.D. [Hollywood police]

17 What old sailors must follow to go beyond headland (4,4)
CAPE HORN - EH O R.N. [what | old | sailors] must follow CAP [to go beyond]

20 Hanging underneath leg, sway (2,4)
ON HOLD - HOLD [sway], underneath ON [(cricket) leg]

23 Last of liquid? Tip it down sink (5)
DRAIN - {liqui}D + RAIN [tip it down, rather British-idiomatically]

25 One’s not moved border up (3)
MEH - reversed HEM [border]. An expression of indifference or boredom, which surely only a Victorian queen would feel the need to express as "one is not moved" instead.
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