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Times 27561 - TCC Heat 1 #2 - get your just desserts.

Under peaceful 'exam type' conditions this took me exactly another 19 minutes, so with last week's I have exactly 22 minutes of the hour remaining to do #3. Not too bad, although I should have been faster; I was held up at the end by finding the word that fitted all the checkers at 17a before seeing it was an anagram, and by re-visiting 2d (q.v. below) because I couldn't parse my first saintly answer.

1 Monstrous hound, far roaming, brought about Baskerville’s end (7-2)
UNHEARD-OF - (HOUND FAR E)*, the E from the end of Baskerville.
6 One graduate’s avoiding cake, a Cuban export (5)
RUMBA - The soggy cake RUM BABA loses one of its BAs.
9 Managed to return thank-you letter (5)
DELTA - LED (managed) reversed, TA (thank you).
10 Drug-taking experience embraced by shy youth (9)
11 Minister to put on touching shyness (7)
RESERVE - Bit vague on this one, I think it must be RE (touching, about) SERVE (minister to).
12 Sailor joins party workers in the middle? (7)
ABDOMEN - AB (sailor) DO (party) MEN (workers).
13 More than one bid from directors is thrown out (4,2,3,5)
GOES BY THE BOARD - Double def., one prosaic one an idiom.
17 Butcher introduces game for bar? (14)
DISCOURAGEMENT - (INTRODUCES GAME)*. A nice anagram whish took me a while to spot.
21 Study country’s Article 50 (7)
23 Splendid secretary who’s been in the family a long time? (7)
25 Bird’s audible celebration of cat’s passing? (9)
KITTIWAKE - Sounds like a WAKE for a Kitty or cat.
26 Getting ready to drop litter? (2,3)
IN PUP - not very cryptic def.
27 Dig garden’s first exposed borders (5)
NUDGE - NUDE (exposed), insert G (garden's first).
28 Timber producer occupied court, close to accused (9)
SATINWOOD - SAT IN = occupied, WOO (court) D (close to accused). I feel I've seen this very clue before.
1 University angered cooks lacking the required seniority (8)
2 Dominance saint possesses (5)
HOLDS - HOLD (dominance as in has a hold over...) S for saint. For some reason I wrote in HALOS until I failed to explain it.
3 Shelled haricot bean disintegrated without oxygen (9)
4 Course designers ultimately admitted to waste (7)
DESSERT - S (end of designers) goes into DESERT (waste).
5 Incinerator’s features to include receptacle for ashes (7)
FURNACE - FACE has URN inserted.
6 Fleet inspector retires following censure (5)
RAPID - RAP (censure), DI reversed.
7 Computerised application in trouble after millions join up (4,5)
MAIL MERGE -  M (millions) AIL (trouble) MERGE (join up).
8 Hearty complaint from gang in Arbroath (6)
ANGINA - Hidden in G(ANG IN A)RBROATH. Too many deep fried Mars Bars eaten there perhaps.
14 State seizing Grand Duke settled abroad (9)
EMIGRATED - EMIRATE (state) insert G for grand, add D for duke.
15 Campaign speech in the course of which people cleared out (9)
OPERATION - People cleared out = P E, insert into ORATION (speech).
16 Bound leaves up, with page slotted in (8)
STRAPPED - DEPARTS = leaves, reversed = STRAPED, insert P for page.
18 Server’s receipts significantly increased (7)
UPLOADS - Something UP LOADS could be significantly increased.
19 Swell fellows standing in for us during holiday month? (7)
AUGMENT - MEN replaces US in AUGUST.
20 Rung any old number that’s announced (6)
SPOKEN - SPOKE (rung) N.
22 Lock-keeper’s slow decline (5)
SLIDE - Double def., as in hair slide.
24 Sponge falls over (5)
DIPSO - DIPS (falls) O(ver).

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